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Mal'Ganis-US Boss Kills
1Deathknull The Dark LegionMal'Ganis-US12262161442Not updated
2Alakazoom The Dark LegionMal'Ganis-US80014814Not updated
3Dreadnáught The Dark LegionMal'Ganis-US40131432Not updated
4Darmandar The Dark LegionMal'Ganis-US4104414Not updated
5Imastoner The Dark LegionMal'Ganis-US27288360Not updated
6Cptsquilliam The Dark LegionMal'Ganis-US33510345Not updated
7Zarious The Dark LegionMal'Ganis-US1686174Not updated
8Magootheman The Dark LegionMal'Ganis-US1569165Not updated
9Diaperfetysh The Dark LegionMal'Ganis-US11938157Not updated
10Supercracker The Dark LegionMal'Ganis-US1431144Not updated
11Rakmel The Dark LegionMal'Ganis-US1270127Not updated
11Kunouu The Dark LegionMal'Ganis-US8047127Not updated
13Fapplejuice The Dark LegionMal'Ganis-US9819117Not updated
14Deäthshot The Dark LegionMal'Ganis-US1121113Not updated
15Haviikk The Dark LegionMal'Ganis-US1006106Not updated
16Daricthebear The Dark LegionMal'Ganis-US78280Not updated
17Diseasesforu The Dark LegionMal'Ganis-US74377Not updated
18Sombeach The Dark LegionMal'Ganis-US71071Not updated
19Rollinn The Dark LegionMal'Ganis-US501868Not updated
20Deathweavur The Dark LegionMal'Ganis-US34135Not updated
21Thaal The Dark LegionMal'Ganis-US33033Not updated
22Apoculypto The Dark LegionMal'Ganis-US23831Not updated
23Superthrall The Dark LegionMal'Ganis-US24024Not updated
23Shamacatser The Dark LegionMal'Ganis-US24024Not updated
25Forestmoon The Dark LegionMal'Ganis-US12223Not updated
25Vaerick The Dark LegionMal'Ganis-US23023Not updated
27Boilingblood The Dark LegionMal'Ganis-US15015Not updated
28Moshotz The Dark LegionMal'Ganis-US11011Not updated
28Keepnreal The Dark LegionMal'Ganis-US11011Not updated
30Malethacius The Dark LegionMal'Ganis-US606Not updated
31Scoobytheman The Dark LegionMal'Ganis-US505Not updated
32Moniana The Dark LegionMal'Ganis-US404Not updated
33Littlepeter The Dark LegionMal'Ganis-US101Not updated
33Destinyhookr The Dark LegionMal'Ganis-US101Not updated
33Travka The Dark LegionMal'Ganis-US101Not updated
36Koozi The Dark LegionMal'Ganis-US000Not updated
36Iclawursofa The Dark LegionMal'Ganis-US000Not updated
36Négar The Dark LegionMal'Ganis-US000Not updated

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