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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Xavius-EU Boss Kills
1Kakmonstret Deus Ex MachinaXavius-EU283625655401
2Veressa Harsh GenerationXavius-EU43769225298
3Micháél Deus Ex MachinaXavius-EU311616434759
4Dreá Deus Ex MachinaXavius-EU252113453866
5Cascoo As ExpectedXavius-EU33744703844Not updated
6Evilsamigina Deus Ex MachinaXavius-EU257912153794
7Berzerkvladî  Xavius-EU241311943607Not updated
8Talrashaa  Xavius-EU248810233511Not updated
9Xiie DynamicXavius-EU236410693433
10Neitoperho Deus Ex MachinaXavius-EU24938853378
11Aava DynamicXavius-EU25058163321
12Aeríz Darnassian SentinelsXavius-EU200412853289Not updated
13Silverz  Xavius-EU217311033276Not updated
14Tristien Deus Ex MachinaXavius-EU191513253240Not updated
15Tij DynamicXavius-EU209810633161
16Nagareboshii Deus Ex MachinaXavius-EU24346803114Not updated
17Jameroz Deus Ex MachinaXavius-EU19729472919Not updated
18Aftonbladet R I S EXavius-EU23505482898Not updated
19Reclusion Deus Ex MachinaXavius-EU184410062850
20Evisscerate  Xavius-EU23534722825Not updated
21Valina Hand of RagnarosXavius-EU23554572812Not updated
22Vanilor Deus Ex MachinaXavius-EU170010252725
22Nyuszee GameSenseXavius-EU20366892725
24Noakei Hunters Of ShadowsXavius-EU21855152700
25Zaelera MethodXavius-EU165210332685Not updated
26Alkash Deus Ex MachinaXavius-EU17469252671
27Lenex  Xavius-EU17928742666Not updated
28Proteck MethodXavius-EU17077482455Not updated
29Kabamaru GameSenseXavius-EU18825712453
30Kafcia GearlessXavius-EU19314822413Not updated
31Slips  Xavius-EU20173782395
32Reluctant Deus Ex MachinaXavius-EU20453202365Not updated
33Ryuurei Deus Ex MachinaXavius-EU19064562362Not updated
34Pirlize  Xavius-EU16736722345Not updated
35Juumi  Xavius-EU17645642328Not updated
36Brainwar GameSenseXavius-EU18524672319
37Bub GameSenseXavius-EU17375592296
38Waraze  Xavius-EU15037152218Not updated
39Maancy MethodXavius-EU109610662162Not updated
40Azenkh RefugeXavius-EU17144252139Not updated
41Villfarelser R I S EXavius-EU16055022107Not updated
41Woozey  Xavius-EU15985092107Not updated
43Saivu Nocturnal FearXavius-EU18732122085Not updated
44Playpal As ExpectedXavius-EU15864502036
44Arjon EpicfabrikenXavius-EU15245122036Not updated
46Vitarg Hunters Of ShadowsXavius-EU18212072028
47Råttanpåttan R I S EXavius-EU15394652004Not updated
48Anarc Organised ConfusionXavius-EU17182641982Not updated
49Drutor  Xavius-EU17472281975Not updated
50Furon  Xavius-EU17302311961Not updated
51Bletia  Xavius-EU16243141938Not updated
52Zanpak Éternal DarknessXavius-EU16223021924
53Wejka GearlessXavius-EU16103131923Not updated
54Acasha R I S EXavius-EU17291811910Not updated
54Vanaras  Xavius-EU14824281910Not updated
56Lesiah AscendedXavius-EU17641071871Not updated
57Zuggie MethodXavius-EU10438111854Not updated
58Gurru GameSenseXavius-EU15023481850
59Skinkmacka Deus Ex MachinaXavius-EU11297171846
60Kizzca GameSenseXavius-EU13844201804
61Kolito  Xavius-EU13434521795Not updated
62Visnu  Xavius-EU15282621790Not updated
63Amnesiac R I S EXavius-EU13684011769Not updated
64Catalin  Xavius-EU14962521748Not updated
65Herbalix GearlessXavius-EU14432951738Not updated
66Éxcess The Leveling AgonyXavius-EU16061141720Not updated
67Ishul EpicfabrikenXavius-EU14352681703Not updated
68Finalstix blood seekersXavius-EU15691271696Not updated
69Jammyshammy Deus Ex MachinaXavius-EU9727171689
70Amentothep Hunters Of ShadowsXavius-EU15091761685
71Calliyo Deus Ex MachinaXavius-EU10216631684
72Stinay  Xavius-EU13123411653Not updated
73Daské Deus Ex MachinaXavius-EU64710031650Not updated
74Palski R I S EXavius-EU14412041645Not updated
75Yodin GearlessXavius-EU14431961639Not updated
76Rhilin SurgeXavius-EU14002291629Not updated
77Kelyco Deus Ex MachinaXavius-EU11684541622Not updated
78Võy EpicfabrikenXavius-EU10036181621Not updated
79Thünderstorm MethodXavius-EU15071101617Not updated
80Zolä  Xavius-EU13232931616Not updated
81Ainathiél  Xavius-EU14401661606Not updated
82Zilias R I S EXavius-EU14311721603Not updated
83Quak Servant Of DeathwingXavius-EU13991921591
84Coolaz GnarlyXavius-EU1497891586
85Zeaker  Xavius-EU13622181580Not updated
86Dannae Deus Ex MachinaXavius-EU14011741575Not updated
87Bekstö  Xavius-EU14461251571Not updated
88Yaksha R I S EXavius-EU12373241561Not updated
89Aniston The Zimmer Frame GangXavius-EU13512041555Not updated
90Antizycle Deus Ex MachinaXavius-EU6219141535
91Vlasara  Xavius-EU13961381534Not updated
92Dreandra Deus Ex MachinaXavius-EU8546661520
93Huujo  Xavius-EU13701481518Not updated
94Wazniak Deus Ex MachinaXavius-EU10294781507
95Sharline As ExpectedXavius-EU1410931503Not updated
96Riyuki  Xavius-EU12772241501Not updated
97Xauron R I S EXavius-EU11123871499Not updated
98Harontas GameSenseXavius-EU13861101496
98Littleroots R I S EXavius-EU10714251496Not updated
100Ghila  Xavius-EU12432471490

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