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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Temple noir-EU Boss Kills
1Mortädelle All Star ArenaTemple noir-EU230910713380Not updated
2Sleepylol  Temple noir-EU26776803357Not updated
3Vratt CrépuscüleTemple noir-EU24187983216Not updated
4Eskraubar MilleniumTemple noir-EU170112322933Not updated
5Zønzøn  Temple noir-EU25641522716Not updated
6Lînaya Ginkgo BilobaTemple noir-EU18838162699Not updated
7Nezz Bum BurnerTemple noir-EU22552632518Not updated
8Oyuban  Temple noir-EU20423202362Not updated
9Luminøsa EndorphineTemple noir-EU18214512272Not updated
10Típs Ginkgo BilobaTemple noir-EU16305372167Not updated
11Ditsav Ginkgo BilobaTemple noir-EU13897732162Not updated
12Azulol THX CAPTAIN OBVIOUSTemple noir-EU16175092126Not updated
13Slokan MilleniumTemple noir-EU15605212081Not updated
14Måd Ginkgo BilobaTemple noir-EU15185542072Not updated
15Zolthán Ginkgo BilobaTemple noir-EU17443022046Not updated
16Roklan énigmaTemple noir-EU18072302037Not updated
17Kamâhl MilleniumTemple noir-EU15004811981Not updated
18Sayou Ginkgo BilobaTemple noir-EU13166321948Not updated
19Siskâ MilleniumTemple noir-EU14774701947Not updated
20Kirce EndorphineTemple noir-EU14934471940Not updated
21Arawek Bonus LevelingTemple noir-EU10748151889Not updated
22Swãy  Temple noir-EU14823611843Not updated
23Radhya  Temple noir-EU15812131794Not updated
24Kårgåm Ginkgo BilobaTemple noir-EU13514411792Not updated
25Zanfoo Ginkgo BilobaTemple noir-EU12025891791Not updated
26Leanna Ginkgo BilobaTemple noir-EU15692181787Not updated
27Kruggy Ginkgo BilobaTemple noir-EU15801521732Not updated
28Jarrive Ginkgo BilobaTemple noir-EU13963071703Not updated
29Alfuss NemesysTemple noir-EU14721831655Not updated
30Jåhmåsh énigmaTemple noir-EU14611881649Not updated
31Axony  Temple noir-EU12263951621Not updated
32Elinna Ginkgo BilobaTemple noir-EU12323551587Not updated
33Vagrantstor énigmaTemple noir-EU1456901546Not updated
34Mijean les dragons noirsTemple noir-EU14271161543Not updated
35Laënne Lord of WârTemple noir-EU13062281534Not updated
36Merciphee  Temple noir-EU12223071529Not updated
37Elvenn HonorTemple noir-EU12073031510Not updated
38Hatakë VoVTemple noir-EU12752201495Not updated
39Neïna Ginkgo BilobaTemple noir-EU11203691489Not updated
40Zlantar Ginkgo BilobaTemple noir-EU1378971475Not updated
41Aymzz  Temple noir-EU13281351463Not updated
42Sâtanike  Temple noir-EU1400611461Not updated
43Keikokü  Temple noir-EU12711771448Not updated
43Adrénalium  Temple noir-EU12571911448Not updated
45Jounasta Elite des SpartiatesTemple noir-EU11262891415Not updated
46Niwalad  Temple noir-EU11342631397Not updated
47Räøul  Temple noir-EU1285981383Not updated
48Razah  Temple noir-EU1284981382Not updated
49Killukgrim  Temple noir-EU12531131366Not updated
50Tonfa  Temple noir-EU12501091359Not updated
51Kyouaku CrépuscüleTemple noir-EU9483981346Not updated
52Lyzïe  Temple noir-EU12011441345Not updated
53Annalesca  Temple noir-EU11322061338Not updated
54Furanki les dragons noirsTemple noir-EU1253761329Not updated
55Ashellïa Ginkgo BilobaTemple noir-EU9513631314Not updated
56Aubry énigmaTemple noir-EU11851261311Not updated
57Sedokho Kîllers mäde în wøWTemple noir-EU10192771296Not updated
58Multypass  Temple noir-EU1223701293Not updated
59Hex Ginkgo BilobaTemple noir-EU9862941280Not updated
60Euthopïa Faucheurs d AmesTemple noir-EU10871921279Not updated
61Zlant Ginkgo BilobaTemple noir-EU8694061275Not updated
62Hakumi ElendílTemple noir-EU10122551267Not updated
63Taurmi CrépuscüleTemple noir-EU8464181264Not updated
64Codexthedark La ZenattitudeTemple noir-EU10841781262Not updated
65Tomyli La ZenattitudeTemple noir-EU10701901260Not updated
66Gïo  Temple noir-EU10641901254Not updated
67Thélina  Temple noir-EU10472051252Not updated
68Eppex  Temple noir-EU9023461248Not updated
69Torodelidia  Temple noir-EU9692711240Not updated
70Ragnarøk  Temple noir-EU9892451234Not updated
71Nadys énigmaTemple noir-EU1154751229Not updated
72Kléio MilleniumTemple noir-EU10501701220Not updated
73Xanthos Faucheurs d AmesTemple noir-EU10741421216Not updated
74Bøulettes Crazy MürlocTemple noir-EU10901111201Not updated
75Marsgames  Temple noir-EU9972021199Not updated
76Maxuzumaki MAITRES DE LEGENDESTemple noir-EU10011891190Not updated
77Chamyskull Ginkgo BilobaTemple noir-EU10101781188Not updated
78Poliäköv Exalté ANPETemple noir-EU9522181170Not updated
79Slivo Ginkgo BilobaTemple noir-EU10361281164Not updated
80Sardo  Temple noir-EU8942671161Not updated
81Døøko  Temple noir-EU1120401160Not updated
82Taurosor  Temple noir-EU10021571159Not updated
83Drakounette  Temple noir-EU9771701147Not updated
84Diaspowette Ginkgo BilobaTemple noir-EU7264191145Not updated
84Matachi Faucheurs d AmesTemple noir-EU9871581145Not updated
86Tärâ Ginkgo BilobaTemple noir-EU8023411143Not updated
87Mardav énigmaTemple noir-EU1064761140Not updated
88Nazghül order of NecronomiconTemple noir-EU9272091136Not updated
89Sherley MAITRES DE LEGENDESTemple noir-EU9561691125Not updated
90Spøntex  Temple noir-EU9841191103Not updated
91Våchette Ginkgo BilobaTemple noir-EU9191831102Not updated
92Ðamour Faucheurs d AmesTemple noir-EU9871111098Not updated
93Meuhmeuhle Ginkgo BilobaTemple noir-EU7623271089Not updated
94Hult Les infernalesTemple noir-EU1027481075Not updated
95Nihilä Ginkgo BilobaTemple noir-EU7473161063Not updated
96Angoùra The Owned PropertyTemple noir-EU7712861057Not updated
97Belzelorc Lord of WârTemple noir-EU9101311041Not updated
98Côlman Bum Burner IITemple noir-EU8741661040Not updated
99Rades énigmaTemple noir-EU962761038Not updated
99Lostmagic welcome to friendlyTemple noir-EU8971411038Not updated

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