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Antonidas-EU Unique Pets
1Lînglîng Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU542Not updated
2Borninhell Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU509
3Gumpf Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU506
4Worgos Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU501
5Silverangel Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU491
6Siouxsie Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU482Not updated
7Fiathore Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU464
7Fiathor Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU464
9Jaselia Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU436
10Xaphod Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU429
11Ména Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU418
12Dárkmaid Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU412
13Cheifu Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU407
14Viná Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU406
15Ghandu Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU405Not updated
16Uthireloaded Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU404Not updated
17Wisky Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU371
18Scurra Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU362
19Manuki Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU353
20Thyraani Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU328
21Tyvaraa Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU318
22Grymbard Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU307
23Macabrós Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU263
24Steakeater Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU239
25Cinderelly Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU235Not updated
25Exxorzist Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU235
27Lillyna Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU226
28Pompejus Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU221
29Lînn Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU203Not updated
30Joeweb Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU190
31Ankhsunamu Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU185
32Celine Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU180
33Demonîgus Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU178
34Khalen Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU161
35Álexy Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU153Not updated
36Pandabjarn Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU152Not updated
37Silg Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU146
38Truepówer Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU144Not updated
39Syranea Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU143Not updated
40Soulseeker Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU140
40Soulwind Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU140
42Fugio Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU138Not updated
42Mumpfkopf Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU138Not updated
44Hiroka Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU136Not updated
45Renou Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU131
46Imogén Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU128Not updated
46Rakibenlaki Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU128Not updated
48Cantiran Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU122
49Thetaker Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU121
49Bartolomeos Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU121Not updated
51Samiejoé Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU120
52Mónera Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU118
53Boronet Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU113
54Razzøk Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU111
55Maykô Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU110
56Asmera Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU108Not updated
57Rhizz Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU105
58Levithas Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU103
59Minona Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU94Not updated
59Nardol Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU94
61Abboojé Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU93Not updated
61Thengel Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU93Not updated
63Aridivis Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU90Not updated
63Mcdreamy Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU90Not updated
65Akeylo Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU89
66Cryo Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU82Not updated
67Krilag Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU81
68Wups Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU80
69Balthí Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU68
70Jamirá Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU67
71Sanador Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU65
72Amendis Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU64Not updated
73Tavernus Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU58
74Nînjà Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU57
75Sinchota Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU54Not updated
76Arweni Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU53Not updated
77Lovac Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU51
78Gaalie Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU44
79Huifeng Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU42Not updated
80Hágen Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU29Not updated
81Warisella Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU23Not updated
81Potato Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU23Not updated
83Scossa Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU18Not updated
84Bafragor Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU17
85Miron Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU15Not updated
85Deatho Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU15Not updated
87Misoux Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU12
88Rother Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU11Not updated
89Amalli Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU3Not updated

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