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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Shattered Hand-EU Unique Pets
1Spartxtrakia VictusShattered Hand-EU546Not updated
2Marbass VictusShattered Hand-EU484Not updated
3Tranbäret VictusShattered Hand-EU474Not updated
4Mäss VictusShattered Hand-EU461Not updated
5Carolíne VictusShattered Hand-EU439Not updated
6Hukilyou VictusShattered Hand-EU430Not updated
7Ærren VictusShattered Hand-EU393Not updated
8Peg VictusShattered Hand-EU378Not updated
9Nawky VictusShattered Hand-EU365Not updated
9Byqvist VictusShattered Hand-EU365Not updated
11Xiongbaobao VictusShattered Hand-EU324Not updated
12Shogo VictusShattered Hand-EU270Not updated
13Ccbataar VictusShattered Hand-EU262Not updated
14Zàzin VictusShattered Hand-EU206Not updated
15Handshakelol VictusShattered Hand-EU202Not updated
16Totemmaster VictusShattered Hand-EU191Not updated
17Evera VictusShattered Hand-EU190Not updated
18Jakken VictusShattered Hand-EU189Not updated
19Ruban VictusShattered Hand-EU183Not updated
20Shamannerf VictusShattered Hand-EU178Not updated
20Greenweed VictusShattered Hand-EU178Not updated
22Proslayér VictusShattered Hand-EU175Not updated
22Lothem VictusShattered Hand-EU175Not updated
24Seacrit VictusShattered Hand-EU169Not updated
25Dibz VictusShattered Hand-EU168Not updated
26Xodóz VictusShattered Hand-EU167Not updated
27Kéezy VictusShattered Hand-EU166Not updated
28Varghe VictusShattered Hand-EU164Not updated
28Stoffelaar VictusShattered Hand-EU164Not updated
30Customize VictusShattered Hand-EU149Not updated
31Draloré VictusShattered Hand-EU139Not updated
32Ruperthoof VictusShattered Hand-EU134Not updated
33Skunkworker VictusShattered Hand-EU133Not updated
33Linneth VictusShattered Hand-EU133Not updated
35Xextor VictusShattered Hand-EU132Not updated
36Psychomantis VictusShattered Hand-EU124Not updated
37Dralorè VictusShattered Hand-EU121Not updated
38Flaytality VictusShattered Hand-EU118Not updated
39Blindvanish VictusShattered Hand-EU113Not updated
39Garalon VictusShattered Hand-EU113Not updated
41Lolquichot VictusShattered Hand-EU112Not updated
42Ærreen VictusShattered Hand-EU111Not updated
43Brünte VictusShattered Hand-EU110Not updated
44Retbulladin VictusShattered Hand-EU106Not updated
45Explosivo VictusShattered Hand-EU104Not updated
45Xohkz VictusShattered Hand-EU104Not updated
47Druddet VictusShattered Hand-EU103Not updated
48Rivsi VictusShattered Hand-EU97Not updated
49Dràkan VictusShattered Hand-EU96Not updated
50Krashykk VictusShattered Hand-EU94Not updated
51Quotey VictusShattered Hand-EU92Not updated
51Thundermaw VictusShattered Hand-EU92Not updated
53Upieh VictusShattered Hand-EU91Not updated
54Bigbull VictusShattered Hand-EU89Not updated
55Beeson VictusShattered Hand-EU87Not updated
56Eeakko VictusShattered Hand-EU85Not updated
57Mistyr VictusShattered Hand-EU84Not updated
58Iknowipwn VictusShattered Hand-EU80Not updated
59Cofera VictusShattered Hand-EU79Not updated
60Xenoxl VictusShattered Hand-EU71Not updated
60Macceswe VictusShattered Hand-EU71Not updated
62Tekez VictusShattered Hand-EU67Not updated
62Milfan VictusShattered Hand-EU67Not updated
64Qonnect VictusShattered Hand-EU66Not updated
65Múa VictusShattered Hand-EU63Not updated
66Meek VictusShattered Hand-EU62Not updated
66Pronoxia VictusShattered Hand-EU62Not updated
68Jezza VictusShattered Hand-EU60Not updated
69Seeren VictusShattered Hand-EU59Not updated
70Crocoduck VictusShattered Hand-EU56Not updated
71Prophex VictusShattered Hand-EU54Not updated
72Wugs VictusShattered Hand-EU53Not updated
73Zeinya VictusShattered Hand-EU52Not updated
73Stwosucks VictusShattered Hand-EU52Not updated
75Jotwe VictusShattered Hand-EU51Not updated
76Zlackarn VictusShattered Hand-EU47Not updated
77Jóhan VictusShattered Hand-EU45Not updated
78Yksisarvinen VictusShattered Hand-EU44Not updated
79Tallkottê VictusShattered Hand-EU43Not updated
80Wishkin VictusShattered Hand-EU38Not updated
80Eliaj VictusShattered Hand-EU38Not updated
82Oleduden VictusShattered Hand-EU36Not updated
82Urkas VictusShattered Hand-EU36Not updated
84Meekrob VictusShattered Hand-EU34Not updated
84Underskattad VictusShattered Hand-EU34Not updated
86Mikihisa VictusShattered Hand-EU33Not updated
86Scrymgeouryx VictusShattered Hand-EU33Not updated
88Jäägarfan VictusShattered Hand-EU32Not updated
89Santin VictusShattered Hand-EU31Not updated
90Kinética VictusShattered Hand-EU30Not updated
91Nylea VictusShattered Hand-EU29Not updated
91Cruserienta VictusShattered Hand-EU29Not updated
93Xenako VictusShattered Hand-EU28Not updated
94Parkie VictusShattered Hand-EU27Not updated
95Relive VictusShattered Hand-EU21Not updated
96Hampdamp VictusShattered Hand-EU14Not updated
97Whacker VictusShattered Hand-EU10Not updated
97Fuzzyguy VictusShattered Hand-EU10Not updated
99Rettpåjernet VictusShattered Hand-EU5Not updated
100Muvvie VictusShattered Hand-EU0Not updated

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