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Arthas-EU Unique Pets
1Dârkara Ignis DraconisArthas-EU586
2Umbrifer Ignis DraconisArthas-EU582
3Sinistrata Ignis DraconisArthas-EU560
4Lafinia Ignis DraconisArthas-EU553
4Miala Ignis DraconisArthas-EU553
6Isiluu Ignis DraconisArthas-EU542
6Ydiana Ignis DraconisArthas-EU542
8Pieohpah Ignis DraconisArthas-EU529
9Blackkyd Ignis DraconisArthas-EU525
10Naunet Ignis DraconisArthas-EU512
11Schindmaid Ignis DraconisArthas-EU509
12Selmina Ignis DraconisArthas-EU501
13Azghula Ignis DraconisArthas-EU488
14Lucian Ignis DraconisArthas-EU481
15Beichtstuhl Ignis DraconisArthas-EU474
16Thipsander Ignis DraconisArthas-EU457
17Aster Ignis DraconisArthas-EU456
18Xopherus Ignis DraconisArthas-EU455
18Jeykay Ignis DraconisArthas-EU455Not updated
20Jazzme Ignis DraconisArthas-EU444
21Argysta Ignis DraconisArthas-EU421
21Bogomil Ignis DraconisArthas-EU421
23Argysto Ignis DraconisArthas-EU420Not updated
24Zootaxz Ignis DraconisArthas-EU409
25Alicja Ignis DraconisArthas-EU404Not updated
26Whiteangél Ignis DraconisArthas-EU395
27Blackangél Ignis DraconisArthas-EU389Not updated
28Hellydead Ignis DraconisArthas-EU387
29Multipleman Ignis DraconisArthas-EU370
30Élplaga Ignis DraconisArthas-EU367Not updated
31Charísma Ignis DraconisArthas-EU361
32Headsmasher Ignis DraconisArthas-EU356
33Jáhá Ignis DraconisArthas-EU325Not updated
34Therakles Ignis DraconisArthas-EU324
35Chárenty Ignis DraconisArthas-EU316
36Möhrchen Ignis DraconisArthas-EU303
37Johnrambó Ignis DraconisArthas-EU299
37Salisala Ignis DraconisArthas-EU299Not updated
37Gubbi Ignis DraconisArthas-EU299Not updated
40Gotteskriege Ignis DraconisArthas-EU298Not updated
41Mitsûki Ignis DraconisArthas-EU297
42Pikolas Ignis DraconisArthas-EU287
43Nobara Ignis DraconisArthas-EU279Not updated
44Alrauna Ignis DraconisArthas-EU269Not updated
45Venro Ignis DraconisArthas-EU260
46Alirah Ignis DraconisArthas-EU257
47Maurella Ignis DraconisArthas-EU255
48Welpi Ignis DraconisArthas-EU230
49Jogjurt Ignis DraconisArthas-EU210Not updated
50Astarya Ignis DraconisArthas-EU209
51Zîrus Ignis DraconisArthas-EU203
52Âkêmî Ignis DraconisArthas-EU202
53Coraghon Ignis DraconisArthas-EU201
54Tyleet Ignis DraconisArthas-EU198
54Stiko Ignis DraconisArthas-EU198Not updated
56Twyla Ignis DraconisArthas-EU185Not updated
57Lillyann Ignis DraconisArthas-EU180Not updated
58Cleryll Ignis DraconisArthas-EU179Not updated
59Ayngel Ignis DraconisArthas-EU177Not updated
59Xuia Ignis DraconisArthas-EU177
61Nêphilim Ignis DraconisArthas-EU170
62Sanczy Ignis DraconisArthas-EU168
63Anturia Ignis DraconisArthas-EU161Not updated
64Kaeseroller Ignis DraconisArthas-EU160
64Yahur Ignis DraconisArthas-EU160
66Lithis Ignis DraconisArthas-EU156Not updated
66Racill Ignis DraconisArthas-EU156
68Terruki Ignis DraconisArthas-EU143
69Mùdda Ignis DraconisArthas-EU142Not updated
70Walkyre Ignis DraconisArthas-EU141
71Niona Ignis DraconisArthas-EU135Not updated
72Akikio Ignis DraconisArthas-EU134Not updated
72Nonta Ignis DraconisArthas-EU134Not updated
74Mckênny Ignis DraconisArthas-EU133Not updated
75Useless Ignis DraconisArthas-EU131Not updated
76Galvez Ignis DraconisArthas-EU130Not updated
77Palalî Ignis DraconisArthas-EU129
78Dendayar Ignis DraconisArthas-EU127Not updated
79Chantrel Ignis DraconisArthas-EU123
80Câli Ignis DraconisArthas-EU122Not updated
81Eberhárd Ignis DraconisArthas-EU121Not updated
82Drägon Ignis DraconisArthas-EU119Not updated
82Nierchen Ignis DraconisArthas-EU119Not updated
84Baalah Ignis DraconisArthas-EU118
85Dadadaada Ignis DraconisArthas-EU117Not updated
85Zombies Ignis DraconisArthas-EU117Not updated
85Straikor Ignis DraconisArthas-EU117
88Darodos Ignis DraconisArthas-EU116Not updated
89Carnifexed Ignis DraconisArthas-EU115Not updated
90Jimbeàm Ignis DraconisArthas-EU113
91Gajuna Ignis DraconisArthas-EU112Not updated
91Renak Ignis DraconisArthas-EU112Not updated
93Brody Ignis DraconisArthas-EU110Not updated
94Shanaz Ignis DraconisArthas-EU109
94Palastitute Ignis DraconisArthas-EU109Not updated
96Palama Ignis DraconisArthas-EU108
97Strikes Ignis DraconisArthas-EU105
98Thruz Ignis DraconisArthas-EU101
98Endivie Ignis DraconisArthas-EU101Not updated
100Râdnôr Ignis DraconisArthas-EU99

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