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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Ragnaros-EU Boss Kills
1Arapian Never EasyRagnaros-EU17024032105Not updated
2Zofa Never EasyRagnaros-EU14346212055Not updated
3Klitomis Never EasyRagnaros-EU17272752002Not updated
4Xiers Never EasyRagnaros-EU12527301982Not updated
5Shook Never EasyRagnaros-EU12452831528Not updated
6Alyn Never EasyRagnaros-EU8685561424Not updated
7Mylene Never EasyRagnaros-EU11042901394Not updated
8Treesùs Never EasyRagnaros-EU10502721322Not updated
9Barkie Never EasyRagnaros-EU9903201310Not updated
10Hiom Never EasyRagnaros-EU11191641283Not updated
11Viron Never EasyRagnaros-EU7634881251Not updated
12Exeetor Never EasyRagnaros-EU9183261244Not updated
13Vulvann Never EasyRagnaros-EU1089741163Not updated
14Lätta Never EasyRagnaros-EU8402581098Not updated
15Eimh Never EasyRagnaros-EU7843131097Not updated
16Marcoyolo Never EasyRagnaros-EU8512271078Not updated
17Crzy Never EasyRagnaros-EU8771771054Not updated
18Raggazh Never EasyRagnaros-EU7832401023Not updated
19Giocatrice Never EasyRagnaros-EU601360961Not updated
20Bobthearchon Never EasyRagnaros-EU709179888Not updated
21Líllemor Never EasyRagnaros-EU643225868Not updated
22Battesaj Never EasyRagnaros-EU79847845Not updated
23Olleostbåge Never EasyRagnaros-EU597240837Not updated
24Ziini Never EasyRagnaros-EU684149833Not updated
25Alpíne Never EasyRagnaros-EU559256815Not updated
26Cyàn Never EasyRagnaros-EU71793810Not updated
27Luthias Never EasyRagnaros-EU486304790Not updated
28Ishamas Never EasyRagnaros-EU66677743Not updated
29Zedrood Never EasyRagnaros-EU477220697Not updated
30Asspaín Never EasyRagnaros-EU61086696Not updated
31Dái Never EasyRagnaros-EU507165672Not updated
32Húlkster Never EasyRagnaros-EU356126482Not updated
33Badmojoh Never EasyRagnaros-EU324131455Not updated
34Veeh Never EasyRagnaros-EU232216448Not updated
34Drapes Never EasyRagnaros-EU38959448Not updated
36Milekki Never EasyRagnaros-EU37762439Not updated
37Raketrolf Never EasyRagnaros-EU309110419Not updated
38Guymister Never EasyRagnaros-EU38529414Not updated
39Qubert Never EasyRagnaros-EU27189360Not updated
40Shadowhide Never EasyRagnaros-EU31222334Not updated
41Quarks Never EasyRagnaros-EU28331314Not updated
42Fejlbror Never EasyRagnaros-EU3103313Not updated
43Marucho Never EasyRagnaros-EU26545310Not updated
44Argtrollkarl Never EasyRagnaros-EU172132304Not updated
45Lairm Never EasyRagnaros-EU18785272Not updated
46Mulvi Never EasyRagnaros-EU150117267Not updated
47Áctionhank Never EasyRagnaros-EU20359262Not updated
48Zeí Never EasyRagnaros-EU22832260Not updated
49Mollyx Never EasyRagnaros-EU15799256Not updated
50Sércha Never EasyRagnaros-EU2540254Not updated
51Swagbeast Never EasyRagnaros-EU20746253Not updated
52Senla Never EasyRagnaros-EU20645251Not updated
53Primordus Never EasyRagnaros-EU18953242Not updated
54Gpp Never EasyRagnaros-EU17860238Not updated
55Charwee Never EasyRagnaros-EU2272229Not updated
56Zemage Never EasyRagnaros-EU21116227Not updated
57Pint Never EasyRagnaros-EU16433197Not updated
57Kádaver Never EasyRagnaros-EU1952197Not updated
59Áxwéll Never EasyRagnaros-EU12066186Not updated
60Ovoo Never EasyRagnaros-EU13822160Not updated
61Emh Never EasyRagnaros-EU1536159Not updated
62Lothemia Never EasyRagnaros-EU14710157Not updated
63Milkduds Never EasyRagnaros-EU1420142Not updated
64Stampy Never EasyRagnaros-EU1382140Not updated
64Dotception Never EasyRagnaros-EU1373140Not updated
66Classespider Never EasyRagnaros-EU9242134Not updated
67Sandig Never EasyRagnaros-EU1204124Not updated
68Ohmygurd Never EasyRagnaros-EU6851119Not updated
69Alfius Never EasyRagnaros-EU1162118Not updated
70Rilly Never EasyRagnaros-EU1131114Not updated
70Bigredbear Never EasyRagnaros-EU1059114Not updated
72Beerflak Never EasyRagnaros-EU1130113Not updated
73Insàne Never EasyRagnaros-EU2684110Not updated
74Blazion Never EasyRagnaros-EU8721108Not updated
75Darkleaf Never EasyRagnaros-EU1050105Not updated
76Kalék Never EasyRagnaros-EU994103Not updated
76Traxix Never EasyRagnaros-EU1003103Not updated
78Svulloot Never EasyRagnaros-EU8515100Not updated
79Lindariel Never EasyRagnaros-EU83992Not updated
79Appelstein Never EasyRagnaros-EU702292Not updated
81Deadsies Never EasyRagnaros-EU87087Not updated
82Laxkakan Never EasyRagnaros-EU81586Not updated
82Snusgus Never EasyRagnaros-EU80686Not updated
84Brôx Never EasyRagnaros-EU83285Not updated
85Rugor Never EasyRagnaros-EU75782Not updated
85Millox Never EasyRagnaros-EU592382Not updated
87Foxter Never EasyRagnaros-EU75075Not updated
88Krigeth Never EasyRagnaros-EU73073Not updated
89Grepher Never EasyRagnaros-EU551772Not updated
89Pulchrá Never EasyRagnaros-EU63972Not updated
91Hypercow Never EasyRagnaros-EU68270Not updated
92Dödkött Never EasyRagnaros-EU60969Not updated
92Skyzler Never EasyRagnaros-EU68169Not updated
94Pinecone Never EasyRagnaros-EU64266Not updated
94Snobe Never EasyRagnaros-EU66066Not updated
96Orgrin Never EasyRagnaros-EU58361Not updated
97Peenutt Never EasyRagnaros-EU60060Not updated
98Glÿndwr Never EasyRagnaros-EU55358Not updated
98Svuten Never EasyRagnaros-EU391958Not updated
100Yasinja Never EasyRagnaros-EU51051Not updated

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