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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Silverwing Hold-TW Boss Kills
1幸福德大萌鳥 Brave VesperiaSilverwing Hold-TW473624987234Not updated
2社會閒雜人員 聯萌Silverwing Hold-TW403222536285Not updated
3彩雲仙子 RAGERSilverwing Hold-TW50599045963Not updated
4安雅娜 自由羽翼Silverwing Hold-TW386619065772Not updated
5雲川夢 黑手團Silverwing Hold-TW427914085687Not updated
6月神泰蘭德 Brave VesperiaSilverwing Hold-TW343419905424Not updated
7雅紗 Brave VesperiaSilverwing Hold-TW338720185405Not updated
8矮不拉雞 黑手團Silverwing Hold-TW364116815322Not updated
9尋願星 HardModeSilverwing Hold-TW370615745280Not updated
10Poussiere HardModeSilverwing Hold-TW289823775275Not updated
11一心冷一 自由羽翼Silverwing Hold-TW310221555257Not updated
12央較  Silverwing Hold-TW375315005253Not updated
13夏依依 NovaSilverwing Hold-TW383513615196Not updated
14木樨 空靈之歌Silverwing Hold-TW364515305175Not updated
15卍卡斯柏卍 NationaL HeHe ChanneLSilverwing Hold-TW409010645154Not updated
16Huginmemory 情繫大地愛繫人間Silverwing Hold-TW329618245120Not updated
17數字哥 銀翼之手Silverwing Hold-TW368213575039Not updated
18嘛嘛嘧呀 黑手團Silverwing Hold-TW289521325027Not updated
19裸奔的狒狒 聯萌Silverwing Hold-TW334616334979Not updated
20源源小寶寶 Blazing AllianceSilverwing Hold-TW311817774895Not updated
21墮天聖印  Silverwing Hold-TW339414694863Not updated
22為你鎖芯 琅琊Silverwing Hold-TW212527324857Not updated
23Randyzit 聯萌Silverwing Hold-TW305917494808Not updated
24Sasankuros 琅琊Silverwing Hold-TW312016694789Not updated
25風花怒濤 eternal freedomSilverwing Hold-TW310316594762Not updated
26燃電 HardModeSilverwing Hold-TW296117504711Not updated
27吸血鬼妖妖 自由羽翼Silverwing Hold-TW342412814705Not updated
28小可欣  Silverwing Hold-TW361410754689Not updated
29Munken  Silverwing Hold-TW333312404573Not updated
30德拉諾之風 OVER THE SEASilverwing Hold-TW310814594567Not updated
31Shyata 黑手團Silverwing Hold-TW294515794524Not updated
32闇黑的亞當 自由羽翼Silverwing Hold-TW313013884518Not updated
33開喜烏龍麵 MADAOSilverwing Hold-TW325512434498Not updated
34薩格拉斯之息 琅琊Silverwing Hold-TW340210864488Not updated
35波羅王之怒 HardModeSilverwing Hold-TW35319524483Not updated
36乂蒼穹乂 Tales Of the FutureSilverwing Hold-TW333911374476Not updated
37紫徹  Silverwing Hold-TW284115814422Not updated
38霹靂貓小文  Silverwing Hold-TW270116794380Not updated
39劍俠 Love Express DeliverySilverwing Hold-TW36217554376Not updated
40七海織風 多情御守會館Silverwing Hold-TW321011634373Not updated
41嫻格格 Brave VesperiaSilverwing Hold-TW307812454323Not updated
42安莉娜 月之作Silverwing Hold-TW284814494297Not updated
43極光伊甸 The SecondSilverwing Hold-TW222620544280Not updated
44米露璐 NationaL HeHe ChanneLSilverwing Hold-TW33399334272Not updated
45壯哉我大白鯊 ST OlympiaSilverwing Hold-TW306311594222Not updated
46Margarita 自由羽翼Silverwing Hold-TW246217444206Not updated
47翡月淡殤 Blazing AllianceSilverwing Hold-TW280313954198Not updated
48紫依迷戀 HardModeSilverwing Hold-TW253816524190Not updated
49德拉諾之月 OVER THE SEASilverwing Hold-TW300411684172Not updated
50貓多力 黑手團Silverwing Hold-TW277913854164Not updated
51Anndonisus  Silverwing Hold-TW254116164157Not updated
52月夜變狼人 月之作Silverwing Hold-TW295911864145Not updated
53莞香 兄 弟Silverwing Hold-TW293712024139Not updated
54冰之星痕  Silverwing Hold-TW298511514136Not updated
55飛驅鳥頑馱無 塞納留斯議會Silverwing Hold-TW33617734134Not updated
56Ouvertrue Sweet HeartSilverwing Hold-TW309710264123Not updated
57千頌尹 琅琊Silverwing Hold-TW286912504119Not updated
58Eldruin Brave VesperiaSilverwing Hold-TW279913194118Not updated
59阿蘭貝爾 remember the nameSilverwing Hold-TW278213334115Not updated
60綾小路真理 Brave VesperiaSilverwing Hold-TW249716034100Not updated
61明鏡缺 HardModeSilverwing Hold-TW233917534092Not updated
61波士塔夫 HardModeSilverwing Hold-TW226218304092Not updated
63塞勒留斯 幕府Silverwing Hold-TW283812434081Not updated
64飛爵 Silver LiningSSilverwing Hold-TW275513014056Not updated
65忽蘭舍音 黑手團Silverwing Hold-TW253015164046Not updated
66雷夫爾 痲瘋地精協會Silverwing Hold-TW34985304028Not updated
67薩其瑪 多情御守會館Silverwing Hold-TW292410984022Not updated
68亮閃閃 小動物保護協會第二分會Silverwing Hold-TW242615924018Not updated
69迪博斯特 在艾澤拉斯的中心呼喚囧Silverwing Hold-TW31268914017Not updated
70白色鳶娓 聯萌Silverwing Hold-TW289511064001Not updated
71紫色救護車 月之作Silverwing Hold-TW295510393994Not updated
72Lovely Blazing AllianceSilverwing Hold-TW29979863983Not updated
73艾克薩爾 Angel EyesSilverwing Hold-TW275712213978Not updated
73太昊伏羲 浮生浪跡笑明月 千愁散盡一劍輕Silverwing Hold-TW32806983978Not updated
75護光者歐文 兄 弟Silverwing Hold-TW269812783976Not updated
76雨隱小南 黑手團Silverwing Hold-TW218517813966Not updated
77灰叼 黑手團Silverwing Hold-TW214118223963Not updated
78慕容傲雪 Angel EyesSilverwing Hold-TW256313963959Not updated
79戀戀瀦 Brave VesperiaSilverwing Hold-TW221617313947Not updated
80欣之所向  Silverwing Hold-TW286510683933Not updated
81原聆聽 夜巡者Silverwing Hold-TW243714873924Not updated
82破太陽 Memory CorridorSilverwing Hold-TW30139073920Not updated
83星小光 幕府Silverwing Hold-TW238415153899Not updated
84依芙芙 破曉之時Silverwing Hold-TW224816463894Not updated
85拜格 Sweet HeartSilverwing Hold-TW31767123888Not updated
86夏悅 傲魂Silverwing Hold-TW269011913881Not updated
87銀狼天魔 銀翼之手Silverwing Hold-TW231515553870Not updated
88夏日的落葉  Silverwing Hold-TW30358283863Not updated
89劍起風塵 兄 弟Silverwing Hold-TW252913073836Not updated
90炮姐的安全褲 聯萌Silverwing Hold-TW215916733832Not updated
91逍遙獨醉 兄 弟Silverwing Hold-TW230915223831Not updated
92Mole 巴黎公社Silverwing Hold-TW28409853825Not updated
93榮耀之平凡 暴風之獅Silverwing Hold-TW31376863823Not updated
94斐小狸 Memory CorridorSilverwing Hold-TW262511893814Not updated
95雨如 世界盡頭的小酒館Silverwing Hold-TW255312493802Not updated
96飛星傳恨 溫馨小窩Silverwing Hold-TW277910213800Not updated
97囧丌鬼火 極地黑幫Silverwing Hold-TW31486373785Not updated
98暗夜唯美 黑手團Silverwing Hold-TW235814233781Not updated
99Pcyche  Silverwing Hold-TW28828983780Not updated
100五道槓 Brave VesperiaSilverwing Hold-TW28039763779Not updated

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