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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Rexxar-EU Boss Kills
1Vengir Die IlluminatiRexxar-EU437111025473Not updated
2Meru Da Bloody AllianzzRexxar-EU281513934208Not updated
3Conami Children of EluneRexxar-EU31468513997Not updated
4Avyen GodlikeRexxar-EU31257673892Not updated
5Lýss  Rexxar-EU269211743866Not updated
6Elánor Kämpfer der StürmeRexxar-EU34943643858Not updated
7Haizan GodlikeRexxar-EU30657703835Not updated
8Katanatoá Kämpfer der StürmeRexxar-EU33244913815Not updated
9Horns Ched NasadRexxar-EU32105323742Not updated
10Islaya Forbidden TendenciesRexxar-EU33433873730Not updated
11Fiesergnom Forbidden TendenciesRexxar-EU32804303710Not updated
12Isac Ad RemRexxar-EU28098953704Not updated
13Shyrôn  Rexxar-EU258711123699Not updated
14Thorres Butterfly EffectRexxar-EU30456473692Not updated
15Lii FTWRexxar-EU33193603679Not updated
16Bircan Blood OmenRexxar-EU29007703670Not updated
17Balanil Nordish by NatureRexxar-EU30106483658Not updated
18Nightwiish Ad RemRexxar-EU225813823640Not updated
19Gaxe Kämpfer der StürmeRexxar-EU29925503542Not updated
20Ahkin Die IlluminatiRexxar-EU30204943514Not updated
21Curumbir Siegel der MachtRexxar-EU31233893512Not updated
22Belisar Die IlluminatiRexxar-EU28526393491Not updated
23Avelyne Da Bloody AllianzzRexxar-EU26198663485Not updated
24Bigatrixxl Dunkle VersuchungRexxar-EU32292403469Not updated
25Baelnor Ad RemRexxar-EU26208463466Not updated
26Blásphemer Da Bloody AllianzzRexxar-EU30613843445Not updated
27Adríen Blood OmenRexxar-EU27846513435Not updated
28Sancara Ad RemRexxar-EU29184003318Not updated
29Leomira MidnightRexxar-EU27565433299Not updated
30Utilie Dunkle VersuchungRexxar-EU29732693242Not updated
31Pandonna Kämpfer der StürmeRexxar-EU28213813202Not updated
32Eyla Nordish by NatureRexxar-EU28343643198Not updated
33Deathwîng Die IlluminatiRexxar-EU27534133166Not updated
34Axeena Da Bloody AllianzzRexxar-EU25265633089Not updated
35Lexis InsanéRexxar-EU28622263088Not updated
36Öhrchen Halli Galli AlliRexxar-EU28112753086Not updated
37Miio Children of EluneRexxar-EU25035653068Not updated
38Ethaan Forbidden TendenciesRexxar-EU26823583040Not updated
39Cptnhero Ad RemRexxar-EU21908443034Not updated
40Samânta Ad RemRexxar-EU23117183029Not updated
41Whippy The Angel of HellRexxar-EU23286963024Not updated
42Rêy Siegel der MachtRexxar-EU26713343005Not updated
43Kazeshin Butterfly EffectRexxar-EU20249612985Not updated
44Axess Ad RemRexxar-EU22777032980Not updated
45Joghurt Forbidden TendenciesRexxar-EU25773912968Not updated
46Voro Ched NasadRexxar-EU25544082962Not updated
47Lerosa MidnightRexxar-EU24225342956Not updated
48Curra Ad RemRexxar-EU23995362935Not updated
49Drynai GodlikeRexxar-EU23795352914Not updated
50Fearit Die IlluminatiRexxar-EU24614522913Not updated
51Nuadá La vita è bellaRexxar-EU23375692906Not updated
52Filóu Ad RemRexxar-EU21916662857Not updated
53Eugenion Die IlluminatiRexxar-EU23465102856Not updated
54Firmenielè MidnightRexxar-EU25952502845Not updated
55Frauöhrchen Halli Galli AlliRexxar-EU25303002830Not updated
56Seríal Decisions of TruthRexxar-EU21157142829Not updated
57Starhunter Blood OmenRexxar-EU25802412821Not updated
58Sacrimonia Die IlluminatiRexxar-EU23684482816Not updated
59Villaîne Die IlluminatiRexxar-EU22935152808Not updated
60Drilli Da Bloody AllianzzRexxar-EU22895182807Not updated
61Phobos Die IlluminatiRexxar-EU22765292805Not updated
62Skypex New MetaRexxar-EU24673362803Not updated
63Tanaka UndecidedRexxar-EU23784212799Not updated
64Belva Ad RemRexxar-EU21526172769Not updated
65Reta Decisions of TruthRexxar-EU166611022768Not updated
66Vandate Da Bloody AllianzzRexxar-EU21196432762Not updated
67Tecla DeathlessRexxar-EU21835572740Not updated
68Gwenni Per NoctemRexxar-EU18109112721Not updated
69Shazzam  Rexxar-EU24582492707Not updated
70Asiøna Legenden von ExodarRexxar-EU22734262699Not updated
71Kondas Day WalkerRexxar-EU22694182687Not updated
72Draakor Siegel der MachtRexxar-EU23043782682Not updated
73Daggett MythRexxar-EU20186572675Not updated
74Constructor Day WalkerRexxar-EU21794802659Not updated
75Jonaba UndecidedRexxar-EU22863522638Not updated
76Piret Kämpfer der StürmeRexxar-EU22653562621Not updated
77Celinmarie Da Bloody AllianzzRexxar-EU23482672615Not updated
78Reyala I Portsteinschwalben IRexxar-EU23192922611Not updated
79Destü Per NoctemRexxar-EU19007092609Not updated
80Ertutnix MagicalringRexxar-EU22753332608Not updated
81Catwaezle UndecidedRexxar-EU21744272601Not updated
82Omnia Forbidden TendenciesRexxar-EU22683322600Not updated
83Tysada Tote Kekse krümeln nichtRexxar-EU21054902595Not updated
84Lèáp Mystical EmbraceRexxar-EU19945982592Not updated
85Isuael Herz der FinsternisRexxar-EU23462432589Not updated
86Trümmertante PacifareRexxar-EU23891912580Not updated
87Fru  Rexxar-EU22303482578Not updated
88Sadric GodlikeRexxar-EU21304402570Not updated
88Lightwotan Ad RemRexxar-EU20135572570Not updated
90Bunt Dunkle VersuchungRexxar-EU22932742567Not updated
91Janas Dunkle VersuchungRexxar-EU23392022541Not updated
92Delias Ad RemRexxar-EU21933332526Not updated
93Waranò GodlikeRexxar-EU20444812525Not updated
94Shimada Butterfly EffectRexxar-EU22802432523Not updated
95Inxane Ad RemRexxar-EU19965152511Not updated
96Lokkur Da Bloody AllianzzRexxar-EU21193652484Not updated
97Hôlly Butterfly EffectRexxar-EU20164382454Not updated
98Xêrxus Nordish by NatureRexxar-EU20953452440Not updated
99Pèdi Tiroler FreiheitskämpferRexxar-EU20194142433Not updated
100Priestina DeathlessRexxar-EU18126182430Not updated

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