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Aggramar-US Unique Pets
1Coulomb ExpiationAggramar-US598
2Shintorg ExpiationAggramar-US597
3Cebrelas  Aggramar-US594
4Pervvysage Too Soon ExecutusAggramar-US585Not updated
5Pogogo intentAggramar-US582
5Syrene  Aggramar-US582
7Impatiance The EnclaveAggramar-US574
7Tanarotte The EnclaveAggramar-US574
9Rooascham Altaholics UnitedAggramar-US572
10Kallipso Battle of SerenityAggramar-US570Not updated
10Cantra  Aggramar-US570Not updated
10Caegarmine GnomePunterzAggramar-US570Not updated
13Eddiewacket UnbrokenAggramar-US567
13Kiske Part Time HeroesAggramar-US567Not updated
15Yttrius Seekers of TruthAggramar-US566Not updated
16Hilljack The EnclaveAggramar-US565
17Gengiskaan Primal ChaosAggramar-US564Not updated
17Shinmusic ExpiationAggramar-US564
19Jingshui The TribeAggramar-US562Not updated
20Pomato Too Soon ExecutusAggramar-US561Not updated
21Canosian Nothing FancyAggramar-US560
21Bagwan Slayers of DarknessAggramar-US560
23Khyra CovetousAggramar-US559
24Klorck FallenAggramar-US557Not updated
25Sosye The WatchAggramar-US554Not updated
25Gornarx Drunken MonkeyAggramar-US554
27Khalenn JACOBS LADDERAggramar-US553
27Rakshan Iron Cross KnightsAggramar-US553
27Pumptoo alts need money tooAggramar-US553Not updated
30Hawk ExpiationAggramar-US552
30Metallicdawn Eternal HatredAggramar-US552
32Leprichan Pause for the CauseAggramar-US550
32Topwise ButterAggramar-US550Not updated
32Fabrizia Emerald KnightsAggramar-US550Not updated
35Lovebeamz Terminally AFKAggramar-US549
36Vanhelzing The EnclaveAggramar-US548
36Rokuro  Aggramar-US548
38Wuvs FallenAggramar-US547
39Dizzygirl ExpiationAggramar-US546
39Aeaue All Most RighteousAggramar-US546Not updated
39Bubbamcbubba KraptasticAggramar-US546Not updated
39Warvic JACOBS LADDERAggramar-US546
39Miluo All Most RighteousAggramar-US546Not updated
44Paeryn Drunken MonkeyAggramar-US545
44Bio The TribeAggramar-US545
46Illidriel Slayers of DarknessAggramar-US544
46Saberella The TribeAggramar-US544Not updated
48Crystallyn ExpiationAggramar-US543
48Noobstick InsurrectionAggramar-US543
48Beavis Evil Deeds IncAggramar-US543
48Messiahbolic Ur Mom Has Nice CritsAggramar-US543Not updated
48Lumbahjack Order of the RavenAggramar-US543
53Briârrose Altaholics UnitedAggramar-US542Not updated
53Getrak GnomePunterzAggramar-US542
53Sãmãel  Aggramar-US542Not updated
56Pixiemae VenomAggramar-US541Not updated
56Aschirn DarkfallAggramar-US541Not updated
58Hellriss The ButchersAggramar-US540
58Ghenghis Where the BeefAggramar-US540
60Donnacorlion Intergalactic PlanetaryAggramar-US539Not updated
61Blüemeanie  Aggramar-US538
62Mytone The RemnantAggramar-US537
62Smackwater ExodusAggramar-US537Not updated
62Prayforme HeathenAggramar-US537
65Mercenariaa FoederatiAggramar-US536Not updated
66Feathrinn WhackDonaldsAggramar-US534
67Bearknuckle Gasoline Fight AccidentAggramar-US533Not updated
67Yllapeigga All Most RighteousAggramar-US533
69Zwoop ExpiationAggramar-US532
69Troggdor Ur Mom Has Nice CritsAggramar-US532Not updated
69Akàshic The RemnantAggramar-US532
69Lockleigh JACOBS LADDERAggramar-US532Not updated

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