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Thunderhorn-EU Boss Kills
1Bunnylover The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU16471241771
2Dallandra The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU15101071617
3Maïfmoondove The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU13601571517
4Swell The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU14031021505
5Lizztrix The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU7703101080
6Hady The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU948841032
7Cerara The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU908961004Not updated
8Azelyn The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU772128900Not updated
9Bird The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU80333836Not updated
10Yarblockos The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU72965794
11Haines The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU72919748
12Pantomime The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU63776713
13Krazh The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU67816694Not updated
14Startrix The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU62934663
15Jehoel The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU55572627Not updated
16Ethena The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU46373536Not updated
17Ryfor The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU48115496Not updated
18Meantriker The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU47610486
19Yarbull The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU36758425
19Shishya The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU312113425
21Phantomime The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU4000400
22Semyza The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU34352395
23Arentha The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU3807387Not updated
24Hypnotree The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU3780378
25Razzelle The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU34914363
26Stormflood The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU28972361
27Plaagmeester The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU3534357Not updated
28Biotica The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU3000300Not updated
29Stormleaf The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU26416280Not updated
30Mayasan The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU21357270
31Alicy The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU2618269
32Lorell The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU21248260Not updated
33Chanmarshall The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU24810258
34Annien The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU2411242
35Vortigan The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU2400240Not updated
36Shielyn The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU20531236
37Lavatar The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU16370233
38Zanbo The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU2262228
39Moylock The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU2032205Not updated
40Sundaysangel The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU16636202
41Naoshi The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU14156197
42Razziel The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU1867193
43Ironwîll The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU16413177Not updated
44Ironwíll The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU1722174Not updated
45Fizzlepop The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU1730173Not updated
46Lalumni The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU1700170
47Alysanne The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU12829157
47Mnms The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU1570157Not updated
49Ewocat The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU1431144
49Oradi The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU11925144Not updated
51Aïcesnowmane The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU13011141
52Nevelheks The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU11019129Not updated
52Cadhunt The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU9633129
54Jesub The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU9929128
55Razzent The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU11313126
56Villemo The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU1250125Not updated
57Lilliorigga The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU11211123
58Araya The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU1200120
58Remna The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU1200120Not updated
60Vivere The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU8729116
61Chïller The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU1130113
61Smite The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU1130113Not updated
63Magnolia The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU1072109Not updated
64Stormsteel The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU1060106Not updated
65Crube The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU752499
66Indé The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU851297
67Aozoar The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU553893
68Furrybunny The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU91091
68Breaca The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU91091
70Uzh The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU84084Not updated
71Gundor The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU711283
71Nehmi The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU81283Not updated
73Aslar The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU82082Not updated
74Wolluis The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU621375Not updated
75Naelana The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU72173
76Todd The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU71071
77Pjharvey The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU69170
78Triumvirate The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU69069Not updated
79Qassem The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU63568
80Arzosah The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU63063
80Gelumagica The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU63063Not updated
82Stormilocks The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU60060
83Aslary The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU55055
84Radegund The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU54054
85Ewolin The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU52052
85Amiveria The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU52052
87Dioria The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU51051Not updated
87Snâgburz The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU51051
89Kikujiro The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU50050
90Yarblade The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU49049
91Yarbles The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU47047
92Merodda The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU46046
92Coolhuntard The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU46046
94Fenur The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU45045
94Mslouise The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU261945Not updated
94Siiyámá The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU45045
94Lysara The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU45045Not updated
98Mistel The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU44044Not updated
99Sadáuk The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU311243
100Juliuscaesar The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU41142

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