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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Shattered Hand-EU Boss Kills
1Wárchief Ancient NationShattered Hand-EU498517626747Not updated
2Spurgú KalmankaartiShattered Hand-EU452614445970Not updated
3Truggen FadedShattered Hand-EU439910855484Not updated
4Wiklet  Shattered Hand-EU322617294955Not updated
5Emil VictusShattered Hand-EU329716314928Not updated
6Habaneró KalmankaartiShattered Hand-EU337514684843Not updated
7Ikati  Shattered Hand-EU339413854779Not updated
8Calard No LogicShattered Hand-EU265820064664Not updated
9Imblueomg No LogicShattered Hand-EU298715624549Not updated
10Zephsxl PracticeShattered Hand-EU260818034411Not updated
11Razecog FatSharkYesShattered Hand-EU259717984395Not updated
12Meleena KalmankaartiShattered Hand-EU266017334393Not updated
13Mythak DC klubbenShattered Hand-EU309412284322Not updated
14Furial No LogicShattered Hand-EU258217394321Not updated
15Elfish No RegretsShattered Hand-EU304612734319Not updated
16Ceomao E V OShattered Hand-EU212620774203Not updated
17Rynekz PracticeShattered Hand-EU253716134150Not updated
18Nawky VictusShattered Hand-EU261614954111Not updated
19Tizu FatSharkYesShattered Hand-EU258415234107Not updated
20Fasin  Shattered Hand-EU32878094096Not updated
21Skunkworker VictusShattered Hand-EU272013714091Not updated
22Angelofblood Order Of The HammerShattered Hand-EU31368844020Not updated
23Jakken VictusShattered Hand-EU241715874004Not updated
24Plaxiz PracticeShattered Hand-EU248614583944Not updated
25Veryalive SPELShattered Hand-EU277910693848Not updated
26Mírian UpnorthShattered Hand-EU29279133840Not updated
27Alexke  Shattered Hand-EU239714403837Not updated
28Escaflown Roadlake PvPShattered Hand-EU189918923791Not updated
29Xenaké VictusShattered Hand-EU202917583787Not updated
30Unícore No LogicShattered Hand-EU238113523733Not updated
31Ellizia FatSharkYesShattered Hand-EU223714793716Not updated
32Keltsi KalmankaartiShattered Hand-EU27048953599Not updated
33Syz SPELShattered Hand-EU26019883589Not updated
34Fearsome Order Of The HammerShattered Hand-EU27138503563Not updated
35Ryléi  Shattered Hand-EU251210383550Not updated
36Doel Order Of The HammerShattered Hand-EU28746753549Not updated
37Excalibar dios sovereigntyShattered Hand-EU230312323535Not updated
38Oxikodon Mental DisorderShattered Hand-EU27357913526Not updated
39Jezza VictusShattered Hand-EU228012403520Not updated
40Mohira No LogicShattered Hand-EU196115463507Not updated
41Thaname KalmankaartiShattered Hand-EU248510203505Not updated
42Qruzxd  Shattered Hand-EU200714623469Not updated
43Lophis FatSharkYesShattered Hand-EU207313833456Not updated
44Obey ChronicShattered Hand-EU30354033438Not updated
45Brozza IndefiniteShattered Hand-EU25838493432Not updated
46Jonkann PracticeShattered Hand-EU24789323410Not updated
47Ærren VictusShattered Hand-EU180415783382Not updated
48Ghaia D å r a r n aShattered Hand-EU29753883363Not updated
49Iino FatSharkYesShattered Hand-EU201713213338Not updated
50Voora  Shattered Hand-EU215011873337Not updated
51Illvll E V OShattered Hand-EU24239113334Not updated
52Soirx  Shattered Hand-EU211311903303Not updated
53Duba PracticeShattered Hand-EU26046973301Not updated
54Carolíne VictusShattered Hand-EU182414723296Not updated
55Zib  Shattered Hand-EU23239723295Not updated
56Lockmo  Shattered Hand-EU24348553289Not updated
57Semph ViciousShattered Hand-EU28674183285Not updated
58Incatime RoninShattered Hand-EU225110163267Not updated
59Atvida DC klubbenShattered Hand-EU23069483254Not updated
60Górki DC klubbenShattered Hand-EU223210073239Not updated
61Rìku PracticeShattered Hand-EU195812803238Not updated
62Murmeli KalmankaartiShattered Hand-EU221210123224Not updated
62Icenoodle  Shattered Hand-EU24008243224Not updated
64Hukilyou VictusShattered Hand-EU193112923223Not updated
65Enm E V OShattered Hand-EU22219993220Not updated
66Zetsurin No LogicShattered Hand-EU168815233211Not updated
67Embraser LocomotionShattered Hand-EU24896953184Not updated
68Meddek Fury of the EliteShattered Hand-EU26715103181Not updated
69Fraxxie Ancient NationShattered Hand-EU26075653172Not updated
70Customize VictusShattered Hand-EU21959723167Not updated
71Varghe VictusShattered Hand-EU187912793158Not updated
72Ziha SPELShattered Hand-EU214110143155Not updated
73Blacklait E V OShattered Hand-EU193412133147Not updated
74Solwinas PracticeShattered Hand-EU22259213146Not updated
75Niwí  Shattered Hand-EU25855453130Not updated
76Ahya E V OShattered Hand-EU192512023127Not updated
77Modigliani Rich Second GenerationShattered Hand-EU22248923116Not updated
78Cyntrome PracticeShattered Hand-EU147916313110Not updated
79Oseth  Shattered Hand-EU189112113102Not updated
80Goinn No RegretsShattered Hand-EU22028733075Not updated
81Gordon Reality DysfunctionShattered Hand-EU204810203068Not updated
82Nidhogar KalmankaartiShattered Hand-EU205210093061Not updated
83Jinthaiiya No RegretsShattered Hand-EU193111183049Not updated
84Snegarn VictusShattered Hand-EU21029323034Not updated
85Vzéøs ETHERShattered Hand-EU20679573024Not updated
85Proslayér VictusShattered Hand-EU175612683024Not updated
87Totororo E V OShattered Hand-EU21348813015Not updated
88Sonicb No RegretsShattered Hand-EU23726373009Not updated
89Soetblomman ChronicShattered Hand-EU23126812993Not updated
90Leolai  Shattered Hand-EU139315972990Not updated
91Azhtyhx RaptumShattered Hand-EU23935812974Not updated
92Tranbäret VictusShattered Hand-EU193410342968Not updated
93Dissidencexo No LogicShattered Hand-EU137315942967Not updated
94Nwn dios sovereigntyShattered Hand-EU21607722932Not updated
95Stormráger No LogicShattered Hand-EU122017102930Not updated
96Bearclooney  Shattered Hand-EU142614962922Not updated
97Kraftlös RaptumShattered Hand-EU21597602919Not updated
98Marbass VictusShattered Hand-EU23975132910Not updated
99Eradícate ChronicShattered Hand-EU24084972905Not updated
100Dibz VictusShattered Hand-EU152413602884Not updated

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