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Shattered Hand-EU Boss Kills
1Wárchief Ancient NationShattered Hand-EU464214386080Not updated
2Spurgú KalmankaartiShattered Hand-EU431712145531
3Truggen Xelor Gaming TeamShattered Hand-EU431110495360
4Xern  Shattered Hand-EU294819824930
5Emil VictusShattered Hand-EU322314184641
6Wiklet Reality DysfunctionShattered Hand-EU305215604612
7Ikati Reality DysfunctionShattered Hand-EU325913144573
8Reapertile Reality DysfunctionShattered Hand-EU323812154453
9Mythak DC klubbenShattered Hand-EU303112124243
10Imblueomg No LogicShattered Hand-EU282613614187
11Meleena KalmankaartiShattered Hand-EU263515384173
12Furial No LogicShattered Hand-EU253316294162
13Razecog FatSharkYesShattered Hand-EU249916554154
14Wortex VictusShattered Hand-EU233417484082
15Calard No LogicShattered Hand-EU236617004066
16Rynekz PracticeShattered Hand-EU244916054054
17Skunkworker VictusShattered Hand-EU269413154009
18Elfish No RegretsShattered Hand-EU291510823997
19Angelofblood Order Of The HammerShattered Hand-EU29429873929
20Ceomao E V OShattered Hand-EU209518093904
21Tizu FatSharkYesShattered Hand-EU244914163865
22Nawky VictusShattered Hand-EU249213413833
23Jakken VictusShattered Hand-EU240314293832
24Fearsome Order Of The HammerShattered Hand-EU277210013773
25Veryalive SPELShattered Hand-EU27649793743
26Premiûm SPELShattered Hand-EU28848413725
27Plaxiz PracticeShattered Hand-EU237913293708
28Mírian UpnorthShattered Hand-EU28098653674
29Doel Order Of The HammerShattered Hand-EU28428023644
30Escaflown PracticeShattered Hand-EU184417753619
31Xenaké VictusShattered Hand-EU202715903617
32Ellizia FatSharkYesShattered Hand-EU214114563597
33Aeiedil RaptumShattered Hand-EU247310823555Not updated
34Ryléi  Shattered Hand-EU251210383550Not updated
35Mohira No LogicShattered Hand-EU195715373494
36Unícore No LogicShattered Hand-EU233111563487
37Alexke Reality DysfunctionShattered Hand-EU222312633486
38Qruzxd LIMITLESSShattered Hand-EU200514563461
39Keltsi KalmankaartiShattered Hand-EU25768673443
40Jonkann PracticeShattered Hand-EU24759323407
41Excalibar E V OShattered Hand-EU226711013368
42Brozza No RegretsShattered Hand-EU25308363366
42Obey Fury of the EliteShattered Hand-EU29703963366Not updated
44Orphéus SPELShattered Hand-EU27935463339
45Ghaia Xelor Gaming TeamShattered Hand-EU29643623326
46Jezza VictusShattered Hand-EU225910443303
47Zib Mental DisorderShattered Hand-EU23239723295Not updated
48Syziroh SPELShattered Hand-EU24038383241Not updated
49Gouca No LogicShattered Hand-EU192613093235
50Icenoodle E V OShattered Hand-EU24008243224
51Dadovsky Dark AlignmentShattered Hand-EU25067143220Not updated
52Illvll E V OShattered Hand-EU23718413212Not updated
53Górki DC klubbenShattered Hand-EU211410973211
54Rousi E V OShattered Hand-EU24547373191Not updated
55Carolíne VictusShattered Hand-EU181813683186
56Iino FatSharkYesShattered Hand-EU188413013185
57Semph ViciousShattered Hand-EU28043803184
57Embraser LocomotionShattered Hand-EU24896953184
57Incatime DC klubbenShattered Hand-EU22149703184
57Enm E V OShattered Hand-EU21989863184
61Oxikodon Mental DisorderShattered Hand-EU25516203171
62Customize VictusShattered Hand-EU21959723167Not updated
63Murmeli KalmankaartiShattered Hand-EU22099403149
64Hukilyou VictusShattered Hand-EU186612763142Not updated
65Harmony  Shattered Hand-EU22468883134Not updated
66Soirx E V OShattered Hand-EU199611373133
67Niwí ProgressShattered Hand-EU25855453130
68Lophis FatSharkYesShattered Hand-EU188912323121Not updated
69Fasin  Shattered Hand-EU23527463098Not updated
70Ærren VictusShattered Hand-EU173313643097
71Dkyemen E V OShattered Hand-EU207510213096Not updated
72Modigliani Rich Second GenerationShattered Hand-EU21918923083
73Voora No RegretsShattered Hand-EU20969853081
74Rìku PracticeShattered Hand-EU189611743070
75Blacklait E V OShattered Hand-EU193511303065
76Ahya E V OShattered Hand-EU190911523061
77Meddek Fury of the EliteShattered Hand-EU25015593060
78Atvida DC klubbenShattered Hand-EU21049533057
79Lockmo Reality DysfunctionShattered Hand-EU22877673054
80Gordon Reality DysfunctionShattered Hand-EU204210113053
81Zetsurin No LogicShattered Hand-EU168813423030
82Totororo E V OShattered Hand-EU21348813015
83Sonicb No RegretsShattered Hand-EU23706363006
83Jurgmeister FatSharkYesShattered Hand-EU21628443006Not updated
85Varghe VictusShattered Hand-EU187911263005
86Ziha Fan va kulShattered Hand-EU20749012975
87Azhtyhx RaptumShattered Hand-EU23935812974Not updated
88Thaname KalmankaartiShattered Hand-EU22726982970
89Snowydream E V OShattered Hand-EU21697882957Not updated
90Oseth Reality DysfunctionShattered Hand-EU185510872942
91Nwn dios sovereigntyShattered Hand-EU21537722925
92Bearclooney  Shattered Hand-EU142614962922
93Kraftlös RaptumShattered Hand-EU21597602919Not updated
94Goinn No RegretsShattered Hand-EU21847172901
95Leolai Reality DysfunctionShattered Hand-EU138415122896
96Dissidencexo No LogicShattered Hand-EU137114952866
97Eradícate  Shattered Hand-EU23904752865Not updated
98Retbulladin VictusShattered Hand-EU20957692864
99Gagus The BrokenShattered Hand-EU22476152862Not updated
100Narsisca Reality DysfunctionShattered Hand-EU21427182860Not updated

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