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Draenor-EU Unique Pets
1Skrotdu Almost SkilledDraenor-EU477
2Sagaro Almost SkilledDraenor-EU468
3Calithiliel Almost SkilledDraenor-EU420
4Avengia Almost SkilledDraenor-EU417
5Micael Almost SkilledDraenor-EU379
6Lurvpöse Almost SkilledDraenor-EU361Not updated
7Bolanas Almost SkilledDraenor-EU340Not updated
8Littleeye Almost SkilledDraenor-EU288Not updated
9Groggvonholk Almost SkilledDraenor-EU285
10Flumm Almost SkilledDraenor-EU279Not updated
11Nagoo Almost SkilledDraenor-EU274
12Sandalén Almost SkilledDraenor-EU240
13Azika Almost SkilledDraenor-EU234
14Hahita Almost SkilledDraenor-EU228
15Wassup Almost SkilledDraenor-EU222Not updated
16Dragmira Almost SkilledDraenor-EU221Not updated
17Gondalug Almost SkilledDraenor-EU205Not updated
18Ethulu Almost SkilledDraenor-EU190
19Sykbryt Almost SkilledDraenor-EU176Not updated
20Sooloo Almost SkilledDraenor-EU168
21Máría Almost SkilledDraenor-EU163
22Donnydivine Almost SkilledDraenor-EU162
23Xynthas Almost SkilledDraenor-EU158
24Dirtý Almost SkilledDraenor-EU157
25Goatbuster Almost SkilledDraenor-EU155Not updated
26Chiriro Almost SkilledDraenor-EU147Not updated
27Starksprit Almost SkilledDraenor-EU142
28Awesometusk Almost SkilledDraenor-EU138Not updated
29Cuddlee Almost SkilledDraenor-EU132Not updated
30Ihasarice Almost SkilledDraenor-EU130
30Cereon Almost SkilledDraenor-EU130
32Roka Almost SkilledDraenor-EU128
33Rhayna Almost SkilledDraenor-EU123Not updated
33Vorx Almost SkilledDraenor-EU123Not updated
35Thomas Almost SkilledDraenor-EU120Not updated
36Yoik Almost SkilledDraenor-EU115
36Saxel Almost SkilledDraenor-EU115Not updated
38Naijah Almost SkilledDraenor-EU112
38Bassnectar Almost SkilledDraenor-EU112Not updated
40Garzogg Almost SkilledDraenor-EU109Not updated
41Thunderhòóf Almost SkilledDraenor-EU105
42Queeter Almost SkilledDraenor-EU104
42Leatris Almost SkilledDraenor-EU104Not updated
44Dromgar Almost SkilledDraenor-EU101
45Nohit Almost SkilledDraenor-EU92Not updated
46Sweetlight Almost SkilledDraenor-EU88
47Zataria Almost SkilledDraenor-EU87
48Islingr Almost SkilledDraenor-EU86
48Gormoth Almost SkilledDraenor-EU86
50Foulish Almost SkilledDraenor-EU83
51Bazòóka Almost SkilledDraenor-EU82
52Narujin Almost SkilledDraenor-EU79
52Isebelle Almost SkilledDraenor-EU79
52Cosuna Almost SkilledDraenor-EU79Not updated
55Slodes Almost SkilledDraenor-EU77
56Pyroxen Almost SkilledDraenor-EU76Not updated
56Qvarts Almost SkilledDraenor-EU76Not updated
56Smoothié Almost SkilledDraenor-EU76Not updated
59Carpé Almost SkilledDraenor-EU75
60Wyrtanos Almost SkilledDraenor-EU72Not updated
61Diivorced Almost SkilledDraenor-EU71
61Cynîcal Almost SkilledDraenor-EU71
61Markler Almost SkilledDraenor-EU71Not updated
61Holycurves Almost SkilledDraenor-EU71
61Alolton Almost SkilledDraenor-EU71Not updated
66Tasken Almost SkilledDraenor-EU70Not updated
67Pandkaka Almost SkilledDraenor-EU69Not updated
68Ðips Almost SkilledDraenor-EU68
68Hizz Almost SkilledDraenor-EU68Not updated
70Guttz Almost SkilledDraenor-EU67
70Nefeltari Almost SkilledDraenor-EU67Not updated
72Calur Almost SkilledDraenor-EU65
72Målla Almost SkilledDraenor-EU65Not updated
74Overachiever Almost SkilledDraenor-EU64
75Valfreja Almost SkilledDraenor-EU62Not updated
76Lorto Almost SkilledDraenor-EU60
76Dimaal Almost SkilledDraenor-EU60
78Erun Almost SkilledDraenor-EU59
79Omegatype Almost SkilledDraenor-EU58
80Caracara Almost SkilledDraenor-EU57
80Ledaren Almost SkilledDraenor-EU57
82Paziwa Almost SkilledDraenor-EU56Not updated
83Déragý Almost SkilledDraenor-EU55Not updated
84Zanaa Almost SkilledDraenor-EU53
85Starzinger Almost SkilledDraenor-EU52Not updated
86Yamete Almost SkilledDraenor-EU51
87Infart Almost SkilledDraenor-EU49Not updated
87Hytus Almost SkilledDraenor-EU49Not updated
89Relkon Almost SkilledDraenor-EU48Not updated
90Madrelar Almost SkilledDraenor-EU47
90Fiffis Almost SkilledDraenor-EU47
90Himelthel Almost SkilledDraenor-EU47Not updated
93Eastberg Almost SkilledDraenor-EU44
93Redr Almost SkilledDraenor-EU44Not updated
95Shìk Almost SkilledDraenor-EU43
96Slaskig Almost SkilledDraenor-EU42
96Velnia Almost SkilledDraenor-EU42
96Zimzun Almost SkilledDraenor-EU42Not updated
99Razerg Almost SkilledDraenor-EU41
100Healarific Almost SkilledDraenor-EU40

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