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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Twilight's Hammer-EU Boss Kills
1Monoroth SurgeTwilight's Hammer-EU365416505304Not updated
2Zwesil Drastic MeasuresTwilight's Hammer-EU309114304521Not updated
3Soledad Order And ChaosTwilight's Hammer-EU293114174348Not updated
4Namoro SHACTwilight's Hammer-EU314711574304Not updated
5Uchihaitachi Order And ChaosTwilight's Hammer-EU290212974199Not updated
6Uzumaki Order And ChaosTwilight's Hammer-EU285811764034Not updated
7Luminary SurgeTwilight's Hammer-EU296010644024Not updated
8Tarífëfalas SurgeTwilight's Hammer-EU226917354004Not updated
9Salamance Order And ChaosTwilight's Hammer-EU290310613964Not updated
10Unoveran COMANDOSTwilight's Hammer-EU31487713919Not updated
11Tourniquet  Twilight's Hammer-EU28609693829Not updated
12Deceived Lunatic AsylumTwilight's Hammer-EU273610673803Not updated
13Thaliria Order And ChaosTwilight's Hammer-EU28258553680Not updated
14Riqs DepravedTwilight's Hammer-EU246212033665Not updated
15Rockafella SurgeTwilight's Hammer-EU204415113555Not updated
16Mani  Twilight's Hammer-EU29055553460Not updated
17Trolderikz Eternal OverwatchTwilight's Hammer-EU28166043420Not updated
18Harikari Order Of Gul danTwilight's Hammer-EU29724443416Not updated
19Tofu SHACTwilight's Hammer-EU239610123408Not updated
20Tars Drastic MeasuresTwilight's Hammer-EU24589383396Not updated
21Duni  Twilight's Hammer-EU27965663362Not updated
22Gigle FleetwoodTwilight's Hammer-EU25408063346Not updated
23Gabs  Twilight's Hammer-EU27525733325Not updated
24Tebby Order Of Gul danTwilight's Hammer-EU24818273308Not updated
25Zïne The TemptedTwilight's Hammer-EU23149603274Not updated
26Heafstaag SurgeTwilight's Hammer-EU193613293265Not updated
27Icchie ConceptTwilight's Hammer-EU25226923214Not updated
28Kharum  Twilight's Hammer-EU192812423170Not updated
29Gpshadowborn Order And ChaosTwilight's Hammer-EU200911493158Not updated
30Vorador Order And ChaosTwilight's Hammer-EU21589893147Not updated
31Gnosky ReapersTwilight's Hammer-EU27164093125Not updated
32Damasc The CouncilTwilight's Hammer-EU23657563121Not updated
33Dajoke The TemptedTwilight's Hammer-EU25016183119Not updated
34Glenvar SHACTwilight's Hammer-EU24486633111Not updated
35Preó SHACTwilight's Hammer-EU21839243107Not updated
36Marvadi The TemptedTwilight's Hammer-EU23427593101Not updated
37Amurai Guilty as SinTwilight's Hammer-EU23057613066Not updated
38Sagarts  Twilight's Hammer-EU200610353041Not updated
39Yiaz The TemptedTwilight's Hammer-EU198210583040Not updated
40Much Eternal OverwatchTwilight's Hammer-EU25684573025Not updated
41Nirë MistbornTwilight's Hammer-EU23256993024Not updated
42Rottingsins Dirty MindsTwilight's Hammer-EU21638603023Not updated
43Mysticum  Twilight's Hammer-EU24505653015Not updated
44Anansiè  Twilight's Hammer-EU23975942991Not updated
45Descarte  Twilight's Hammer-EU24205692989Not updated
46Wfftw Circle of NerzhulTwilight's Hammer-EU23146522966Not updated
47Elimbers InfernumTwilight's Hammer-EU23895752964Not updated
48Ilion The CouncilTwilight's Hammer-EU23406212961Not updated
49Terragelida MistbornTwilight's Hammer-EU23915692960Not updated
50Romi  Twilight's Hammer-EU26043422946Not updated
51Æshilh DrivenTwilight's Hammer-EU20668732939Not updated
52Vaile SHACTwilight's Hammer-EU22666712937Not updated
53Zietha ReapersTwilight's Hammer-EU24994312930Not updated
53Cattriona SHACTwilight's Hammer-EU21517792930Not updated
55Dragén Shadow of the Last OrderTwilight's Hammer-EU27451592904Not updated
56Inszomnia SalemTwilight's Hammer-EU22806192899Not updated
57Shamancaster Order Of Gul danTwilight's Hammer-EU20458512896Not updated
58Fernado Cylon RulesTwilight's Hammer-EU23435512894Not updated
59Blythe Two TentsTwilight's Hammer-EU26162532869Not updated
60Serinde Circle of NerzhulTwilight's Hammer-EU23045622866Not updated
61Ilvada SurgeTwilight's Hammer-EU21107512861Not updated
62Zoggor SHACTwilight's Hammer-EU21836472830Not updated
63Shimrra NeverÐiezTwilight's Hammer-EU19468782824Not updated
64Disbeliever ReapersTwilight's Hammer-EU23544632817Not updated
65Timmad SurgeTwilight's Hammer-EU150012752775Not updated
66Zuragur Chillers IncTwilight's Hammer-EU20407122752Not updated
67Lythos The TemptedTwilight's Hammer-EU18359072742Not updated
68Järl Circle of NerzhulTwilight's Hammer-EU21555862741Not updated
69Greenbutcher SalemTwilight's Hammer-EU17609762736Not updated
70Mâhluk  Twilight's Hammer-EU19278062733Not updated
71Seisen FleetwoodTwilight's Hammer-EU20266982724Not updated
72Syrile SalemTwilight's Hammer-EU167310462719Not updated
73Nosforato The CouncilTwilight's Hammer-EU22554622717Not updated
74Dicon Order Of Gul danTwilight's Hammer-EU20596552714Not updated
75Eliese I Crit My PantsTwilight's Hammer-EU25381592697Not updated
76Ihsan Dirty MindsTwilight's Hammer-EU21345482682Not updated
77Infamous Circle of NerzhulTwilight's Hammer-EU21245542678Not updated
78Zómby OriginTwilight's Hammer-EU20076602667Not updated
79Pcixovgaltis Order And ChaosTwilight's Hammer-EU152711372664Not updated
79Nikye SurgeTwilight's Hammer-EU142512392664Not updated
81Lizandria ConceptTwilight's Hammer-EU21045532657Not updated
82Lacta Cylon RulesTwilight's Hammer-EU20166252641Not updated
83Lightguided Order And ChaosTwilight's Hammer-EU20955302625Not updated
84Insanebull  Twilight's Hammer-EU19556612616Not updated
85Leshrack SHACTwilight's Hammer-EU18957182613Not updated
86Xeer FleetwoodTwilight's Hammer-EU18187872605Not updated
87Wratch AkvavitTwilight's Hammer-EU20245752599Not updated
87Darkkzoth OriginTwilight's Hammer-EU158510142599Not updated
89Heliaxx SalemTwilight's Hammer-EU144911492598Not updated
90Diomache Order Of Gul danTwilight's Hammer-EU19975802577Not updated
91Talento TZOULIA ALEXANDRATOYTwilight's Hammer-EU19446322576Not updated
92Psichraimos SHACTwilight's Hammer-EU20355302565Not updated
93Immortal SalemTwilight's Hammer-EU146410972561Not updated
94Idisappear SHACTwilight's Hammer-EU20315012532Not updated
95Mornìe Circle of NerzhulTwilight's Hammer-EU16748512525Not updated
96Gorlom  Twilight's Hammer-EU21953252520Not updated
96Saturnina SorrowTwilight's Hammer-EU23152052520Not updated
96Anamoly Dirty MindsTwilight's Hammer-EU137011502520Not updated
96Safyrha The BeastroTwilight's Hammer-EU18017192520Not updated
100Druidwig Eternal OverwatchTwilight's Hammer-EU23281902518Not updated

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