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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Minahonda-EU Unique Pets
1Finalhunter Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU603Not updated
2Hisweloke Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU558Not updated
3Gertrude Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU551Not updated
4Eneritz Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU550
5Yöru Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU523Not updated
6Sasimi Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU496
7Nathalïe Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU489Not updated
8Damael Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU468
9Soyk Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU455
10Chôpper Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU415Not updated
11Grajea Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU411
12Dhexther Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU394Not updated
13Viedma Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU373
14Kumaka Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU369Not updated
15Dremke Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU362Not updated
16Karah Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU321Not updated
17Elfyta Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU314Not updated
18Macamo Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU301Not updated
19Vukodlak Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU227Not updated
20Elisacutberg Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU223
21Hexyl Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU208
22Sheiku Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU200
23Azöte Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU192Not updated
24Biblia Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU186
25Bloodymerÿ Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU178Not updated
26Cibaris Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU171Not updated
27Baratah Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU167Not updated
28Thibôd Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU163
29Psytrâncë Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU162Not updated
30Säshä Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU160Not updated
31Monkisaldur Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU156Not updated
32Acly Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU155
33Barn Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU152
34Ramstuin Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU120
35Huargen Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU114Not updated
36Serénity Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU113
37Recalcitra Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU112Not updated
38Samuraïblack Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU107
39Kimbala Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU100Not updated
40Benedíctus Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU99Not updated
41Raskull Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU95Not updated
42Shiba Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU87Not updated
43Ercurro Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU86Not updated
44Malløry Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU85Not updated
45Mesiguees Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU84
46Rewas Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU83Not updated
47Yagharek Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU80
48Wipeman Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU79
49Taluec Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU78Not updated
50Kraven Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU75Not updated
50Mêl Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU75Not updated
52Normanoth Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU70
52Axèl Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU70
52Güdam Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU70Not updated
55Orushi Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU69
56Twinx Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU65
56Okabak Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU65Not updated
58Elektron Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU62Not updated
59Gusin Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU59Not updated
60Llåwëllyn Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU58Not updated
60Sawer Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU58Not updated
60Klaive Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU58Not updated
63Reapersoul Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU51Not updated
64Elrayo Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU41Not updated
65Palito Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU37Not updated
66Sangritus Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU31Not updated
67Xean Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU28
67Xeam Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU28Not updated
69Jogalo Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU26
70Montkar Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU17Not updated
71Theodred Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU15Not updated
72Piks Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU6Not updated
73Silãs Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU0Not updated

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