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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Ner'zhul-US Boss Kills
1Domnoir Death FollowsNer'zhul-US16161811797Not updated
2Grobert Death FollowsNer'zhul-US15791541733Not updated
3Bazzila Death FollowsNer'zhul-US11471391286Not updated
4Aetrae Death FollowsNer'zhul-US841113954Not updated
5Anguissette Death FollowsNer'zhul-US61422636Not updated
6Ðragnor Death FollowsNer'zhul-US60812620Not updated
7Zætana Death FollowsNer'zhul-US56444608Not updated
8Kailêy Death FollowsNer'zhul-US51668584Not updated
9Icebringer Death FollowsNer'zhul-US53422556Not updated
10Deadrisen Death FollowsNer'zhul-US52032552Not updated
11Killava Death FollowsNer'zhul-US40189490Not updated
12Elecctro Death FollowsNer'zhul-US36533398Not updated
13Tomlyn Death FollowsNer'zhul-US30432336Not updated
14Quietstyle Death FollowsNer'zhul-US28718305Not updated
15Devret Death FollowsNer'zhul-US26030290Not updated
16Lûcict Death FollowsNer'zhul-US2694273Not updated
17Storiey Death FollowsNer'zhul-US25418272Not updated
18Elitedk Death FollowsNer'zhul-US23437271Not updated
19Vivine Death FollowsNer'zhul-US2438251Not updated
20Leonalewis Death FollowsNer'zhul-US2350235Not updated
21Kanati Death FollowsNer'zhul-US18937226Not updated
22Pandantic Death FollowsNer'zhul-US1895194Not updated
23Gamaril Death FollowsNer'zhul-US1841185Not updated
24Artaan Death FollowsNer'zhul-US1776183Not updated
25Fattez Death FollowsNer'zhul-US17110181Not updated
26Crý Death FollowsNer'zhul-US16910179Not updated
27Gopro Death FollowsNer'zhul-US15218170Not updated
28Cowmeat Death FollowsNer'zhul-US14714161Not updated
29Evilpolae Death FollowsNer'zhul-US12224146Not updated
30Reigndancer Death FollowsNer'zhul-US12610136Not updated
31Ône Death FollowsNer'zhul-US12011131Not updated
32Childoflight Death FollowsNer'zhul-US1206126Not updated
33Kendexar Death FollowsNer'zhul-US11312125Not updated
34Rakadisiplin Death FollowsNer'zhul-US1165121Not updated
35Wildmario Death FollowsNer'zhul-US1200120Not updated
36Caidin Death FollowsNer'zhul-US1059114Not updated
37Arrisa Death FollowsNer'zhul-US1120112Not updated
38Rahlum Death FollowsNer'zhul-US9417111Not updated
38Imßatman Death FollowsNer'zhul-US1029111Not updated
40Oomar Death FollowsNer'zhul-US947101Not updated
41Magiceyez Death FollowsNer'zhul-US991100Not updated
42Nitroglycern Death FollowsNer'zhul-US88391Not updated
43Dirtmcgirt Death FollowsNer'zhul-US581371Not updated
43Anepicwin Death FollowsNer'zhul-US71071Not updated
43Legasee Death FollowsNer'zhul-US482371Not updated
46Isavedthee Death FollowsNer'zhul-US65166Not updated
47Narzan Death FollowsNer'zhul-US54761Not updated
48Kupa Death FollowsNer'zhul-US58159Not updated
49Alray Death FollowsNer'zhul-US56157Not updated
50Quietscream Death FollowsNer'zhul-US48654Not updated
51Bigethan Death FollowsNer'zhul-US46046Not updated
52Ibhealing Death FollowsNer'zhul-US45045Not updated
52Gotrabies Death FollowsNer'zhul-US45045Not updated
54Eñdless Death FollowsNer'zhul-US44044Not updated
55Extremehit Death FollowsNer'zhul-US42143Not updated
55Monkfuko Death FollowsNer'zhul-US43043Not updated
57Zaylen Death FollowsNer'zhul-US41142Not updated
58Warpolae Death FollowsNer'zhul-US34539Not updated
59Shaumia Death FollowsNer'zhul-US221537Not updated
60Lóra Death FollowsNer'zhul-US35035Not updated
61Zelphia Death FollowsNer'zhul-US34034Not updated
62Ðrego Death FollowsNer'zhul-US32032Not updated
63Jalence Death FollowsNer'zhul-US31031Not updated
63Moskgmol Death FollowsNer'zhul-US24731Not updated
65Låwngnomë Death FollowsNer'zhul-US21829Not updated
66Irlok Death FollowsNer'zhul-US101525Not updated
67Krisis Death FollowsNer'zhul-US91221Not updated
68Jegere Death FollowsNer'zhul-US20020Not updated
69Judes Death FollowsNer'zhul-US19019Not updated
69Sizematterss Death FollowsNer'zhul-US19019Not updated
71Naatra Death FollowsNer'zhul-US15015Not updated
72Monkstër Death FollowsNer'zhul-US13013Not updated
73Pheønix Death FollowsNer'zhul-US11011Not updated
74Andare Death FollowsNer'zhul-US3710Not updated
74Reckd Death FollowsNer'zhul-US7310Not updated
74Bilbobaggage Death FollowsNer'zhul-US3710Not updated
77Bastagekids Death FollowsNer'zhul-US909Not updated
78Jayime Death FollowsNer'zhul-US606Not updated
78Harknins Death FollowsNer'zhul-US516Not updated
78Combolock Death FollowsNer'zhul-US606Not updated
81Fieldmouse Death FollowsNer'zhul-US505Not updated
81 Death FollowsNer'zhul-US505Not updated
81Nyuushin Death FollowsNer'zhul-US505Not updated
84Bracbronzbrd Death FollowsNer'zhul-US404Not updated
84Coyotee Death FollowsNer'zhul-US404Not updated
84Widlyscudz Death FollowsNer'zhul-US404Not updated
87Jalynn Death FollowsNer'zhul-US303Not updated
87Blaqueguy Death FollowsNer'zhul-US303Not updated
87Caramys Death FollowsNer'zhul-US303Not updated
87Tonnic Death FollowsNer'zhul-US303Not updated
91Trux Death FollowsNer'zhul-US202Not updated
91Loyality Death FollowsNer'zhul-US202Not updated
91Ucantseemeha Death FollowsNer'zhul-US202Not updated
91Dotstruction Death FollowsNer'zhul-US202Not updated
91Phantòm Death FollowsNer'zhul-US202Not updated
96Jettwayne Death FollowsNer'zhul-US101Not updated
96Îllîdan Death FollowsNer'zhul-US101Not updated
96Grzmot Death FollowsNer'zhul-US011Not updated
99Ilyteu Death FollowsNer'zhul-US000Not updated
99Arus Death FollowsNer'zhul-US000Not updated

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