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Ravencrest-EU Boss Kills
1Rabs Loot FTWRavencrest-EU253912373776
2Korgos Loot FTWRavencrest-EU202414143438
3Kiwi Loot FTWRavencrest-EU209213323424
4Talz Loot FTWRavencrest-EU186911833052Not updated
5Nyantik Loot FTWRavencrest-EU177310692842
6Feidan Loot FTWRavencrest-EU20634332496
7Aisha Loot FTWRavencrest-EU20404242464Not updated
8Nazrm Loot FTWRavencrest-EU15097852294Not updated
9Anthølogy Loot FTWRavencrest-EU13588492207Not updated
10Vrabacy Loot FTWRavencrest-EU14287082136
11Cyosis Loot FTWRavencrest-EU13088042112
12Alphnis Loot FTWRavencrest-EU16152781893Not updated
13Prostii Loot FTWRavencrest-EU13922811673
14Alienne Loot FTWRavencrest-EU12353591594Not updated
15Arthey Loot FTWRavencrest-EU10442901334
16Djuro Loot FTWRavencrest-EU1061891150Not updated
17Devilkíng Loot FTWRavencrest-EU1102381140
18Durwen Loot FTWRavencrest-EU9032201123
19Kazziim Loot FTWRavencrest-EU1041331074Not updated
20Roshji Loot FTWRavencrest-EU93710947Not updated
21Gimmedaball Loot FTWRavencrest-EU682258940
22Colesta Loot FTWRavencrest-EU779126905Not updated
23Parsec Loot FTWRavencrest-EU81137848Not updated
24Chasy Loot FTWRavencrest-EU74180821
25Prostil Loot FTWRavencrest-EU595165760Not updated
26Kiwisan Loot FTWRavencrest-EU65279731Not updated
27Rantanplan Loot FTWRavencrest-EU61710627Not updated
28Nevera Loot FTWRavencrest-EU491102593Not updated
29Corre Loot FTWRavencrest-EU51062572Not updated
30Ravengarr Loot FTWRavencrest-EU239315554
30Trig Loot FTWRavencrest-EU52430554Not updated
32Korgzilla Loot FTWRavencrest-EU206320526Not updated
33Sakui Loot FTWRavencrest-EU295173468Not updated
34Arathain Loot FTWRavencrest-EU40217419Not updated
35Hinamori Loot FTWRavencrest-EU260126386Not updated
36Dragør Loot FTWRavencrest-EU269116385
37Underage Loot FTWRavencrest-EU29280372
38Redzr Loot FTWRavencrest-EU29376369Not updated
39Bloth Loot FTWRavencrest-EU3325337
40Llenko Loot FTWRavencrest-EU145162307
41Colestina Loot FTWRavencrest-EU29013303Not updated
42Sevka Loot FTWRavencrest-EU26636302Not updated
43Rabsmum Loot FTWRavencrest-EU16874242
44Xnarc Loot FTWRavencrest-EU94131225
45Djuka Loot FTWRavencrest-EU18915204Not updated
46Kathryn Loot FTWRavencrest-EU17812190Not updated
46Aýven Loot FTWRavencrest-EU13555190Not updated
48Zarvok Loot FTWRavencrest-EU14433177Not updated
49Smellysocks Loot FTWRavencrest-EU1712173Not updated
50Tsantakias Loot FTWRavencrest-EU12928157Not updated
51Colesa Loot FTWRavencrest-EU1479156Not updated
52Ravengar Loot FTWRavencrest-EU4885133Not updated
53Ayssa Loot FTWRavencrest-EU11215127Not updated
54Rantik Loot FTWRavencrest-EU19102121Not updated
55Slåpåkjefski Loot FTWRavencrest-EU1122114Not updated
56Knirkz Loot FTWRavencrest-EU8624110
57Kheldan Loot FTWRavencrest-EU1060106Not updated
58Cykon Loot FTWRavencrest-EU8218100Not updated
59Lony Loot FTWRavencrest-EU94195
60Kexzim Loot FTWRavencrest-EU80282Not updated
61Svartiè Loot FTWRavencrest-EU72880Not updated
62Vitleopard Loot FTWRavencrest-EU601171Not updated
63Elendel Loot FTWRavencrest-EU63366Not updated
64Nynna Loot FTWRavencrest-EU451863
64Tapzoras Loot FTWRavencrest-EU511263
66Stacy Loot FTWRavencrest-EU60060
67Bethany Loot FTWRavencrest-EU55055Not updated
68Colene Loot FTWRavencrest-EU53053Not updated
69Feidina Loot FTWRavencrest-EU242650
70Bubblehswin Loot FTWRavencrest-EU39847Not updated
71Jumbosausage Loot FTWRavencrest-EU33639Not updated
72Worgosa Loot FTWRavencrest-EU33538Not updated
73Arpmusprime Loot FTWRavencrest-EU271037Not updated
73Ciraxx Loot FTWRavencrest-EU13637
75Sniperlapin Loot FTWRavencrest-EU36036Not updated
75Dollie Loot FTWRavencrest-EU36036Not updated
77Sakuraeo Loot FTWRavencrest-EU26430Not updated
78Aleoj Loot FTWRavencrest-EU28028Not updated
79Hippythehopp Loot FTWRavencrest-EU18624Not updated
80Leetkitty Loot FTWRavencrest-EU81321Not updated
80Brewlee Loot FTWRavencrest-EU15621
82Coleta Loot FTWRavencrest-EU18018Not updated
82Bumblebëe Loot FTWRavencrest-EU18018Not updated
84Leontokardos Loot FTWRavencrest-EU17017Not updated
85Tylia Loot FTWRavencrest-EU16016Not updated
85Yàchiru Loot FTWRavencrest-EU16016Not updated
87Saskurako Loot FTWRavencrest-EU9413Not updated
88Furballapin Loot FTWRavencrest-EU808Not updated
88Lhs Loot FTWRavencrest-EU808Not updated
90Sneakylapin Loot FTWRavencrest-EU707Not updated
91Nerzlol Loot FTWRavencrest-EU606Not updated
92Sakuue Loot FTWRavencrest-EU505Not updated
92Evdokiya Loot FTWRavencrest-EU505Not updated
92Halb Loot FTWRavencrest-EU505Not updated
95Angryflubba Loot FTWRavencrest-EU303Not updated
95Tätsuki Loot FTWRavencrest-EU303Not updated
97Djira Loot FTWRavencrest-EU202Not updated
97Feidana Loot FTWRavencrest-EU202Not updated
99Ravngar Loot FTWRavencrest-EU101Not updated
99Kewkarn Loot FTWRavencrest-EU101Not updated

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