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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Thunderhorn-EU Boss Kills
1Gajdzin The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU30267083734Not updated
2Ellgar The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU17864182204Not updated
3Denebalgedi The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU16105372147Not updated
4Maboriel The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU16693422011Not updated
5Corleonis The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU13426121954Not updated
6Enarmain The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU13283491677Not updated
7Oriel The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU12103321542Not updated
8Alyssra The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU8574211278Not updated
9Poldecák The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU8122971109Not updated
10Lapadinka The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU9751271102Not updated
11Bodas The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU8692061075Not updated
12Awasi The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU89165956Not updated
13Øck The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU687261948Not updated
14Oldcrow The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU454222676Not updated
15Wurgi The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU57688664Not updated
16Stará The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU56288650Not updated
17Alrein The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU423212635Not updated
18Huricaner The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU474147621Not updated
19Ceerviela The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU502106608Not updated
20Mateset The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU55833591Not updated
21Proty The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU50981590Not updated
22Armaghios The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU5617568Not updated
23Kacoper The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU441119560Not updated
24Radler The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU47039509Not updated
25Enarr The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU43670506Not updated
26Prytank The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU48320503Not updated
27Klaticka The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU45742499Not updated
28Pandrlák The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU341149490Not updated
29Doprovod The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU43032462Not updated
30Schyza The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU36960429Not updated
31Bhaalinecka The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU35764421Not updated
32Pobehlica The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU33857395Not updated
33Imogine The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU37914393Not updated
34Saifa The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU30569374Not updated
35Trínia The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU31157368Not updated
36Sussie The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU32935364Not updated
36Ceerviel The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU223141364Not updated
38Neznamaxx The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU32535360Not updated
39Enarona The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU32914343Not updated
40Zorzanus The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU217122339Not updated
41Wolfire The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU3020302Not updated
42Yseara The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU27618294Not updated
43Xenocidus The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU26523288Not updated
44Krtson The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU26619285Not updated
45Verdantine The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU158122280Not updated
46Wolfajs The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU25112263Not updated
47Astrixia The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU16296258Not updated
48Enarin The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU24014254Not updated
49Cordraconis The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU99143242Not updated
50Pasi The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU2326238Not updated
51Divicia The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU18255237Not updated
51Fogg The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU21225237Not updated
53Atelerix The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU22412236Not updated
54Artifax The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU14481225Not updated
55Xuen The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU11893211Not updated
55Amariell The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU13873211Not updated
57Luciféria The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU90115205Not updated
58Legatus The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU1961197Not updated
59Poistka The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU1932195Not updated
59Ceera The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU15342195Not updated
61Kregka The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU18112193Not updated
62Sadika The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU15026176Not updated
63Kornélia The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU15210162Not updated
64Wakayama The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU1455150Not updated
65Oldcrown The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU12620146Not updated
66Shoeníca The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU7768145Not updated
66Bludistak The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU1450145Not updated
68Kuvik The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU1348142Not updated
69Qeros The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU10536141Not updated
70Grayfang The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU12316139Not updated
71Felixa The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU1380138Not updated
72Terrá The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU1340134Not updated
73Sargok The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU1290129Not updated
74Mannimarco The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU1270127Not updated
75Mory The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU9129120Not updated
76Aulëm The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU1105115Not updated
77Buldozér The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU6054114Not updated
78Rionvin The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU7135106Not updated
79Inaeni The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU1004104Not updated
80Lexaurin The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU6340103Not updated
81Sandallopez The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU98098Not updated
82Mellisandra The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU89190Not updated
83Duriswina The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU87289Not updated
84Máánicka The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU86086Not updated
84Rojko The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU671986Not updated
84Leithian The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU701686Not updated
87Mikeezz The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU84084Not updated
88Smoras The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU71475Not updated
88Tzontemoc The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU57075Not updated
88Honzis The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU581775Not updated
88Panoramiks The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU75075Not updated
88Istaria The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU75075Not updated
93Aibagawa The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU631174Not updated
94Smudl The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU70272Not updated
95Stormtank The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU69069Not updated
96Hasilo The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU432366Not updated
97Natrhpanda The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU65065Not updated
98Jestarek The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU491362Not updated
99Thrylania The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU60161Not updated
100Agranor The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU54559Not updated

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