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Jaedenar-EU Unique Pets
1Trikey The OverlordsJaedenar-EU314Not updated
2Infernalkill The OverlordsJaedenar-EU284Not updated
3Tery The OverlordsJaedenar-EU267Not updated
4Alezandra The OverlordsJaedenar-EU258Not updated
5Djenna The OverlordsJaedenar-EU255Not updated
6Mephalia The OverlordsJaedenar-EU214Not updated
7Chakrra The OverlordsJaedenar-EU157Not updated
7Xenonium The OverlordsJaedenar-EU157Not updated
9Thicky The OverlordsJaedenar-EU134Not updated
10Lamqtaspaska The OverlordsJaedenar-EU116Not updated
11Hollyberry The OverlordsJaedenar-EU107Not updated
12Craysiis The OverlordsJaedenar-EU102Not updated
13Miron The OverlordsJaedenar-EU101Not updated
14Mulev The OverlordsJaedenar-EU82Not updated
15Stunkata The OverlordsJaedenar-EU77Not updated
16Lifesteal The OverlordsJaedenar-EU73Not updated
17Shumensko The OverlordsJaedenar-EU72Not updated
18Killingbolt The OverlordsJaedenar-EU68Not updated
19Alerta The OverlordsJaedenar-EU67Not updated
20Naskoalex The OverlordsJaedenar-EU56
21Freyr The OverlordsJaedenar-EU55Not updated
22Memachine The OverlordsJaedenar-EU54Not updated
22Bamdor The OverlordsJaedenar-EU54Not updated
24Kubrat The OverlordsJaedenar-EU50Not updated
25Cyxua The OverlordsJaedenar-EU45Not updated
25Bravehart The OverlordsJaedenar-EU45Not updated
27Batboikoo The OverlordsJaedenar-EU44Not updated
28Mazniö The OverlordsJaedenar-EU43Not updated
28Inoueorihime The OverlordsJaedenar-EU43Not updated
30Nxs The OverlordsJaedenar-EU38
31Bobl The OverlordsJaedenar-EU33Not updated
32Mashinata The OverlordsJaedenar-EU28Not updated
32Zxr The OverlordsJaedenar-EU28Not updated
34Bijuter The OverlordsJaedenar-EU24Not updated
34Morganè The OverlordsJaedenar-EU24Not updated
36Valens The OverlordsJaedenar-EU21Not updated
37Öptimus The OverlordsJaedenar-EU20Not updated
38Pegky The OverlordsJaedenar-EU17Not updated
39Rikimary The OverlordsJaedenar-EU16Not updated
39Juotno The OverlordsJaedenar-EU16Not updated
41Venata The OverlordsJaedenar-EU14Not updated
41Monserad The OverlordsJaedenar-EU14Not updated
43Ancientone The OverlordsJaedenar-EU11Not updated
43Mamaligar The OverlordsJaedenar-EU11Not updated
45Izruda The OverlordsJaedenar-EU10Not updated
45Felsher The OverlordsJaedenar-EU10Not updated
45Deliciouspie The OverlordsJaedenar-EU10Not updated
48Climacterium The OverlordsJaedenar-EU8Not updated
49Drundo The OverlordsJaedenar-EU7Not updated
50Djangoze The OverlordsJaedenar-EU6Not updated
50Inhumanity The OverlordsJaedenar-EU6Not updated
50Koltein The OverlordsJaedenar-EU6Not updated
53Crusse The OverlordsJaedenar-EU5Not updated
53Udushvacha The OverlordsJaedenar-EU5Not updated
55Semicya The OverlordsJaedenar-EU4Not updated
55Chipita The OverlordsJaedenar-EU4Not updated
55Katibra The OverlordsJaedenar-EU4Not updated
58Battlëmastër The OverlordsJaedenar-EU3Not updated
58Cantpvp The OverlordsJaedenar-EU3Not updated
60Mäznio The OverlordsJaedenar-EU2Not updated
61Komaron The OverlordsJaedenar-EU0Not updated
61Theevilone The OverlordsJaedenar-EU0Not updated
61Pestalolz The OverlordsJaedenar-EU0Not updated

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