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Alonsus-EU Unique Pets
1Smotch RazeAlonsus-EU605
2Laughingjon OriginAlonsus-EU591Not updated
3Snoep  Alonsus-EU587Not updated
4Shadowtáil KamikazeAlonsus-EU584
4Avalaria Royal Teldrassil RangersAlonsus-EU584
4Ibewen Agnus DeiAlonsus-EU584Not updated
7Bloodhound Dead ArmyAlonsus-EU580Not updated
8Eliphia FamousAlonsus-EU577
8Elsachester Stygian KeepersAlonsus-EU577
10Hakuzab  Alonsus-EU574Not updated
11Deathdancer OriginAlonsus-EU573
11Shammyolord OriginAlonsus-EU573
11Omeniclord OriginAlonsus-EU573
11Osneakylord OriginAlonsus-EU573
15Lowry VeritasAlonsus-EU572
15Cyworg VeritasAlonsus-EU572
15Alecsandra PrimacyAlonsus-EU572
18Valandil AscendanceAlonsus-EU571Not updated
18Karros Stygian KeepersAlonsus-EU571
18Torz Stygian KeepersAlonsus-EU571Not updated
21Tsutzee the WickedAlonsus-EU570Not updated
22Farrago FamousAlonsus-EU568
22Frosy FrequencyAlonsus-EU568
24Ultimesia FrequencyAlonsus-EU567
25Alistarii EclipseAlonsus-EU566
26Calissa The GuardiansAlonsus-EU565
26Kawk  Alonsus-EU565
28Silvestina FamousAlonsus-EU564
28Rubel Slaves of AmaryAlonsus-EU564
30Longalex dragonlordsAlonsus-EU563
30Windslasher  Alonsus-EU563
32Belmoth Kikass ClanAlonsus-EU562
32Philatanus WoWaholics AnonymousAlonsus-EU562
34Braxis MojoAlonsus-EU561
34Egocentric OriginAlonsus-EU561
36Jolan Legends Of MBKTAlonsus-EU560Not updated
37Nidromel AscendanceAlonsus-EU559
37Ekirtsa EclipseAlonsus-EU559
37Sneekynid AscendanceAlonsus-EU559Not updated
40Grishnash Kikass ClanAlonsus-EU558Not updated
41Nimrode Stygian KeepersAlonsus-EU555
41Tiduz Semper ParatusAlonsus-EU555
43Icetoffer The PrinceAlonsus-EU554Not updated
43Chompoo The PrinceAlonsus-EU554Not updated
43Freeuplevel  Alonsus-EU554Not updated
46Figure NoctivagusAlonsus-EU552Not updated
47Zopiklon The PrinceAlonsus-EU551
47Karsi AscendanceAlonsus-EU551
49Elbee LowlandersAlonsus-EU550
49Wiskaa Stygian KeepersAlonsus-EU550Not updated
51Shivslady NocturnalAlonsus-EU549
51Nabulous The Elysian TemplarsAlonsus-EU549Not updated
53Roldan RazeAlonsus-EU546Not updated
54Bèrry Fac ut vivasAlonsus-EU545Not updated
55Azidahaka MalevolenceAlonsus-EU544Not updated
55Scarmish De oranje duivelsAlonsus-EU544Not updated
57Stolas Fac ut vivasAlonsus-EU543Not updated
57Khurskhh Wolves of NorthrendAlonsus-EU543
57Russlock Fac ut vivasAlonsus-EU543Not updated
57Snips Fac ut vivasAlonsus-EU543Not updated
57Narakai Fac ut vivasAlonsus-EU543Not updated
57Neodruid Fac ut vivasAlonsus-EU543Not updated
57Shadowsin Fac ut vivasAlonsus-EU543Not updated
57Insidiousdk Fac ut vivasAlonsus-EU543Not updated
57Littlecrow Fac ut vivasAlonsus-EU543Not updated
66Omegaelite Phoenix RisingAlonsus-EU542
67Morgana Reproba VirAlonsus-EU541
67Ilovetea Regular HeroesAlonsus-EU541
69Kungx Wolves of NorthrendAlonsus-EU539Not updated
70Ynyteen The Elysian TemplarsAlonsus-EU538
70Nobliterate MojoAlonsus-EU538Not updated
72Mxdwarf ProphecyAlonsus-EU537
73Rathven VeritasAlonsus-EU536
74Annietje The Lowland LegionAlonsus-EU535
74Manticor TenacityAlonsus-EU535
74Bigsoftie The InfamousAlonsus-EU535Not updated
77Rashakk PREMIUMAlonsus-EU533Not updated
78Ijsmuts Ancient LegacyAlonsus-EU531
79Zador Ancient LegacyAlonsus-EU530
79Teetumtee ZenithAlonsus-EU530Not updated
79Barkbie Zero ToleranceAlonsus-EU530Not updated
82Delshandra Elites of PerkeleAlonsus-EU529Not updated

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