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Sylvanas-EU Boss Kills
1Xíó Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU438525026887
2Hellspinner Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU360323635966
3Comfort Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU366421695833
4Cybersoul Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU325120585309
5Tìgertank Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU339717625159
6Smoothy Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU313718705007
7Alixana Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU271821734891
8Vegi Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU260522704875
9Heartlessx Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU269820084706
10Sikoly Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU255918924451
11Ceithern Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU218319724155Not updated
12Deadlama Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU264713864033Not updated
13Strage Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU253614323968
14Neekko Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU233515093844
15Abby Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU244113443785
16Brory Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU224414923736
17Razzoc Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU233213793711
18Sylví Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU205816383696
19Chrýs Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU151317793292
20Nikae Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU194313133256Not updated
21Ruga Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU204312093252
22Aronian Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU21364572593Not updated
23Arionixia Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU106014292489
24Lpx Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU120112662467
25Tayenon Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU117012962466
26Estergon Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU18685052373
27Lorelaine Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU16526782330Not updated
28Zarakiteque Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU15877282315Not updated
29Selvian Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU11319492080Not updated
30Klynk Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU96010952055
31Digistive Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU16942881982Not updated
32Shockita Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU12476991946
33Teambrain Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU11037381841Not updated
34Knasihue Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU14923391831
35Kerrigan Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU11486701818
36Comfy Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU13374201757
37Crowley Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU12045341738
38Nakot Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU13344011735Not updated
39Amourane Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU14912341725
40Thete Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU8368281664
41Butterzz Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU12084201628
42Rids Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU8736941567
43Safin Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU12612711532
44Jooyeon Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU10464661512Not updated
45Sphexxqt Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU7967131509
46Pavaa Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU12542411495
47Unroba Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU9815081489
48Jeaníce Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU11473391486
49Carcrusher Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU13301471477
50Insómnio Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU11413291470
51Presistente Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU11003631463
52Krowkíe Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU9445101454
53Tobina Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU12961291425Not updated
53Kaelia Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU11652601425
55Qea Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU7296881417
56Djßestkrizze Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU5538611414
57Megafail Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU4409291369
58Kãtheria Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU5248411365
59Prory Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU3818951276
60Zerpy Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU11251301255
61Kriksus Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU9293051234
62Denatsu Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU6884871175
63Nîro Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU8842811165
64Sixtywat Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU5825741156Not updated
65Zebroxen Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU9262221148
66Shinobí Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU5226111133
67Sláac Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU989871076
68Styloo Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU5784671045
69Berlinia Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU5235141037
70Qkatarabota Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU7552591014
71Artima Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU8751251000Not updated
72Cyberghoul Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU744247991
73Darlynx Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU867111978Not updated
74Dathamay Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU88684970
75Abbhee Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU849105954Not updated
76Cômfy Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU804118922
77Shamh Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU792123915
78Bagietka Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU80995904Not updated
79Cathyl Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU86531896Not updated
80Adamskí Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU558292850
81Stocka Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU697138835Not updated
82Haxitha Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU649183832Not updated
83Oneilliak Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU405422827Not updated
84Flytrap Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU653172825
85Gemînî Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU625199824
86Cyberbeasty Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU679138817
87Pureinsanity Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU558231789
88Salsalplz Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU416371787Not updated
89Shinobì Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU7802782Not updated
90Manbearpìg Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU660117777Not updated
91Dottyparton Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU68193774
92Dretox Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU583158741
93Twistedmind Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU63488722
94Adrianinho Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU394326720
95Ponderi Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU410306716
96Diavolino Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU382330712
97Islanzadí Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU502199701
98Cyberbubbles Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU556132688
99Denoth Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU540102642
100Kjeldors Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU498130628

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