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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Malorne-US Boss Kills
1Czaafum The Bad and the UglyMalorne-US348616905176Not updated
2Tiggër The Bad and the UglyMalorne-US360414735077Not updated
3Metronomes The Bad and the UglyMalorne-US320918355044Not updated
4Shoclate The Bad and the UglyMalorne-US359112924883Not updated
5Dårthmaul Mimirons HeadacheMalorne-US312511464271Not updated
6Assasinátion Mimirons HeadacheMalorne-US32858384123Not updated
7Shmadu The Bad and the UglyMalorne-US222318864109Not updated
8Cheezypoofs Tribes of DarknessMalorne-US31099824091Not updated
9Moi The Bad and the UglyMalorne-US254815254073Not updated
10Crysis Bank Alts LoLMalorne-US33906434033Not updated
11Pastafactory  Malorne-US278412404024Not updated
12Dabishi  Malorne-US30059883993Not updated
13Soltron Sounds ComplicatedMalorne-US32117293940Not updated
14Nehalem  Malorne-US275511683923Not updated
15Mahtaran Mimirons HeadacheMalorne-US257713453922Not updated
16Doadin The Bad and the UglyMalorne-US201718893906Not updated
17Baki The Bad and the UglyMalorne-US29119483859Not updated
18Saristin The Bad and the UglyMalorne-US260810763684Not updated
19Lunarstitch WickedMalorne-US30565393595Not updated
20Chaoticism BlacklístedMalorne-US251110823593Not updated
21Alphard Sounds ComplicatedMalorne-US29805823562Not updated
22Finalhero Mimirons HeadacheMalorne-US27837223505Not updated
23Dapple StaticMalorne-US32572203477Not updated
24Robert The Bad and the UglyMalorne-US177115923363Not updated
25Verse  Malorne-US228510623347Not updated
26Concequence The Bad and the UglyMalorne-US24069373343Not updated
27Reeb Mimirons HeadacheMalorne-US26256573282Not updated
28Trüth  Malorne-US201911593178Not updated
29Doms WickedMalorne-US22539013154Not updated
30Ghostbusters The Bad and the UglyMalorne-US198810903078Not updated
31Emilios The Bad and the UglyMalorne-US24875283015Not updated
32Bobodaklown The Bad and the UglyMalorne-US20918272918Not updated
33Ziaki The Bad and the UglyMalorne-US20138752888Not updated
34Hatespawn  Malorne-US20018672868Not updated
35Shikaka  Malorne-US20078582865Not updated
36Spothead  Malorne-US20967492845Not updated
37Skraps BlacklístedMalorne-US22415552796Not updated
38Arctoris  Malorne-US23794082787Not updated
39Sintre Sounds ComplicatedMalorne-US21555802735Not updated
40Perses Light From AboveMalorne-US23254082733Not updated
41Weretiger The Bad and the UglyMalorne-US143312852718Not updated
42Moosetracks  Malorne-US23473622709Not updated
43Krosis  Malorne-US16969942690Not updated
44Kyreen WickedMalorne-US22244402664Not updated
45Lornn StaticMalorne-US24461822628Not updated
46Minersxtynin The Bad and the UglyMalorne-US18687342602Not updated
47Hemaralda FeverMalorne-US22393322571Not updated
48Telovarin Mimirons HeadacheMalorne-US21793782557Not updated
49Bravestarr  Malorne-US22123362548Not updated
50Specialneeds  Malorne-US22752662541Not updated
51Xoai Pwncakes and RofflesMalorne-US20724652537Not updated
52Dystorted  Malorne-US19944832477Not updated
53Mickfiler The Bad and the UglyMalorne-US16028582460Not updated
54Shmudu The Bad and the UglyMalorne-US18146292443Not updated
55Hathorr WickedMalorne-US21872442431Not updated
56Andimeria Mimirons HeadacheMalorne-US22301682398Not updated
57Garrdor BlacklístedMalorne-US18015762377Not updated
58Hogna Suit UpMalorne-US21532222375Not updated
59ßhx The Bad and the UglyMalorne-US18854692354Not updated
60Mikhead ExilesMalorne-US19943552349Not updated
61Hornsfordays Mimirons HeadacheMalorne-US18165092325Not updated
62Tanthalas BlacklístedMalorne-US17285942322Not updated
63Bamanoske StaticMalorne-US21911212312Not updated
64Ionn  Malorne-US19273832310Not updated
65Booyakaasha StaticMalorne-US21021972299Not updated
66Evison A Violent ReactionMalorne-US15926752267Not updated
67Draxylon WickedMalorne-US20362222258Not updated
68Himalia Suit UpMalorne-US18953562251Not updated
69Somnambulist ExilesMalorne-US20511992250Not updated
70Nek Tribes of DarknessMalorne-US18693662235Not updated
71Nastydog  Malorne-US19003182218Not updated
72Nikon  Malorne-US15007172217Not updated
73Dk The Bad and the UglyMalorne-US86513302195Not updated
74Aquenyet  Malorne-US18373552192Not updated
75Zythe StaticMalorne-US20501312181Not updated
76Cain  Malorne-US16105562166Not updated
77Spawnosatan Midnight AssassinsMalorne-US16904662156Not updated
78Oxlolz  Malorne-US16804532133Not updated
79Youarefired The Bad and the UglyMalorne-US17144182132Not updated
80Kerchie  Malorne-US16484762124Not updated
81Stefon killers of the nightMalorne-US17623472109Not updated
82Shikyokami WickedMalorne-US16874202107Not updated
83Schokomomoko  Malorne-US16664332099Not updated
84Korndawg Sounds ComplicatedMalorne-US17483242072Not updated
85Soram  Malorne-US16913762067Not updated
86Eladol AventineMalorne-US18871782065Not updated
87Tziko A Violent ReactionMalorne-US16773852062Not updated
88Shadowskull  Malorne-US15075312038Not updated
89Reyndorian Tribes of DarknessMalorne-US14815392020Not updated
90Lolpirate  Malorne-US15434742017Not updated
90Charles The Bad and the UglyMalorne-US13546632017Not updated
92Bmf  Malorne-US12517652016Not updated
93Veruka Tribes of DarknessMalorne-US15664362002Not updated
94Vishy WickedMalorne-US17392612000Not updated
95Bladestrike VanguardMalorne-US18241721996Not updated
95Atath Sounds ComplicatedMalorne-US16913051996Not updated
97Octord  Malorne-US18401531993Not updated
98Gobø WickedMalorne-US1899811980Not updated
98Aisperclaw Mimirons HeadacheMalorne-US16363441980Not updated
100Ultimar  Malorne-US15744051979Not updated

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