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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Alleria-EU Unique Pets
1Maragonya Varieté ObscurAlleria-EU603Not updated
2Auryline Loktar ogarAlleria-EU602Not updated
2Belzibeth Loktar ogarAlleria-EU602Not updated
2Ganya Loktar ogarAlleria-EU602Not updated
5Barbisia EldunariAlleria-EU600Not updated
6Koori AscensionAlleria-EU596Not updated
7Mayim LastTryAlleria-EU595Not updated
7Naesha Loktar ogarAlleria-EU595Not updated
7Sangrielle Loktar ogarAlleria-EU595Not updated
7Alraune Loktar ogarAlleria-EU595Not updated
7Kirschblüte Loktar ogarAlleria-EU595Not updated
7Anyari Loktar ogarAlleria-EU595Not updated
13Karathrace AmokAlleria-EU590Not updated
13Dabagul DragonLordsAlleria-EU590Not updated
13Buffon Bad CompanyAlleria-EU590Not updated
16April InsomnîaAlleria-EU589Not updated
17Regdulus PatheticAlleria-EU587Not updated
17Chainbrain The DaysleepersAlleria-EU587Not updated
19Nermal Madig und VerfaultAlleria-EU586Not updated
19Managirl Bad CompanyAlleria-EU586Not updated
19Zandra Bad CompanyAlleria-EU586Not updated
22Mäusle Royal WarriorsAlleria-EU585Not updated
22Somara Madig und VerfaultAlleria-EU585Not updated
22Sophí Madig und VerfaultAlleria-EU585Not updated
22Ârtemis Kings XAlleria-EU585Not updated
22Pazza Madig und VerfaultAlleria-EU585Not updated
22Kjascar vom WildenWeibchenSteinAlleria-EU585Not updated
28Finji Lorem ipsum dolorAlleria-EU584Not updated
29Lunaris Verteidiger AzerothsAlleria-EU582Not updated
29Shífu Madig und VerfaultAlleria-EU582Not updated
29Syrell Madig und VerfaultAlleria-EU582Not updated
29Eupheliá Madig und VerfaultAlleria-EU582Not updated
29Diávolo Madig und VerfaultAlleria-EU582Not updated
29Acinemod Madig und VerfaultAlleria-EU582Not updated
35Terrormoni BlâckoutAlleria-EU579Not updated
36Sarsaparilla Loktar ogarAlleria-EU578Not updated
37Priseis ElysionAlleria-EU576Not updated
37Turada Pugnas RacheAlleria-EU576Not updated
37Pengpong BurningLipsAlleria-EU576Not updated
37Nediva ElysionAlleria-EU576Not updated
41Dia AscensionAlleria-EU575Not updated
41Zargyl Hat Angst Im DunkelnAlleria-EU575Not updated
43Frattus Die Beschützer AzerothsAlleria-EU574Not updated
43Hollandjäger Krieger der ApokalypseAlleria-EU574Not updated
45Kâêsê All Night LongAlleria-EU571Not updated
45Plötzlich The DaysleepersAlleria-EU571Not updated
47Mausilli die TodesengelAlleria-EU570Not updated
47Meitene die TodesengelAlleria-EU570Not updated
47Saulé die TodesengelAlleria-EU570Not updated
47Pocketmonk All InAlleria-EU570Not updated
51Teleria EgalAlleria-EU569Not updated
51Jabuk BurningLipsAlleria-EU569Not updated
53Sáxbor ObscuritasAlleria-EU567Not updated
53Shinshin die TodesengelAlleria-EU567Not updated
55Grimo Krieger der ApokalypseAlleria-EU566Not updated
55Bìbí Sargeras AlptraumAlleria-EU566Not updated
57Xenoo PegasusAlleria-EU565Not updated
58Aviris MahgaiAlleria-EU564Not updated
58Neila GolddrachenAlleria-EU564Not updated
60Boardie All Night LongAlleria-EU563Not updated
60Nokela All Night LongAlleria-EU563Not updated
62Bodih HordenbrecherAlleria-EU562Not updated
63Palatinus All Night LongAlleria-EU561Not updated
63Colinea PATRATORAlleria-EU561Not updated
63Maldo MetacortexAlleria-EU561Not updated
63Ralladra BurningLipsAlleria-EU561Not updated
67Kalandon OpferAlleria-EU560Not updated
67Hekaton vom Blute des DrachenAlleria-EU560Not updated
67Prosica All Night LongAlleria-EU560Not updated
67Raakhi Swords of LightAlleria-EU560Not updated
67Alessandro eXCidiumAlleria-EU560Not updated
72Àsuná Last LegendsAlleria-EU559Not updated
72Rudor PandariabrothersAlleria-EU559Not updated
74Tosan Nova ExordiumAlleria-EU558Not updated
74Tyndal Royal WarriorsAlleria-EU558Not updated
74Glimmeer AscensionAlleria-EU558Not updated
74Fiarenya HordenOldiesAlleria-EU558Not updated
78Edisson Hell Knights of AzerothAlleria-EU557Not updated
78Kuldor Licht des MorgensAlleria-EU557Not updated
80Schokox Draenors HordeAlleria-EU556Not updated
80Schaki Nova ExordiumAlleria-EU556Not updated
80Verulon Bad Boys and BabesAlleria-EU556Not updated
83Gringer ObscuritasAlleria-EU555Not updated
83Rânunkel NecessitudoAlleria-EU555Not updated
83Tindraa  Alleria-EU555Not updated
83Izanica AscensionAlleria-EU555Not updated

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