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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Area 52-US Unique Pets
1Katestrasza Knights WatchArea 52-US608Not updated
2Nihi Delicious CakeArea 52-US604Not updated
3Fårore ViralArea 52-US603Not updated
4Fennypack Natural SelectionArea 52-US602Not updated
5Ðd Defiant UnityArea 52-US601Not updated
5Krool ScourgeArea 52-US601Not updated
5Visage Blood Sweat and GearArea 52-US601Not updated
5Neeve  Area 52-US601Not updated
5Reallybaddps Corrupted DestinyArea 52-US601Not updated
10Barlant BIG SUSHIArea 52-US598Not updated
11Birdythief Stormrage MizfitzArea 52-US596Not updated
11Pomey EpitaphArea 52-US596Not updated
11Missqq XTCArea 52-US596Not updated
14Takayamasama  Area 52-US594Not updated
15Lsia  Area 52-US593Not updated
15Absintheá SolarArea 52-US593Not updated
15Glimmér Hots Dots N Kidney ShotsArea 52-US593Not updated
15Stouthoof RevitalizeArea 52-US593Not updated
19Rishal Bringers of The Dark AgeArea 52-US592Not updated
19Shadowlee The Dead Parrot SocietyArea 52-US592Not updated
19Picklles Motley CrewArea 52-US592Not updated
22Shadaisy Six Beers DeepArea 52-US591Not updated
22Belledejour RepriseArea 52-US591Not updated
22Clarabarton Natural SelectionArea 52-US591Not updated
22Beribelle DivinationArea 52-US591Not updated
26Oengus  Area 52-US590Not updated
26Purrdy MaturityArea 52-US590Not updated
26Phonak The Dark RidersArea 52-US590Not updated
29Circe GuidanceArea 52-US589Not updated
29Eklipsa CultArea 52-US589Not updated
29Dyes MindscapeArea 52-US589Not updated
29Junkas GuidanceArea 52-US589Not updated
29Proustite  Area 52-US589Not updated
29Lixalee Plan BArea 52-US589Not updated
29Pezumpalumpa Darkweaver SyndicateArea 52-US589Not updated
29Tatertoes GiggityArea 52-US589Not updated
37Aalf Natural SelectionArea 52-US588Not updated
37Chucknoland Legacy RebornArea 52-US588Not updated
37Shasel Likely AFKArea 52-US588Not updated
37Grtgrimmax The SoullessArea 52-US588Not updated
37Oluja  Area 52-US588Not updated
37Hukowy ExitiumArea 52-US588Not updated
43Tayaina A Coterie Of CasualsArea 52-US587Not updated
43Wargla Sometimes I CryArea 52-US587Not updated
43Darkclone  Area 52-US587Not updated
46Frrtt  Area 52-US586Not updated
46Hepsiba  Area 52-US586Not updated
46Grukel LeviathanArea 52-US586Not updated
46Zoglax Strawberry Puppy KissesArea 52-US586Not updated
46Kregeri InfallibleArea 52-US586Not updated
46Tulang  Area 52-US586Not updated
52Thronos SynergyArea 52-US585Not updated
52Starliss A Coterie Of CasualsArea 52-US585Not updated
52Adamoo Children of KaulArea 52-US585Not updated
55Janiko RefinedArea 52-US584Not updated
55Chikeez Legacy RebornArea 52-US584Not updated
57Nuomatsu SynergyArea 52-US582Not updated
57Gloyn Natural SelectionArea 52-US582Not updated
57Gragold Pancarte PowerArea 52-US582Not updated
57Jadde Pancarte PowerArea 52-US582Not updated
57Tondeuses Pancarte PowerArea 52-US582Not updated
57Dubsteppa Pancarte PowerArea 52-US582Not updated
57Vyrolent Still SmilingArea 52-US582Not updated
57Béatrice Pancarte PowerArea 52-US582Not updated
57Antihose Knights of ArcaniaArea 52-US582Not updated
57Shamoya RetrogradeArea 52-US582Not updated
67Aristocrat Natural SelectionArea 52-US581Not updated
67Majiksnipa Horde CoreArea 52-US581Not updated
67Ässandra Star PowerArea 52-US581Not updated
67Soulpyre SuperfriendsArea 52-US581Not updated
67Zirja FreakshowArea 52-US581Not updated
67Tissuetank Something EpicArea 52-US581Not updated
67Firhan StonezerzArea 52-US581Not updated
67Sharpbladez Alpha TrionArea 52-US581Not updated
67Hanajima StonezerzArea 52-US581Not updated
67Lunasky StonezerzArea 52-US581Not updated
67Luxorus Plan BArea 52-US581Not updated
67Athenne Purple Squirrels UnitedArea 52-US581Not updated
79Arcanith VolatìleArea 52-US580Not updated
79Zyxxi SwaggArea 52-US580Not updated
79Sparklëpants OD ReduxArea 52-US580Not updated
79Darkconda  Area 52-US580Not updated
79Symphøny OD ReduxArea 52-US580Not updated
79Midayr  Area 52-US580Not updated
79Doubleagent MarvelousArea 52-US580Not updated
79Peppurr  Area 52-US580Not updated
79Aradrel VindicateArea 52-US580Not updated
88Gruffydd InsufferableArea 52-US579Not updated
88Tinkertotem Final EclipseArea 52-US579Not updated
88Zandalaria AffinityArea 52-US579Not updated
88Shadra SemanticsArea 52-US579Not updated
88Gajintroz  Area 52-US579Not updated
93Dielemma Access DeniedArea 52-US578Not updated
93Grizz  Area 52-US578Not updated
93Emberlorin NegatoryArea 52-US578Not updated
93Treeminator Undercity Tanning StudioArea 52-US578Not updated
93Lazybearr GGArea 52-US578Not updated
93Sandain PenguinArea 52-US578Not updated
93Spazzmo  Area 52-US578Not updated
93Kasaj Access DeniedArea 52-US578Not updated

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