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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Terenas-US Boss Kills
1Belmaris Opera non VerbaTerenas-US44919935484Not updated
2Khayde Opera non VerbaTerenas-US41819665147Not updated
3Balst Opera non VerbaTerenas-US306510004065Not updated
4Pharune Opera non VerbaTerenas-US32048304034Not updated
5Swamprabbit Opera non VerbaTerenas-US32497554004Not updated
6Tinypriest Opera non VerbaTerenas-US29999663965Not updated
7Faeliana  Terenas-US33615893950Not updated
8Chuutriit Zombie Ant UprisingTerenas-US31856783863Not updated
9Lysi Gnome RavagersTerenas-US33684573825Not updated
10Webin Opera non VerbaTerenas-US29168353751Not updated
11Temajin  Terenas-US29687733741Not updated
12Aquaten The UnresolvedTerenas-US28077373544Not updated
13Shamadros Keepers of the DuskTerenas-US31104003510Not updated
14Biggersteve The UnresolvedTerenas-US211912373356Not updated
15Zeno SkyShatterTerenas-US26726633335Not updated
16Bacura SkyShatterTerenas-US29254083333Not updated
17Vargen Gladius de DeusTerenas-US28844233307Not updated
18Dragondeath  Terenas-US26865473233Not updated
19Lothrik The UnresolvedTerenas-US146616663132Not updated
20Roto The UnresolvedTerenas-US25935063099Not updated
21Moomilk SkyShatterTerenas-US21879093096Not updated
22Beelzbub The UnresolvedTerenas-US27972423039Not updated
23Misheala Gnome RavagersTerenas-US23895342923Not updated
24Starscreamer Gnome RavagersTerenas-US24914012892Not updated
25Tuggin Gnome RavagersTerenas-US20977932890Not updated
26Kaizen Gnome RavagersTerenas-US21507362886Not updated
27Crystotheny Opera non VerbaTerenas-US25133702883Not updated
28Yourwöwisfat Crimson RetributionTerenas-US23724652837Not updated
29Jadinbhatin SkyShatterTerenas-US18729622834Not updated
30Ibew Gladius de DeusTerenas-US25223052827Not updated
31Missmarsha No Gold For YouTerenas-US25822432825Not updated
32Kaitelyn SkyShatterTerenas-US21596292788Not updated
33Salena FateTerenas-US25492302779Not updated
34Volden Surgeon Generals WarningTerenas-US21935692762Not updated
35Rala Stehlen LifeTerenas-US23813432724Not updated
36Darsen Surgeon Generals WarningTerenas-US22494552704Not updated
37Nahjaera Overlords of JusticeTerenas-US21805022682Not updated
38Diacono Keepers of the DuskTerenas-US24152652680Not updated
39Glaur The UnresolvedTerenas-US22873432630Not updated
39Dominatus Opera non VerbaTerenas-US21015292630Not updated
41Emah Opera non VerbaTerenas-US22093212530Not updated
42Vladise Honey BadgersTerenas-US20714382509Not updated
43Maxiimus LegendTerenas-US20284402468Not updated
44Amielissa Zombie Ant UprisingTerenas-US19525052457Not updated
45Jasmind FateTerenas-US21572952452Not updated
46Miloughah Opera non VerbaTerenas-US22242242448Not updated
47Deathveil LegendTerenas-US19434942437Not updated
47Tehproofter SkyShatterTerenas-US20783592437Not updated
49Sumi FateTerenas-US20254082433Not updated
50Falalalala Dire LegionTerenas-US19334562389Not updated
51Crucius Keepers of the DuskTerenas-US22381492387Not updated
52Trancegemini Politically IncorrectTerenas-US21831912374Not updated
53Leibowitz Gladius de DeusTerenas-US20293252354Not updated
54Purponic  Terenas-US20333152348Not updated
55Druvendetta  Terenas-US19573862343Not updated
56Arishye VendettaTerenas-US18215132334Not updated
57Smearoff Lights RaidersTerenas-US21032192322Not updated
58Tehlien Opera non VerbaTerenas-US20592612320Not updated
59Moniz Very RespectfulTerenas-US17485702318Not updated
60Philosofist Gnome RavagersTerenas-US19593452304Not updated
61Shazbat Opera non VerbaTerenas-US21031902293Not updated
62Taintedcure Honey BadgersTerenas-US19673112278Not updated
63Kunillia Order of the GoatTerenas-US20442212265Not updated
64Flexmetallo Order of the GoatTerenas-US20082322240Not updated
65Elaarixaa Lights RaidersTerenas-US20931382231Not updated
66Moonlilly Gladius de DeusTerenas-US2133972230Not updated
67Shaddaí  Terenas-US20531742227Not updated
68Darla Lights RaidersTerenas-US20471762223Not updated
69Bluestrike Eternal KeggersTerenas-US20811352216Not updated
70Holyjoe Opera non VerbaTerenas-US16625102172Not updated
71Eldrik Opera non VerbaTerenas-US18003712171Not updated
72Tomselleck  Terenas-US19572102167Not updated
73Malachi Stehlen LifeTerenas-US18822692151Not updated
74Bedal The Might of StormwindTerenas-US19931562149Not updated
75Thorodian Lights RaidersTerenas-US19272132140Not updated
76Ahur The Touch Of ChaosTerenas-US19991392138Not updated
77Osmos Eternal KeggersTerenas-US19631692132Not updated
78Geldorff Gladius de DeusTerenas-US19731542127Not updated
79Orione  Terenas-US19931312124Not updated
80Wardancer Thats How We RollTerenas-US19941262120Not updated
81Darkglacier Upside DownTerenas-US17713412112Not updated
82Siouxsi  Terenas-US15585502108Not updated
83Blueflu Victoria non PraedaTerenas-US19711252096Not updated
84Kirstin Gnome RavagersTerenas-US19551382093Not updated
85Sealedfate SavagesTerenas-US18901992089Not updated
86Yinx Gentlemen and ScholarsTerenas-US17503382088Not updated
87Brokendream Gladius de DeusTerenas-US18772042081Not updated
88Ograskygazer Gnome RavagersTerenas-US17972732070Not updated
89ßitesize  Terenas-US12198352054Not updated
90Falonn Order of the RavenTerenas-US18921502042Not updated
90Manedefender  Terenas-US19331092042Not updated
92Veryhot Surgeon Generals WarningTerenas-US19281122040Not updated
93Darksim Really Bad PlayersTerenas-US16963422038Not updated
94Linh Victoria non PraedaTerenas-US19091232032Not updated
94Krzys Syndicate of LightTerenas-US16663662032Not updated
96Darrex FateTerenas-US1927892016Not updated
97Kysandra No Gold For YouTerenas-US18321802012Not updated
98Nahuy Gnome RavagersTerenas-US18631462009Not updated
99Enlighteness JustifiedTerenas-US18171832000Not updated
100Kamilah No Gold For YouTerenas-US16803101990Not updated

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