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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Thrall-EU Boss Kills
1Rainbowrose CookieMonsterzThrall-EU571526128327Not updated
2Meridus DEVICEThrall-EU594520808025Not updated
3Ashleyowlzen NeroThrall-EU433818236161Not updated
4Leger W H FThrall-EU334326425985Not updated
5Draco NeroThrall-EU349023925882Not updated
6Loreda FrequencyThrall-EU326025125772Not updated
7Iskariott KyrillThrall-EU48917865677Not updated
8Suicuique NeroThrall-EU309324915584Not updated
9Ilysh OrcestraThrall-EU381717495566Not updated
10Sakunn Inferno of DarknessThrall-EU48266145440Not updated
11Jägerette Such a ThingThrall-EU343719865423Not updated
11Braxxtan Ashes to AshesThrall-EU435710665423Not updated
13Finaly critical ludersThrall-EU319122295420Not updated
14Miyâ NaitomeaThrall-EU327221255397Not updated
15Salyia W H FThrall-EU304823325380Not updated
16Djeinera ConvocaThrall-EU382615425368Not updated
17Kaendir NaitomeaThrall-EU370016115311Not updated
18Northernlite NeroThrall-EU299822945292Not updated
19Alyciá  Thrall-EU426310015264Not updated
20Muline OrcestraThrall-EU377214345206Not updated
21Anthór OrcestraThrall-EU318820135201Not updated
22Torosashimi Ashes to AshesThrall-EU350716815188Not updated
23Kurø DEVICEThrall-EU42509325182Not updated
24Hated W H FThrall-EU278123375118Not updated
25Shîbby DEVICEThrall-EU394611655111Not updated
26Odiv Two and a half MainThrall-EU375713295086Not updated
27Jedimike NaitomeaThrall-EU277922995078Not updated
28Seltax PredictedThrall-EU368513915076Not updated
29Tungárd NaitomeaThrall-EU342715414968Not updated
30Eilantha W H FThrall-EU326316734936Not updated
31Nightmárré senseThrall-EU348114424923Not updated
32Udi Such a ThingThrall-EU332415864910Not updated
33Ilunaya NaitomeaThrall-EU265621774833Not updated
34Carvøn corruptedThrall-EU344413864830Not updated
35Narikô PressureThrall-EU41316834814Not updated
36Kuhuh W H FThrall-EU306817444812Not updated
37Tul GOOFYSQUADThrall-EU297118344805Not updated
38Avadakedavra ConvocaThrall-EU311516814796Not updated
39Vizia FrequencyThrall-EU262221534775Not updated
40Sheireen NeroThrall-EU252122484769Not updated
41Sybien NaitomeaThrall-EU299517474742Not updated
42Zarâ NeroThrall-EU268720444731Not updated
43Trixes Two and a half MainThrall-EU288118434724Not updated
44Xookie NeroThrall-EU327714104687Not updated
45Luciferò TephraThrall-EU357510914666Not updated
46Heador Such a ThingThrall-EU365910044663Not updated
47Wiwoawahi NaitomeaThrall-EU268619654651Not updated
48Nedaya Tor ins FegefeuerThrall-EU36499774626Not updated
49Loran FrequencyThrall-EU254220744616Not updated
50Edu S E a FThrall-EU354610624608Not updated
51Torklan FrequencyThrall-EU253120534584Not updated
52Darkanio NaitomeaThrall-EU264319294572Not updated
53Héyjay W H FThrall-EU296515794544Not updated
54Dariosus FrequencyThrall-EU232322054528Not updated
55Tríxsí DEVICEThrall-EU283016774507Not updated
56Vyr OrcestraThrall-EU261118464457Not updated
57Sîllent Gremio de ExitoThrall-EU37866684454Not updated
58Guljin W H FThrall-EU226021824442Not updated
59Zoyl W H FThrall-EU285715814438Not updated
60Pândora Hell RatsThrall-EU298914454434Not updated
61Naahmah is wetThrall-EU266917504419Not updated
62Aberdon In ExtremuhThrall-EU328311244407Not updated
63Línora Drakkar NoirThrall-EU300213954397Not updated
64Lillehoff PeremptorThrall-EU322411554379Not updated
65Lisera critical ludersThrall-EU324011254365Not updated
66Battlehorst Such a ThingThrall-EU302913234352Not updated
67Cerana Inferno of DarknessThrall-EU33769634339Not updated
68Celawe  Thrall-EU326010784338Not updated
68Fâmous Drakkar NoirThrall-EU285014884338Not updated
70Skÿlÿ  Thrall-EU309712204317Not updated
71Sixkiller ExidiumThrall-EU269816004298Not updated
72Howaru PredictedThrall-EU299712984295Not updated
73Minoka Warum bistn jetz soThrall-EU316511184283Not updated
74Highlander FrequencyThrall-EU204122404281Not updated
75Dúdas NachttöterThrall-EU35807004280Not updated
76Belilly W H FThrall-EU213621354271Not updated
77Néevo critical ludersThrall-EU255417144268Not updated
78Ihaze Two and a half MainThrall-EU288113834264Not updated
79Zahíra Boons UnitedThrall-EU36446194263Not updated
80Acuryou DEVICEThrall-EU34518074258Not updated
81Teliana KyrillThrall-EU37075504257Not updated
82Mahkah Sweet and EasyThrall-EU36955554250Not updated
83Minara critical ludersThrall-EU182524034228Not updated
84Allisiana TouchThrall-EU297212554227Not updated
85Zerie NeroThrall-EU196822514219Not updated
86Shinoraz W H FThrall-EU239518124207Not updated
87Syri NaitomeaThrall-EU316410334197Not updated
88Anniroc W H FThrall-EU281513524167Not updated
89Pantheropis NaitomeaThrall-EU270214594161Not updated
90Greecon ExidiumThrall-EU265514944149Not updated
91Blackstár Aspektum MortisThrall-EU301211254137Not updated
92Drêmox critical ludersThrall-EU293911874126Not updated
93Innolia STORMThrall-EU33108044114Not updated
94Jaelle Drakkar NoirThrall-EU290811864094Not updated
94Yusuria Drakkar NoirThrall-EU32828124094Not updated
96Visinas NaitomeaThrall-EU286912244093Not updated
97Jessalol  Thrall-EU32178674084Not updated
98Shantáy  Thrall-EU32178654082Not updated
98Shantá  Thrall-EU32178654082Not updated
100Bearricade W H FThrall-EU188521754060Not updated

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