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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Proudmoore-US Boss Kills
1Caelynn LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US1159421201Not updated
1Totempounder LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US10931081201Not updated
3Mugsy LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US1138411179Not updated
4Oscardgrouch LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US10291331162Not updated
5Daarkmoon LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US1089681157Not updated
6Åmadeus LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US8871371024Not updated
7Róse LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US80751858Not updated
8Daark LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US74084824Not updated
9Cyeshana LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US7647771Not updated
10Crazylucas LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US629112741Not updated
11Ðakine LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US61854672Not updated
12Helmnauger LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US59549644Not updated
13Damascos LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US6251626Not updated
14Aldeanjr LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US54838586Not updated
15Curtislowe LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US5189527Not updated
16Kumika LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US51012522Not updated
17Stiarine LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US46234496Not updated
18Daarkangel LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US43440474Not updated
19Sparrowwing LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US45022472Not updated
19Graeme LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US45814472Not updated
21Barlie LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US40749456Not updated
22Triianne LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US4476453Not updated
23Kithral LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US39357450Not updated
24Azazial LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US43112443Not updated
25Muchado LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US35782439Not updated
26Tainuigurl LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US40829437Not updated
27Wremn LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US39933432Not updated
28Joemeatballs LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US32061381Not updated
29Desikillz LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US34721368Not updated
30Kulric LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US3436349Not updated
31Bràss LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US32910339Not updated
32Clinttoris LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US30826334Not updated
33Kaeldias LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US3240324Not updated
34Krum LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US28236318Not updated
35Grayworm LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US26548313Not updated
36Shiftz LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US3030303Not updated
37Nani LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US21284296Not updated
38Cysex LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US2920292Not updated
39Shinkickér LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US24230272Not updated
40Taiilon LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US2474251Not updated
41Grneggsnsham LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US22516241Not updated
42Drmoose LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US16458222Not updated
43Anjelus LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US20512217Not updated
44Cuzcø LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US20214216Not updated
45Elethea LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US19910209Not updated
46Rhynne LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US1727179Not updated
47Slysiep LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US1751176Not updated
47Ganker LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US14036176Not updated
49Msjassie LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US1667173Not updated
50Stormyi LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US15113164Not updated
51Feyren LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US13512147Not updated
52Killamanjaro LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US1378145Not updated
53Hcodruid LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US10235137Not updated
53Rickerbucks LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US1352137Not updated
55Shaddowz LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US1257132Not updated
55Arkaine LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US1302132Not updated
57Bruiser LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US1310131Not updated
58Nicoloas LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US8637123Not updated
59Cybears LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US1050105Not updated
60Maifuun LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US1030103Not updated
61Necrolurker LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US94296Not updated
62Kaeldia LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US93093Not updated
63Krazykiller LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US91091Not updated
64Monkinator LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US90090Not updated
65Adventis LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US88189Not updated
65Thodol LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US89089Not updated
67Mouaga LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US691988Not updated
68Kanaloä LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US721385Not updated
69Hawaiifinest LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US72779Not updated
69Shiloc LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US77279Not updated
71Apocolypse LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US492978Not updated
72Dwalín LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US75075Not updated
73Crazycupcake LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US67067Not updated
73Stelenex LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US67067Not updated
75Midgittosser LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US58260Not updated
76Echuta LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US371451Not updated
77Vannelor LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US251944Not updated
78Bowjób LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US43043Not updated
78Ashleyjune LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US43043Not updated
80Paraclese LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US41041Not updated
80Vastelli LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US43741Not updated
82Aschen LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US40040Not updated
82Ninjafatty LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US40040Not updated
84Fidlar LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US39039Not updated
85Lucyfürr LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US38038Not updated
86Bcbuck LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US37037Not updated
87Tensen LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US251136Not updated
88Thellon LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US221234Not updated
89Røku LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US33033Not updated
90Quinxiao LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US151126Not updated
91Eilora LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US131225Not updated
92Msjalessa LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US15924Not updated
93Shamwøw LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US23023Not updated
94Aelynd LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US22022Not updated
95Xtremeheals LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US20020Not updated
96Meichen LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US19019Not updated
97Megamini LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US17017Not updated
97Cyzi LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US17017Not updated
97Romulluus LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US14317Not updated
100Firestata LoOsE mOoSeProudmoore-US15015Not updated

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