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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Antonidas-US Unique Pets
1Meneldill Dark PhoenixAntonidas-US598Not updated
2Strawberrie PureAntonidas-US590Not updated
2Keylogga Old Timers CRSAntonidas-US590Not updated
4Runiq FablesAntonidas-US588Not updated
4Buddychrist Dies IraeAntonidas-US588Not updated
6Terix  Antonidas-US587Not updated
6Pyskowarlock TheBarbariansAntonidas-US587Not updated
8Dannyx AxiomAntonidas-US586Not updated
9Solstice Scorched TreacheryAntonidas-US585Not updated
10Sappa Old Timers CRSAntonidas-US584Not updated
11Biopsy New ReignAntonidas-US582Not updated
11Juliaward Reign of MercenariesAntonidas-US582Not updated
13Amberley VypersAntonidas-US581Not updated
13Huntalla NarcissusAntonidas-US581Not updated
15Jillandra Tribal WolvesAntonidas-US580Not updated
15Onyxalia Tribal WolvesAntonidas-US580Not updated
15Chalcedony Tribal WolvesAntonidas-US580Not updated
15Sapphyrre The TalamascaAntonidas-US580Not updated
15Tawnie Tribal WolvesAntonidas-US580Not updated
15Peridot Tribal WolvesAntonidas-US580Not updated
21Hoenix AxiomAntonidas-US579Not updated
22Riviera Deus Ex MachinaAntonidas-US577Not updated
23Odyne No DramaAntonidas-US575Not updated
24Bikermoondog AscensionAntonidas-US574Not updated
24Aelfrin Band of MisfitsAntonidas-US574Not updated
24Ehrmantraut DragonsEliteAntonidas-US574Not updated
27Zweig VALISAntonidas-US572Not updated
28Elphababe BourneAntonidas-US571Not updated
29Tanadria AftermâthAntonidas-US570Not updated
29Azheebopa PureAntonidas-US570Not updated
29Laloni Celestial KnightsAntonidas-US570Not updated
29Zeefurry Emerald KnightsAntonidas-US570Not updated
33Epia New ReignAntonidas-US569Not updated
33Helena  Antonidas-US569Not updated
33Frostfiend Cool TabardAntonidas-US569Not updated
33Eye Tribal WolvesAntonidas-US569Not updated
33Triumph The Imperial OrderAntonidas-US569Not updated
38Rakazä RidiculousAntonidas-US567Not updated
39Lillea Dark Souls EliteAntonidas-US563Not updated
39Velektra  Antonidas-US563Not updated
41Nerune Dangerous AllianceAntonidas-US562Not updated
41Gingerstorm Carnage IncarnateAntonidas-US562Not updated
43Thuti Knights of PieAntonidas-US561Not updated
43Miuda VALISAntonidas-US561Not updated
43Spikejtl FablesAntonidas-US561Not updated
43Valiena AxiomAntonidas-US561Not updated
47Ears  Antonidas-US560Not updated
48Ferrett PerditionAntonidas-US558Not updated
49Sharwin  Antonidas-US557Not updated
50Thejudaskiss Knights of NiAntonidas-US556Not updated
51Razzukyo PureAntonidas-US555Not updated
51Barneey Dangerous AllianceAntonidas-US555Not updated
53Tuzigoot ChaoticaAntonidas-US554Not updated
53Amagerhottie UNHOLYAntonidas-US554Not updated
55Shammbulance FablesAntonidas-US553Not updated
56Werwolf  Antonidas-US551Not updated
56Frosttress New ReignAntonidas-US551Not updated
58Catena  Antonidas-US550Not updated
58Petiralam  Antonidas-US550Not updated
58Braket  Antonidas-US550Not updated
61Monkeymagic Brotherhood of SteelAntonidas-US546Not updated
62Krang The MasqueradeAntonidas-US545Not updated
63Crispin XRaidedAntonidas-US543Not updated
63Stagerunna  Antonidas-US543Not updated
63Whuflungpu Belligerent FuryAntonidas-US543Not updated
66Realm  Antonidas-US540Not updated
67Tønka  Antonidas-US539Not updated
67Serendippy XRaidedAntonidas-US539Not updated
67Okelani Celestial KnightsAntonidas-US539Not updated
70Rifleman Knights of NiAntonidas-US538Not updated
70Anooktook TributusAntonidas-US538Not updated
72Tamagorr Thousand Ways To DieAntonidas-US536Not updated
72Lapdance  Antonidas-US536Not updated
72Aelfar The PallbearersAntonidas-US536Not updated
75Illiniwek Tribal WolvesAntonidas-US535Not updated
76Choclatmoose Team MooseAntonidas-US534Not updated
76Yusef Belligerent FuryAntonidas-US534Not updated
78Trickiekitty New ReignAntonidas-US533Not updated
78Venmeumshna The Hidden Leaf NinjasAntonidas-US533Not updated
78Hyyde AscensionAntonidas-US533Not updated
78Kallell FrostAntonidas-US533Not updated
82Tdtwo Masque of the Red DeathAntonidas-US532Not updated
82Ladieslover Death By StrawberryAntonidas-US532Not updated
82Calenjae TheGoodTheBadandTheUglyAntonidas-US532Not updated
82Madçow  Antonidas-US532Not updated
82Rorary Island unto OurselvesAntonidas-US532Not updated

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