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Anetheron-EU Unique Pets
1Kimey organised confusionAnetheron-EU606
2Sentient Verplant und paniertAnetheron-EU584
3Seeti Never to dieAnetheron-EU576
3Chubii Never to dieAnetheron-EU576
3Chicharito  Anetheron-EU576Not updated
6Tinca HARLEQUINAnetheron-EU574
6Alanya  Anetheron-EU574Not updated
8Someghul odiumAnetheron-EU570
9Ragnar purityAnetheron-EU569
10Taroi organised confusionAnetheron-EU568
11Moomooland Yokohama Sushi ClubAnetheron-EU566
12Zepi Ritter der DungeonsAnetheron-EU564
12Uageu  Anetheron-EU564Not updated
14Cazaja VictoriousAnetheron-EU563Not updated
15Romie  Anetheron-EU562
16Wilga SmoveAttackAnetheron-EU561Not updated
17Haunebu xDAnetheron-EU559
18Bambus organised confusionAnetheron-EU553
19Packnum xDAnetheron-EU552
19Azrael Youll Never Walk AloneAnetheron-EU552Not updated
21Dominoblue Scum from HellAnetheron-EU548
22Worgreen  Anetheron-EU545
23Leilameda xDAnetheron-EU544
23Blackhole Legends Of AngelsAnetheron-EU544Not updated
25Scarewitch Verplant und paniertAnetheron-EU543
25Teshkul Bambi Klopfer und CoKGAnetheron-EU543Not updated
27Tarinya Never to dieAnetheron-EU542
27Takka Devil and AngelAnetheron-EU542Not updated
29Shànfallah odiumAnetheron-EU539
29Risîngdoom Nice OneAnetheron-EU539Not updated
29Cherublol  Anetheron-EU539Not updated
29Sacredwrath  Anetheron-EU539
33Tunoto RetiredAnetheron-EU537Not updated
33Chestra  Anetheron-EU537Not updated
35Schädelweiss ShadowStoneAnetheron-EU535
35Baya InferiAnetheron-EU535Not updated
37Insignia CelticCrossAnetheron-EU534
38Sorrøw Red DevilsAnetheron-EU533
38Siddhártha Red DevilsAnetheron-EU533
40Ashigaru xDAnetheron-EU532
40Reynolds organised confusionAnetheron-EU532Not updated
42Veash Voice of NeltharionAnetheron-EU531
43Calithea CarnivøresAnetheron-EU529
44Deathessence The BIG BangAnetheron-EU528
44Majestix  Anetheron-EU528Not updated
46Zamra PredictedAnetheron-EU526
47Zibbevg Silent AssassinsAnetheron-EU525
47Toadisritter JuggernautAnetheron-EU525Not updated
49Caidenx Seven StarsAnetheron-EU524
50Jenewein Still AliveAnetheron-EU523
50Arathriel  Anetheron-EU523Not updated
50Langtzu HordecoreAnetheron-EU523Not updated
53Crâzý CarnivøresAnetheron-EU522
53Atem ShadowStoneAnetheron-EU522
55Chockmah The last onesAnetheron-EU519Not updated
56Klauserus Rising PhönixAnetheron-EU518Not updated
57Kaibyo  Anetheron-EU517Not updated
57Koureni FoO KultAnetheron-EU517Not updated
59Allijunior CelticCrossAnetheron-EU515
59Dîpî HoffnessAnetheron-EU515
59Merayami  Anetheron-EU515Not updated
62Lumbridge Voice of NeltharionAnetheron-EU514Not updated
62Haagén Voice of NeltharionAnetheron-EU514Not updated
62Jasperre Die Horde RenntAnetheron-EU514Not updated
65Câsandro Voice of NeltharionAnetheron-EU513Not updated
66Nyuusha Is sinnlos in PandariaAnetheron-EU511Not updated
66Legolum  Anetheron-EU511Not updated
68Kâldeâs InsidiousAnetheron-EU510
68Walux Project WOWAnetheron-EU510Not updated
68Drstyx  Anetheron-EU510Not updated
71Thymian Global InvasionAnetheron-EU508Not updated
71Naturemay Unknown GuildAnetheron-EU508Not updated
73Tschok OH was SüßesAnetheron-EU507Not updated
74Cârôlínê PlainCrazyAnetheron-EU506
75Kirsch Verplant und paniertAnetheron-EU503
76Driani Verplant und paniertAnetheron-EU501
76Tukitaki StormdevilAnetheron-EU501Not updated
78Machara Scum from HellAnetheron-EU500Not updated
79Líí Rising PhönixAnetheron-EU499
79Aypha KirodAnetheron-EU499Not updated
81Treffi VerminAnetheron-EU498
81Warmonger odiumAnetheron-EU498
83Noxoris spiritAnetheron-EU497
83Trojan Ritter der DungeonsAnetheron-EU497
83Phenolphthal Seven StarsAnetheron-EU497Not updated
83Smokingoro Never to dieAnetheron-EU497Not updated
87Gthedark Still AliveAnetheron-EU496
87Sherezada  Anetheron-EU496Not updated
89Iskondar Zero HourAnetheron-EU494
90Jassim  Anetheron-EU493Not updated
90Chosora hominis noctisAnetheron-EU493Not updated
92Rödelheîm Allie SchnalzerAnetheron-EU491
92Irêlîa odiumAnetheron-EU491

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