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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Aegwynn-EU Unique Pets
1Malvred Order OrbisAegwynn-EU608Not updated
2Rezzomat BoomFightersAegwynn-EU604Not updated
3Fenrirsùl infusionAegwynn-EU598Not updated
4Satsu TeadybearssAegwynn-EU597Not updated
5Terminatrix Modi VivendiAegwynn-EU594Not updated
5Schwertfee The IlluminatedAegwynn-EU594Not updated
7Xelty DraconiaAegwynn-EU591Not updated
7Hunterling Face ValueAegwynn-EU591Not updated
7Mdshining Blood and SandAegwynn-EU591Not updated
10Hexxman Flieht Ihr NarrenAegwynn-EU590Not updated
11Sambadromo eXøticAegwynn-EU589Not updated
11Nobolein Twinki and the MainAegwynn-EU589Not updated
13Dárkar Flieht Ihr NarrenAegwynn-EU588Not updated
13Waýden  Aegwynn-EU588Not updated
15Mihaya Blades of DarknessAegwynn-EU585Not updated
15Gierdre enjoys the silenceAegwynn-EU585Not updated
17Mellott  Aegwynn-EU584Not updated
17Freke FederationAegwynn-EU584Not updated
17Elricc Legio X pia fidelisAegwynn-EU584Not updated
20Landstrasser Communitas AureaAegwynn-EU583Not updated
21Andrija  Aegwynn-EU582Not updated
21Maddonna  Aegwynn-EU582Not updated
21Mezzanine EntropyAegwynn-EU582Not updated
24Xyloná DarKnightzAegwynn-EU581Not updated
24Deathfíghter Federal Reserve SystemAegwynn-EU581Not updated
24Stoßfest  Aegwynn-EU581Not updated
27Bestmageeu  Aegwynn-EU580Not updated
27Favole North BrigadeAegwynn-EU580Not updated
27Kojotin pandoras boxAegwynn-EU580Not updated
30Marlna FaîthlessAegwynn-EU579Not updated
31Laethian Wings of YsondreAegwynn-EU577Not updated
32Maiyulin Best in SlotAegwynn-EU575Not updated
32Ali JeezoTV Live on TwitchAegwynn-EU575Not updated
32Teekrug  Aegwynn-EU575Not updated
35Tharan Angelverein GnomereganAegwynn-EU574Not updated
35Pedronniall Modi VivendiAegwynn-EU574Not updated
37Valashu Wings of YsondreAegwynn-EU573Not updated
37Acsty  Aegwynn-EU573Not updated
37Mysticraid  Aegwynn-EU573Not updated
37Calvádos Zero Gravity Elite PVPAegwynn-EU573Not updated
41Mirianna Angelverein GnomereganAegwynn-EU572Not updated
41Kwaichan Causa MortisAegwynn-EU572Not updated
41Nerminia  Aegwynn-EU572Not updated
44Radamentlol DrunkenMonkeysAegwynn-EU571Not updated
45Sarthas Angelverein GnomereganAegwynn-EU570Not updated
46Xacûry RäGäAegwynn-EU569Not updated
47Ecija Damage ControlAegwynn-EU568Not updated
48Shialis StickyAegwynn-EU567Not updated
48Ugdil Alley Cat KingsAegwynn-EU567Not updated
48Shortie Modi VivendiAegwynn-EU567Not updated
48Yutó kbankAegwynn-EU567Not updated
48Maiping RainyDaysAegwynn-EU567Not updated
48Silmarien IMPERIALE ORDNUNGAegwynn-EU567Not updated
54Mishkim Foedus UltorisAegwynn-EU566Not updated
54Moroi Bronze in starcraftAegwynn-EU566Not updated
54Mayjune Foedus UltorisAegwynn-EU566Not updated
54Mimahesha Foedus UltorisAegwynn-EU566Not updated
54Amberblack Dark GuardiansAegwynn-EU566Not updated
54Mimalva Foedus UltorisAegwynn-EU566Not updated
60Sílvêr ÎnsaneAegwynn-EU565Not updated
61Yulivèe Rising PhönixAegwynn-EU564Not updated
61Finnexxa Dark TemplarAegwynn-EU564Not updated
61Møgraine Scarlet RevengeAegwynn-EU564Not updated
61Gwýnnyth UnbrokenAegwynn-EU564Not updated
65Shalîmar Light of DarknessAegwynn-EU562Not updated
65Lasharanda PandemicAegwynn-EU562Not updated
67Orike Circle of WisdomAegwynn-EU561Not updated
67Miep FriedensstifterAegwynn-EU561Not updated
67Mimisses Foedus UltorisAegwynn-EU561Not updated
67Maishe Foedus UltorisAegwynn-EU561Not updated
67Maylily Foedus UltorisAegwynn-EU561Not updated
72Zusuron Dark GuardiansAegwynn-EU560Not updated
72Soulkeeper How I met my lootAegwynn-EU560Not updated
74Arlenna DubstepAegwynn-EU559Not updated
74Kejoh Auf alte ZeitenAegwynn-EU559Not updated
74Azongbeta Unaufhaltbare MachtAegwynn-EU559Not updated
74Margyein Foedus UltorisAegwynn-EU559Not updated
78Ráviel KonquestAegwynn-EU558Not updated
78Gunlord DagordacilAegwynn-EU558Not updated
78Irmo ZergAegwynn-EU558Not updated
78Auruma Rising LegacyAegwynn-EU558Not updated
78Zazari DarKnightzAegwynn-EU558Not updated
78Liann Prophets of DawnAegwynn-EU558Not updated
78Pewpewløl  Aegwynn-EU558Not updated
78Monbon  Aegwynn-EU558Not updated
86Shadowblue  Aegwynn-EU557Not updated
86Mimistake Foedus UltorisAegwynn-EU557Not updated
86Pippolini Higher StandardAegwynn-EU557Not updated
89Meigram Last InstanceAegwynn-EU556Not updated
89Noha exhaleAegwynn-EU556Not updated
89Delarenta Higher StandardAegwynn-EU556Not updated
89Toogoodforu League Of LegendsAegwynn-EU556Not updated
89Óòó  Aegwynn-EU556Not updated
94Ukya CyneticAegwynn-EU555Not updated
94Ponyò Miezen GmbHAegwynn-EU555Not updated
94Shínota ResilientAegwynn-EU555Not updated
94Bôrador ReunionAegwynn-EU555Not updated
94Pizarró  Aegwynn-EU555Not updated
99Minaske FriedensstifterAegwynn-EU554Not updated
99Peiper HohenstaufenAegwynn-EU554Not updated

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