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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Twisting Nether-EU Boss Kills
1Malicone DesolutionTwisting Nether-EU417428186992Not updated
2Isheria MethodTwisting Nether-EU369927406439Not updated
3Dryades Wipe IncTwisting Nether-EU434317846127Not updated
4Simeoa Buster CallTwisting Nether-EU477211315903Not updated
5Osiris Buster CallTwisting Nether-EU376720105777Not updated
6Sappér Buster CallTwisting Nether-EU426515115776Not updated
7Brbphone CosmosTwisting Nether-EU412716025729Not updated
8Veryan DesolutionTwisting Nether-EU334723465693Not updated
9Glennv SacrilegeTwisting Nether-EU355521225677Not updated
10Fèéli The Next StepTwisting Nether-EU371018315541Not updated
11Infeh MethodTwisting Nether-EU300525265531Not updated
12Huntereric Ex Duris GloriaTwisting Nether-EU425312415494Not updated
13Sturges Dirty HeroesTwisting Nether-EU405314015454Not updated
14Treckie MethodTwisting Nether-EU258728645451Not updated
15Cristían Ancient PropheciesTwisting Nether-EU375616365392Not updated
16Jimdo CATASTROPHETwisting Nether-EU359517835378Not updated
17Firedeathz The Next StepTwisting Nether-EU288722985185Not updated
18Gabzz MethodTwisting Nether-EU305221045156Not updated
19Ayíboan I N T E N TTwisting Nether-EU364514975142Not updated
20Morfeux Licentia ProeliatorTwisting Nether-EU388312545137Not updated
21Oshino InnominatumTwisting Nether-EU376013075067Not updated
22Llothie ApexTwisting Nether-EU269623645060Not updated
23Oriental Archaic OrderTwisting Nether-EU276421564920Not updated
24Kekefini VMTLTwisting Nether-EU327515884863Not updated
25Patcute LibertyTwisting Nether-EU381210434855Not updated
26Mpaltazor InnominatumTwisting Nether-EU369210834775Not updated
27Reah HellbentTwisting Nether-EU38578934750Not updated
28Mahera ExactlyTwisting Nether-EU38468104656Not updated
29Berrek MethodTwisting Nether-EU200426184622Not updated
30Kreps MethodTwisting Nether-EU219524254620Not updated
31Waldon Ancient PropheciesTwisting Nether-EU334812674615Not updated
32Xabok MethodTwisting Nether-EU246221484610Not updated
33Swixy EkstazTwisting Nether-EU342311774600Not updated
34Fênn  Twisting Nether-EU303715404577Not updated
35Orgilion Archaic OrderTwisting Nether-EU301515494564Not updated
36Cutting OvärdaTwisting Nether-EU229222424534Not updated
36Malchediel ApexTwisting Nether-EU245920754534Not updated
38Harshtol TaléntTwisting Nether-EU36618684529Not updated
39Duckadin Ex Duris GloriaTwisting Nether-EU345810674525Not updated
40Zodiiaa Loot IncTwisting Nether-EU329612254521Not updated
41Velorý RenovoTwisting Nether-EU286416384502Not updated
42Melitta  Twisting Nether-EU280616744480Not updated
43Elrondd ANGELSTwisting Nether-EU35758974472Not updated
44Madlax Perfectly SaneTwisting Nether-EU291715474464Not updated
45Mahogany Loot IncTwisting Nether-EU272417264450Not updated
46Nariél E M B R A C ETwisting Nether-EU294115074448Not updated
47Bordomiaouw  Twisting Nether-EU312013194439Not updated
48Murarpus Gutta KruttTwisting Nether-EU288115544435Not updated
49Rogerbrown MethodTwisting Nether-EU219422344428Not updated
50Shaorma Archaic OrderTwisting Nether-EU285615674423Not updated
51Kaidoo  Twisting Nether-EU260217974399Not updated
52Bloodmyre TaléntTwisting Nether-EU312812674395Not updated
53Lioneye RenovoTwisting Nether-EU282715624389Not updated
54Thorzak Magister dixitTwisting Nether-EU334710294376Not updated
55Kyra Forgotten FateTwisting Nether-EU35767944370Not updated
56Noxe MethodTwisting Nether-EU194624174363Not updated
57Zódia  Twisting Nether-EU314912124361Not updated
58Apko MethodTwisting Nether-EU228020704350Not updated
59Copernian InDeXTwisting Nether-EU186324264289Not updated
60Gdubet AtticTwisting Nether-EU278514894274Not updated
61Natacia  Twisting Nether-EU33109614271Not updated
62Khuzdúl DesolutionTwisting Nether-EU285114164267Not updated
63Symerioth RenovoTwisting Nether-EU266615994265Not updated
64Necropush Calamitous IntentTwisting Nether-EU38523884240Not updated
65Viklund MethodTwisting Nether-EU232119084229Not updated
66Rayde BlacklightTwisting Nether-EU309311314224Not updated
67Marex UnforgivenTwisting Nether-EU33858354220Not updated
67Eack MethodTwisting Nether-EU230219184220Not updated
69Legebril DestroyedTwisting Nether-EU33538314184Not updated
70Lamliet The Next StepTwisting Nether-EU287013124182Not updated
71Zapph Buster CallTwisting Nether-EU32569254181Not updated
72Neril VMTLTwisting Nether-EU34417384179Not updated
73Dinutza Twisted ROTwisting Nether-EU263015334163Not updated
74Darklogan Ex Duris GloriaTwisting Nether-EU312410364160Not updated
75Val MethodTwisting Nether-EU211320404153Not updated
76Girlyman ExactlyTwisting Nether-EU31569794135Not updated
77Aralynn Twisted ROTwisting Nether-EU32328984130Not updated
78Eversoris R A M P A G ETwisting Nether-EU33048244128Not updated
79Chuonnasuan Ancient PropheciesTwisting Nether-EU271014154125Not updated
80Monk BlackRavensTwisting Nether-EU291311934106Not updated
81Sngmtokos ApexTwisting Nether-EU276413334097Not updated
82Wazkamuko ClarityTwisting Nether-EU224218474089Not updated
83Baneslap InnominatumTwisting Nether-EU276613164082Not updated
84Cernas ApexTwisting Nether-EU278112994080Not updated
85Soyzan Perfectly SaneTwisting Nether-EU244416344078Not updated
86Snie MethodTwisting Nether-EU209919754074Not updated
87Nefisto RoadkillTwisting Nether-EU31808924072Not updated
88Erys in ConcordiaTwisting Nether-EU33267394065Not updated
89Safiiri FallenNaabsTwisting Nether-EU32558084063Not updated
90Amanita AntipathyTwisting Nether-EU31099534062Not updated
90Obsi InnominatumTwisting Nether-EU272413384062Not updated
92Katkout Players of PahulandTwisting Nether-EU301010394049Not updated
93Hotless IndignatioTwisting Nether-EU205619904046Not updated
94Astraeus ClarityTwisting Nether-EU270513404045Not updated
95Perfecto MethodTwisting Nether-EU198720344021Not updated
96Alexmadsen Buster CallTwisting Nether-EU266613474013Not updated
97Feraless  Twisting Nether-EU286111484009Not updated
98Datafreek SymbioticTwisting Nether-EU32577434000Not updated
99Grevi VMTLTwisting Nether-EU295910313990Not updated
100Jaí HellionTwisting Nether-EU284311423985Not updated

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