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Terenas-EU Boss Kills
1Abyss Dies IraeTerenas-EU21514412592Not updated
2Demitrius Dies IraeTerenas-EU21523652517Not updated
3Hountini Dies IraeTerenas-EU14994981997Not updated
4Pokmatiil Dies IraeTerenas-EU16362381874Not updated
5Faiakas Dies IraeTerenas-EU15762951871Not updated
6Papaloot Dies IraeTerenas-EU10832521335Not updated
7Dikastis Dies IraeTerenas-EU10771031180
8Arathia Dies IraeTerenas-EU8601431003Not updated
9Agiosswtiras Dies IraeTerenas-EU844120964
10Kittana Dies IraeTerenas-EU841100941Not updated
11Rokkan Dies IraeTerenas-EU78980869Not updated
12Snowgoon Dies IraeTerenas-EU658205863Not updated
13Shamanaras Dies IraeTerenas-EU83119850Not updated
14Mahboulis Dies IraeTerenas-EU665133798Not updated
15Mahbí Dies IraeTerenas-EU74526771Not updated
16Perceas Dies IraeTerenas-EU610156766Not updated
17Grathgor Dies IraeTerenas-EU611139750
18Murdof Dies IraeTerenas-EU65169720
19Bladekeeper Dies IraeTerenas-EU66517682Not updated
20Nimroel Dies IraeTerenas-EU62652678
21Elizar Dies IraeTerenas-EU60146647Not updated
22Mayarsá Dies IraeTerenas-EU59226618Not updated
23Galini Dies IraeTerenas-EU476126602
24Drec Dies IraeTerenas-EU55921580Not updated
25Mennace Dies IraeTerenas-EU45122473Not updated
25Morderkaiser Dies IraeTerenas-EU45617473Not updated
27Omgamage Dies IraeTerenas-EU36726393
28Agiosmage Dies IraeTerenas-EU36410374
29Bearmaner Dies IraeTerenas-EU30434338Not updated
30Califa Dies IraeTerenas-EU24153294Not updated
31Anouck Dies IraeTerenas-EU26424288Not updated
31Alleta Dies IraeTerenas-EU23355288
33Syncro Dies IraeTerenas-EU25620276Not updated
34Valach Dies IraeTerenas-EU25618274Not updated
35Obaka Dies IraeTerenas-EU21552267Not updated
36Kataskrofa Dies IraeTerenas-EU24615261Not updated
37Xaron Dies IraeTerenas-EU21933252Not updated
38Argune Dies IraeTerenas-EU2402242Not updated
39Maeron Dies IraeTerenas-EU20727234
40Kofteros Dies IraeTerenas-EU2198227Not updated
41Magigirl Dies IraeTerenas-EU20710217Not updated
42Zedicus Dies IraeTerenas-EU18415199Not updated
43Heelium Dies IraeTerenas-EU1892191Not updated
44Zabrikevits Dies IraeTerenas-EU1871188
45Ble Dies IraeTerenas-EU1773180Not updated
46Sotoss Dies IraeTerenas-EU14820168Not updated
47Firemangr Dies IraeTerenas-EU1524156
48Nixtan Dies IraeTerenas-EU1513154
49Tafos Dies IraeTerenas-EU1510151Not updated
50Portgas Dies IraeTerenas-EU13512147Not updated
51Lightshaper Dies IraeTerenas-EU1323135Not updated
52Bullficks Dies IraeTerenas-EU9818116Not updated
53Culis Dies IraeTerenas-EU9019109Not updated
54Karakoko Dies IraeTerenas-EU91091Not updated
55Lionor Dies IraeTerenas-EU503484Not updated
56Makprod Dies IraeTerenas-EU641882Not updated
57Tubedsound Dies IraeTerenas-EU78078Not updated
57Monachos Dies IraeTerenas-EU70878
59Cholymelan Dies IraeTerenas-EU71475Not updated
60Ipoliti Dies IraeTerenas-EU442266Not updated
60Roxani Dies IraeTerenas-EU61566Not updated
62Xatzintamos Dies IraeTerenas-EU531265
63Delphis Dies IraeTerenas-EU54357Not updated
64Dendrillion Dies IraeTerenas-EU43851Not updated
64Hotshotgg Dies IraeTerenas-EU272451Not updated
66Unizia Dies IraeTerenas-EU50050Not updated
67Jiná Dies IraeTerenas-EU42749Not updated
68Kodraplakelf Dies IraeTerenas-EU43043Not updated
69Gloien Dies IraeTerenas-EU42042Not updated
69Disappeared Dies IraeTerenas-EU42042Not updated
71Zoumpitsa Dies IraeTerenas-EU41041Not updated
71Ezzio Dies IraeTerenas-EU39241Not updated
73Dreamily Dies IraeTerenas-EU261339Not updated
74Arawor Dies IraeTerenas-EU38038Not updated
75Fervour Dies IraeTerenas-EU211637Not updated
76Falaridis Dies IraeTerenas-EU221335Not updated
77Kouroukos Dies IraeTerenas-EU34034Not updated
78Bogulina Dies IraeTerenas-EU27128Not updated
79Ivayla Dies IraeTerenas-EU42226
80Demitria Dies IraeTerenas-EU25025Not updated
80Loca Dies IraeTerenas-EU25025Not updated
82Lyxa Dies IraeTerenas-EU23023Not updated
83Ainion Dies IraeTerenas-EU22022Not updated
83Broderick Dies IraeTerenas-EU22022Not updated
85Rockan Dies IraeTerenas-EU21021Not updated
85Samad Dies IraeTerenas-EU15621
87Nostalion Dies IraeTerenas-EU20020Not updated
88Funmage Dies IraeTerenas-EU18018Not updated
88Arriana Dies IraeTerenas-EU18018Not updated
90Ledyn Dies IraeTerenas-EU15015Not updated
90Pigakaina Dies IraeTerenas-EU15015
92Zakùra Dies IraeTerenas-EU14014
92Afterlight Dies IraeTerenas-EU12214Not updated
94Cutedevil Dies IraeTerenas-EU11112Not updated
95Eleyond Dies IraeTerenas-EU11011
95Lolék Dies IraeTerenas-EU11011Not updated
97Comethalley Dies IraeTerenas-EU10010Not updated
97Kandas Dies IraeTerenas-EU10010Not updated
99Lunan Dies IraeTerenas-EU909Not updated
99Omgahuntress Dies IraeTerenas-EU909

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