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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Antonidas-EU Unique Pets
1Zíra YpsiloNAntonidas-EU612Not updated
1Zebi Insane PainAntonidas-EU612Not updated
3Dooms Die Roten DrachenAntonidas-EU608Not updated
3Waldgöttin OsirisAntonidas-EU608Not updated
5Löckli Aqua RegiaAntonidas-EU600Not updated
5Shaddowmausi  Antonidas-EU600Not updated
7Trìxìe ShadowallianceAntonidas-EU599Not updated
8Snipy Mementõ moriAntonidas-EU598Not updated
8Meløg Patch me if you canAntonidas-EU598Not updated
8Grabschi SuizidkommandoAntonidas-EU598Not updated
8Aenaxx Northern SkyAntonidas-EU598Not updated
12Clawgia CorruptedAntonidas-EU596Not updated
13Sølmyr Eos AuroraAntonidas-EU595Not updated
13Saio ParamountAntonidas-EU595Not updated
13Mhyriantis ElationAntonidas-EU595Not updated
16Niquis Die Freak AGAntonidas-EU594Not updated
17Lyandreia  Antonidas-EU593Not updated
17Eoanara  Antonidas-EU593Not updated
19Nyako DieTranszendentenAntonidas-EU592Not updated
19Charusar Core TeamAntonidas-EU592Not updated
21Àthena Eos AuroraAntonidas-EU588Not updated
21Twiria Lordaerons RevengeAntonidas-EU588Not updated
21Clìo Eos AuroraAntonidas-EU588Not updated
21Talimâ Eos AuroraAntonidas-EU588Not updated
21Twaira Das Wahre TribunalAntonidas-EU588Not updated
21Tiiren Krümelmonster incAntonidas-EU588Not updated
21Sînestrâ Eos AuroraAntonidas-EU588Not updated
21Cliô Eos AuroraAntonidas-EU588Not updated
21Tîaa Das Wahre TribunalAntonidas-EU588Not updated
21Jondala UnléashedAntonidas-EU588Not updated
31Frauhorn PandorapurAntonidas-EU587Not updated
32Lumîsa Das Wahre TribunalAntonidas-EU586Not updated
32Lumisa Das Wahre TribunalAntonidas-EU586Not updated
32Teliane Krümelmonster incAntonidas-EU586Not updated
32Binaa Das Wahre TribunalAntonidas-EU586Not updated
32Dârkara NecromongerAntonidas-EU586Not updated
32Fupanda SanctuaryAntonidas-EU586Not updated
32Lunu Rush of BloodAntonidas-EU586Not updated
39Pàîge Eos AuroraAntonidas-EU585Not updated
39Sylvànas Eos AuroraAntonidas-EU585Not updated
39Mouki CyborgAntonidas-EU585Not updated
39Kaens Elite der NachtAntonidas-EU585Not updated
43Estresse AtmosphereAntonidas-EU584Not updated
43Neylu Im Körper des FeindesAntonidas-EU584Not updated
43Sholvah CohesiveAntonidas-EU584Not updated
43Tigerwarrior  Antonidas-EU584Not updated
47Layesha BittersweetAntonidas-EU583Not updated
48Tamizuka Cursed SoulsAntonidas-EU582Not updated
48Twiriaa Das Wahre TribunalAntonidas-EU582Not updated
50Pîpèr Eos AuroraAntonidas-EU581Not updated
50Shindatsu InfinityAntonidas-EU581Not updated
50Sélîna Eos AuroraAntonidas-EU581Not updated
50Clîô Eos AuroraAntonidas-EU581Not updated
54Chinrica Ghost DragonsAntonidas-EU580Not updated
54Haunder senile BettflüchterAntonidas-EU580Not updated
54Pâzuzu Die SchuldigenAntonidas-EU580Not updated
54Fluffykitty  Antonidas-EU580Not updated
54Mysticpriest Circle of TrustAntonidas-EU580Not updated
54Antonêlla  Antonidas-EU580Not updated
54Luminaa Das Wahre TribunalAntonidas-EU580Not updated
54Twi Phoenix DawnAntonidas-EU580Not updated
62Sephry Legacy of HeavenAntonidas-EU579Not updated
63Koralie Outlaws exAntonidas-EU578Not updated
64Sereda CyborgAntonidas-EU577Not updated
64Sabrîna We Are LegionAntonidas-EU577Not updated
64Câron Defender of the CrowAntonidas-EU577Not updated
67Linnawen Organized ChaosAntonidas-EU576Not updated
67Spitzelchen Stark IndustriesAntonidas-EU576Not updated
67Fyeina The Royal BanditsAntonidas-EU576Not updated
70Sethra Eos AuroraAntonidas-EU575Not updated
70Woxikus Krümelmonster incAntonidas-EU575Not updated
70Adriane Loaded DiceAntonidas-EU575Not updated
70Lauría Sententiae MortiferaAntonidas-EU575Not updated
74Levinai Organized ChaosAntonidas-EU574Not updated
74Sehaniné In flagrantiAntonidas-EU574Not updated
74Smíley  Antonidas-EU574Not updated
77Lâvendêl Amissa SpeAntonidas-EU573Not updated
77Camui WanderfalkenAntonidas-EU573Not updated
77Bluebøy ToxícAntonidas-EU573Not updated
77Gaios Rainbow RangersAntonidas-EU573Not updated
77Zhulf Die SchuldigenAntonidas-EU573Not updated
77Valmon  Antonidas-EU573Not updated
77Shøoter KamikazeAntonidas-EU573Not updated
77Saph  Antonidas-EU573Not updated
85Lapis AestasAntonidas-EU572Not updated
85Daunenweich Weekend WarriorsAntonidas-EU572Not updated
85Bolomir United Raid CorporationAntonidas-EU572Not updated
85Elemor  Antonidas-EU572Not updated
85Cenotaph NecromongerAntonidas-EU572Not updated
90Fylumaus Tiger RebelsAntonidas-EU571Not updated
90Vutrôn ElfenMafiaAntonidas-EU571Not updated
90Sechsnulvier MorgenrotAntonidas-EU571Not updated
90Septienna Shiz N GigglzAntonidas-EU571Not updated
90Favea Kekse der VerdammnisAntonidas-EU571Not updated
90Likörchen Loaded DiceAntonidas-EU571Not updated
90Nuscheln MorgenrotAntonidas-EU571Not updated
90Witscher MorgenrotAntonidas-EU571Not updated
90Worhu Defenders of the CrownAntonidas-EU571Not updated
99Chinami Organized ChaosAntonidas-EU570Not updated
99Teadorâ Legacy of HeavenAntonidas-EU570Not updated

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