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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Mal'Ganis-US Boss Kills
1Bestcoverup Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US16514942145Not updated
2Penutt Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US15681371705Not updated
3Frontallobe Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US10033371340Not updated
4Dtux Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US11931461339Not updated
5Förgët Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US1138941232Not updated
6Corvice Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US998441042Not updated
7Yenaffit Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US983331016Not updated
8Medusamon Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US94134975Not updated
9Athidas Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US89511906Not updated
10Xanit Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US77250822Not updated
11Emeesa Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US77725802Not updated
12Flyinghigh Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US568141709Not updated
13Poglord Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US591113704Not updated
14Billness Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US65044694Not updated
15Ezrarmand Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US63322655Not updated
16Tuireanns Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US63414648Not updated
17Mushin Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US6113614Not updated
18Wárier Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US5439552Not updated
19Dloferl Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US51715532Not updated
20Hurlock Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US46854522Not updated
21Bloodislove Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US50219521Not updated
22Docdodoo Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US50317520Not updated
23Priestonic Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US48431515Not updated
24Cinxia Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US267238505Not updated
25Nekrataal Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US45537492Not updated
26Slót Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US4271428Not updated
27Penguintalk Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US3877394Not updated
28Dakoopsta Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US35023373Not updated
29Temporallobe Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US33311344Not updated
29Oldhar Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US3422344Not updated
31Nyssara Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US29326319Not updated
32Bushuzima Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US29021311Not updated
33Undeadshadow Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US23766303Not updated
34Kungfuhabits Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US26729296Not updated
35Satiouz Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US2774281Not updated
36Macoo Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US2752277Not updated
37Erekar Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US2701271Not updated
38Garblak Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US24817265Not updated
39Hatemail Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US20642248Not updated
40Unikue Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US2392241Not updated
41Totemlydrunk Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US22414238Not updated
42Deathhavoc Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US20228230Not updated
43Interhamwe Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US19333226Not updated
44Azhatt Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US2250225Not updated
45Nerdgirl Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US17052222Not updated
46Javilyn Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US2102212Not updated
47Makreen Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US2060206Not updated
48Gaanin Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US1980198Not updated
49Dezraga Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US17817195Not updated
50Jfragment Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US1912193Not updated
51Calfpow Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US1920192Not updated
52Axelbrass Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US1761177Not updated
53Hurrlock Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US1691170Not updated
54Rubberarrows Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US14424168Not updated
55Iviki Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US1660166Not updated
56Athajai Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US14519164Not updated
57Mithrandirë Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US13913152Not updated
58Healingwho Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US14010150Not updated
59Malkiss Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US1378145Not updated
60Ipwnéz Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US1421143Not updated
61Nehh Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US1365141Not updated
62Hpsychotic Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US1400140Not updated
63Primalstryke Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US1360136Not updated
64Noraeliae Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US1290129Not updated
65Yojìmbo Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US11710127Not updated
66Ezday Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US8437121Not updated
67Atux Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US9916115Not updated
68Ohmymage Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US1095114Not updated
69Barnath Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US1057112Not updated
70Vaedren Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US1082110Not updated
71Lenlust Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US9711108Not updated
71Xøzus Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US9117108Not updated
73Ryuujìn Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US929101Not updated
74Chíckén Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US955100Not updated
75Holycöw Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US96197Not updated
76Horadmar Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US821496Not updated
77Trunkit Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US94195Not updated
78Durrlock Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US94094Not updated
79Elfknight Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US89190Not updated
80Gayhlforce Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US89089Not updated
81Healzinacan Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US87188Not updated
82Hawtflashes Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US85186Not updated
83Lazyrogue Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US83083Not updated
84Neofeke Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US75479Not updated
85Gudeshot Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US76076Not updated
86Skellybear Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US72072Not updated
87Belligerence Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US70070Not updated
87Misfitlove Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US70070Not updated
89Dëathbringer Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US63366Not updated
89Wurlock Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US58866Not updated
91Bratmobile Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US57865Not updated
92Gleak Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US412364Not updated
92Auxnatural Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US58664Not updated
94Ninichacha Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US412061Not updated
95Veive Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US52860Not updated
96Barebutt Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US50858Not updated
97Yumishi Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US53457Not updated
98Disoreinted Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US54054Not updated
99Grodak Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US52153Not updated
100Jùstice Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US52052Not updated

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