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Whisperwind-US Unique Pets
1Smoothkitty Evil HeartWhisperwind-US595Not updated
2Sayvoxia Evil HeartWhisperwind-US566
3Delahaye Evil HeartWhisperwind-US553
4Vørtex Evil HeartWhisperwind-US530Not updated
5Binkgelli Evil HeartWhisperwind-US518Not updated
6Aevah Evil HeartWhisperwind-US517
7Zaelara Evil HeartWhisperwind-US456Not updated
8Háru Evil HeartWhisperwind-US428
9Thatonedruid Evil HeartWhisperwind-US426
10Morgainlefay Evil HeartWhisperwind-US421
11Joley Evil HeartWhisperwind-US419
12Moosumz Evil HeartWhisperwind-US387
13Reinsnot Evil HeartWhisperwind-US319
14Jerkyface Evil HeartWhisperwind-US311Not updated
15Teleporc Evil HeartWhisperwind-US237
16Calgoroth Evil HeartWhisperwind-US232
17Wickedfugly Evil HeartWhisperwind-US229
18Dizazter Evil HeartWhisperwind-US224
19Guldrek Evil HeartWhisperwind-US222Not updated
20Kaelysbank Evil HeartWhisperwind-US210Not updated
21Zarcistia Evil HeartWhisperwind-US203
22Väkirauta Evil HeartWhisperwind-US187
23Doje Evil HeartWhisperwind-US185Not updated
24ßläçkßétty Evil HeartWhisperwind-US181
25Deddnite Evil HeartWhisperwind-US177
26Cojull Evil HeartWhisperwind-US169
27Érika Evil HeartWhisperwind-US162Not updated
28Ironkut Evil HeartWhisperwind-US160Not updated
28Chiharu Evil HeartWhisperwind-US160Not updated
30Nimka Evil HeartWhisperwind-US155
31Katsumi Evil HeartWhisperwind-US154Not updated
32Xhira Evil HeartWhisperwind-US146Not updated
33Moonian Evil HeartWhisperwind-US145
34Zaren Evil HeartWhisperwind-US138
34Chigarion Evil HeartWhisperwind-US138Not updated
36Azuki Evil HeartWhisperwind-US126Not updated
37Humphace Evil HeartWhisperwind-US119
37Cheyennerose Evil HeartWhisperwind-US119Not updated
39Gounter Evil HeartWhisperwind-US112
40Sorarayne Evil HeartWhisperwind-US110
41Tacosoup Evil HeartWhisperwind-US108Not updated
42Lickmytotems Evil HeartWhisperwind-US104
43Justaregmage Evil HeartWhisperwind-US102Not updated
44Optic Evil HeartWhisperwind-US100
45Badwithbows Evil HeartWhisperwind-US93
46Avelinne Evil HeartWhisperwind-US85
47Fentall Evil HeartWhisperwind-US84Not updated
48Marche Evil HeartWhisperwind-US79
49Shaoxlynn Evil HeartWhisperwind-US71
50Tolgrim Evil HeartWhisperwind-US68
51Adacel Evil HeartWhisperwind-US67
51Vulgar Evil HeartWhisperwind-US67
53Vîvän Evil HeartWhisperwind-US63
53Gartok Evil HeartWhisperwind-US63
55Bonitä Evil HeartWhisperwind-US61
56Zurra Evil HeartWhisperwind-US56Not updated
57Shiftsticks Evil HeartWhisperwind-US55Not updated
58Bricklol Evil HeartWhisperwind-US54
58Notinthemood Evil HeartWhisperwind-US54
60Spontanèous Evil HeartWhisperwind-US52
61Whoneedzwepz Evil HeartWhisperwind-US51
62Prídé Evil HeartWhisperwind-US49Not updated
63Hellfiretwo Evil HeartWhisperwind-US44Not updated
64Tandrelinia Evil HeartWhisperwind-US39
64Knoxperro Evil HeartWhisperwind-US39
64Colorfulmind Evil HeartWhisperwind-US39Not updated
67Norincka Evil HeartWhisperwind-US38Not updated
68Toxrar Evil HeartWhisperwind-US37Not updated
69Scrotburg Evil HeartWhisperwind-US35
70Felith Evil HeartWhisperwind-US32
71Faceboss Evil HeartWhisperwind-US31
72Bëâst Evil HeartWhisperwind-US29
73Lliilliillii Evil HeartWhisperwind-US28
74Incarnatez Evil HeartWhisperwind-US26Not updated
75Dotlockndrop Evil HeartWhisperwind-US25Not updated
75Skylari Evil HeartWhisperwind-US25Not updated
77Razulu Evil HeartWhisperwind-US22Not updated
78Bleaklock Evil HeartWhisperwind-US20Not updated
79Bralla Evil HeartWhisperwind-US18
79Sveltebovine Evil HeartWhisperwind-US18Not updated
81Tenleÿ Evil HeartWhisperwind-US17Not updated
82Wallåce Evil HeartWhisperwind-US13Not updated
83Runmil Evil HeartWhisperwind-US12
84Olaruu Evil HeartWhisperwind-US8
85Stickyicky Evil HeartWhisperwind-US1
86Calypsølar Evil HeartWhisperwind-US0
86Demetér Evil HeartWhisperwind-US0
86Amorst Evil HeartWhisperwind-US0

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