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Andorhal-US Unique Pets
1Zits Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US535
2Happyfish Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US533Not updated
3Heresykiller Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US523
4Happydotz Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US521Not updated
5Holyface Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US510
6Raylaw Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US467Not updated
7Nefretia Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US434Not updated
8Strikerx Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US419
9Aarnjr Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US413
9Wildheartcow Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US413
11Archaxwii Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US404
12Gamma Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US402
13Eyesore Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US401Not updated
14Karatekow Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US377
15Mixmancer Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US350
16Demobear Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US339Not updated
17Missoni Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US320
18Niaojiji Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US309
19Kachunka Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US300
20Sheldorr Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US285
21Physikz Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US279
22Turgoth Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US272Not updated
23Lucify Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US257Not updated
24Immortalcow Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US215
25Nightshirt Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US213
26Devilcrys Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US204
27Cindella Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US196Not updated
28Lightslayer Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US188
28Poliwag Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US188
30Moogletotem Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US180Not updated
31Testtudo Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US156
32Binou Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US151Not updated
33ßeave Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US146
34Supersham Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US133
35Crydeus Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US132Not updated
36Chombulator Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US128Not updated
37Klasz Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US110Not updated
38Timelôrd Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US106Not updated
39Ivár Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US104Not updated
39Quickill Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US104
41Voices Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US102
42Tarakudo Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US95
43Avaa Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US93Not updated
44Caiñn Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US92
45Icedeadppl Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US91Not updated
46Icutu Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US88
47Kipp Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US87
48Tenakus Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US83
49Priea Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US82
50Failborn Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US81
50Zlatta Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US81Not updated
52Oldsauce Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US79
53Jamespinut Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US74
54Arcticsyn Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US73
54Halda Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US73
54Lithpth Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US73Not updated
57Toobz Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US72
57Blayze Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US72
59Killawatts Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US68
60Malignus Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US67
61Sugarpony Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US65Not updated
62Raÿ Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US63Not updated
62Heallaryduff Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US63
62Zerbal Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US63
65Sydneyray Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US62
66Síllydk Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US60
66Shammylammy Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US60Not updated
66Jurisnoctis Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US60Not updated
69Maisy Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US59
70Rremeew Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US58
71Bulltruë Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US57
72Sylarx Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US56
72Scumguzzler Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US56
74Descarte Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US54Not updated
74Darkchef Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US54
76Coffinfeeder Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US52Not updated
77Warrioryoo Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US47
77Micatchyo Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US47
79Xbikulah Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US46
79Gummiebearz Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US46Not updated
81Bubbletroubl Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US45Not updated
82Nocem Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US41
82Bobkingkia Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US41
84Gregstotems Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US39
84Phaer Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US39
86Kiloth Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US38Not updated
87Lightmares Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US37Not updated
88Bisam Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US35
89Sharapova Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US34Not updated
90Docmailloux Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US29
91Vrellin Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US26
92Drpierce Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US25Not updated
93Sinned Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US19Not updated
93Lilsmokey Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US19Not updated
95Orekk Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US18
96Rezukiel Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US15
96Blueeyez Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US15Not updated
98Arthalex Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US14
99Bigbadface Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US13Not updated
100Jondo Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US11

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