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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Ner'zhul-US Boss Kills
1Meeko Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US19305002430Not updated
2Wibble Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US13764541830Not updated
3Enixium Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US13952811676Not updated
4Koallaa Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US14121461558Not updated
5Hennyxo Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US9894021391Not updated
6Swaggashock Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US9322831215Not updated
7Taed Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US1131391170Not updated
8Abuelo Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US8203411161Not updated
9Brewcakez Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US586287873Not updated
10Goobermint Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US79716813Not updated
11Yamada Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US79613809Not updated
12Zez Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US523167690Not updated
13Rìce Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US52235557Not updated
14Memri Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US5278535Not updated
15Kaolla Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US5084512Not updated
16Wyff Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US46319482Not updated
17Will Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US38462446Not updated
18Pwshieldz Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US315108423Not updated
19Trillie Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US188179367Not updated
20Lliw Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US3512353Not updated
21Aestheticlol Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US34012352Not updated
22Shadowpopz Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US32228350Not updated
23Desitina Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US29744341Not updated
24Muerteblanca Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US186117303Not updated
25Bunnyluv Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US26613279Not updated
26Jinne Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US2744278Not updated
27Fatpiggy Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US2263229Not updated
28Crazyghost Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US2099218Not updated
29Mirana Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US20610216Not updated
29Siwanqishi Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US19620216Not updated
31Poobear Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US20112213Not updated
32Emmawutson Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US18328211Not updated
33Wildtracker Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US16327190Not updated
34Rysita Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US1631164Not updated
35Dasfunk Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US1611162Not updated
36Iggysmallz Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US1448152Not updated
36Royy Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US14111152Not updated
38Pangniu Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US1460146Not updated
39Ardin Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US11627143Not updated
40Vladamir Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US1400140Not updated
41Lördkairee Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US11420134Not updated
42Natila Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US9624120Not updated
43Raptor Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US10612118Not updated
44Dearing Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US1152117Not updated
45Snorzo Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US7637113Not updated
46Noobies Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US9516111Not updated
47Curryburger Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US1090109Not updated
48Snorzi Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US6046106Not updated
49Sylestal Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US993102Not updated
50Divinitii Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US90898Not updated
51Poobair Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US90090Not updated
52Inoh Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US691281Not updated
53Mordenkainen Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US67067Not updated
54Jjkiller Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US66066Not updated
55Aguja Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US65065Not updated
56Aelinaa Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US51859Not updated
57Kaollaa Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US53255Not updated
58Lyolas Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US53053Not updated
59Agah Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US50050Not updated
60Wiff Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US44044Not updated
61Sorvez Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US41243Not updated
62Ziena Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US40040Not updated
62Lunårei Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US39140Not updated
64Poobutt Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US36036Not updated
65Sozu Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US35035Not updated
65Jessicaxalba Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US35035Not updated
67Skyeblue Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US33134Not updated
68Ozrons Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US32133Not updated
69Arkel Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US32032Not updated
69Hiide Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US32032Not updated
71Zazz Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US31031Not updated
72Realize Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US28028Not updated
73Hyuuna Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US27027Not updated
74Coffex Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US26026Not updated
74Grombeard Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US26026Not updated
76Meiniu Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US25025Not updated
77Yueci Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US24024Not updated
78Pendragon Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US23023Not updated
79Flink Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US22022Not updated
80Tingaling Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US21021Not updated
80Charista Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US21021Not updated
80Yayita Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US21021Not updated
83Ahhgah Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US20020Not updated
84Aspir Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US17017Not updated
85Mahori Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US16016Not updated
85Harlequin Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US16016Not updated
87Larder Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US15015Not updated
88Faillörd Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US14014Not updated
88Steelfist Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US14014Not updated
90Gokuspizza Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US707Not updated
91Meiku Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US505Not updated
91Silvertooth Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US505Not updated
91Zolpidem Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US505Not updated
94Delais Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US404Not updated
94Boogi Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US404Not updated
96Gotas Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US303Not updated
96Rocarn Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US303Not updated
96Webcamz Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US303Not updated
96Yunggotti Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US303Not updated
100Fideles Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US101Not updated

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