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Thrall-US Boss Kills
1Ariexus Dark IntentionsThrall-US1271291300Not updated
2Mornlieth Dark IntentionsThrall-US64019659Not updated
3Solârus Dark IntentionsThrall-US51152563Not updated
4Nodoze Dark IntentionsThrall-US5197526Not updated
5Gitsum Dark IntentionsThrall-US49513508Not updated
6Funbuns Dark IntentionsThrall-US4782480Not updated
7Rathrdashing Dark IntentionsThrall-US45010460Not updated
8Knobull Dark IntentionsThrall-US3582360Not updated
9Milkfed Dark IntentionsThrall-US3430343Not updated
10Bamboozeled Dark IntentionsThrall-US1250125Not updated
11Myookinface Dark IntentionsThrall-US1220122Not updated
12Junó Dark IntentionsThrall-US1094113Not updated
13Klasic Dark IntentionsThrall-US1051106
14Arieanus Dark IntentionsThrall-US1040104Not updated
15Fuzzybunnies Dark IntentionsThrall-US78078Not updated
16Funs Dark IntentionsThrall-US60060Not updated
17Retributions Dark IntentionsThrall-US58058
18Lyrinn Dark IntentionsThrall-US38846Not updated
19Góldmoon Dark IntentionsThrall-US43043Not updated
20Cesska Dark IntentionsThrall-US40141Not updated
21Roksaw Dark IntentionsThrall-US32032Not updated
21Clamrot Dark IntentionsThrall-US32032Not updated
23Storms Dark IntentionsThrall-US29029Not updated
24Brandoneoñ Dark IntentionsThrall-US20626Not updated
25Gerthorlayne Dark IntentionsThrall-US21324Not updated
26Briiton Dark IntentionsThrall-US21021Not updated
27Shogoth Dark IntentionsThrall-US17017Not updated
28Macdaddygeek Dark IntentionsThrall-US16016Not updated
29Sephryie Dark IntentionsThrall-US14014Not updated
30Srag Dark IntentionsThrall-US9211Not updated
31Funz Dark IntentionsThrall-US10010Not updated
32Leofa Dark IntentionsThrall-US808Not updated
33Provine Dark IntentionsThrall-US707Not updated
34Luchini Dark IntentionsThrall-US505Not updated
34Holynab Dark IntentionsThrall-US505Not updated
36Alkapone Dark IntentionsThrall-US404
36Tutuola Dark IntentionsThrall-US404Not updated
38Downsizing Dark IntentionsThrall-US303Not updated
39Kyrkogrim Dark IntentionsThrall-US202Not updated
40Fèarfactor Dark IntentionsThrall-US101Not updated
40Kaepernick Dark IntentionsThrall-US101
40Claryfray Dark IntentionsThrall-US101Not updated
43Largepotatos Dark IntentionsThrall-US000Not updated
43Giassin Dark IntentionsThrall-US000Not updated
43Domoura Dark IntentionsThrall-US000Not updated
43Cowdaver Dark IntentionsThrall-US000Not updated
43Çypher Dark IntentionsThrall-US000Not updated
43Pingos Dark IntentionsThrall-US000Not updated

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