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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Lothar-EU Boss Kills
1Woktal Eleven DegreesLothar-EU351620775593Not updated
2Zôrdôx Eleven DegreesLothar-EU298217054687Not updated
3Megolein Eleven DegreesLothar-EU235721644521Not updated
4Anneâ Eleven DegreesLothar-EU198321414124Not updated
5Crøss Eleven DegreesLothar-EU235117054056Not updated
6Perrín Eleven DegreesLothar-EU240715733980Not updated
7Dílara Eleven DegreesLothar-EU250113783879Not updated
8Carnicera Eleven DegreesLothar-EU142522763701Not updated
9Yunà Eleven DegreesLothar-EU244412183662Not updated
10Rixxon Eleven DegreesLothar-EU25299873516Not updated
11Ascylia Eleven DegreesLothar-EU152017163236Not updated
12Mâli Eleven DegreesLothar-EU206211283190Not updated
13Bâse Eleven DegreesLothar-EU201011523162Not updated
14Vasal Eleven DegreesLothar-EU143913362775Not updated
15Kotriompia Eleven DegreesLothar-EU18387742612Not updated
16Kaldurmain Eleven DegreesLothar-EU17188002518Not updated
17Brahman Eleven DegreesLothar-EU18695522421Not updated
18Aeni Eleven DegreesLothar-EU14828032285Not updated
19Myonimato Eleven DegreesLothar-EU17784502228Not updated
20Nevari Eleven DegreesLothar-EU13385571895Not updated
21Yunè Eleven DegreesLothar-EU79810661864Not updated
22Thooran Eleven DegreesLothar-EU11475951742Not updated
23Puste Eleven DegreesLothar-EU10187161734Not updated
24Lukkipukki Eleven DegreesLothar-EU54111571698Not updated
25Farore Eleven DegreesLothar-EU66810241692Not updated
26Zhien Eleven DegreesLothar-EU9567161672Not updated
27Lâverdâ Eleven DegreesLothar-EU10805861666Not updated
28Tîeera Eleven DegreesLothar-EU5959221517Not updated
29Kadron Eleven DegreesLothar-EU10524401492Not updated
30Pustenix Eleven DegreesLothar-EU4099941403Not updated
31Kelanji Eleven DegreesLothar-EU5997551354Not updated
32Pfefferkorn Eleven DegreesLothar-EU12221111333Not updated
33Styxstek Eleven DegreesLothar-EU9133991312Not updated
34Ascyliá Eleven DegreesLothar-EU6175291146Not updated
35Gigidigigzqt Eleven DegreesLothar-EU6924341126Not updated
36Ascylio Eleven DegreesLothar-EU4905971087Not updated
37Dilara Eleven DegreesLothar-EU4336011034Not updated
38Combowok Eleven DegreesLothar-EU7982281026Not updated
39Megoo Eleven DegreesLothar-EU7852241009Not updated
40Nocdraco Eleven DegreesLothar-EU6263741000Not updated
41Inoa Eleven DegreesLothar-EU631230861Not updated
42Obie Eleven DegreesLothar-EU246545791Not updated
43Nukebbq Eleven DegreesLothar-EU373399772Not updated
44Shyrali Eleven DegreesLothar-EU64590735Not updated
45Bàse Eleven DegreesLothar-EU451234685Not updated
46Howaboutno Eleven DegreesLothar-EU268398666Not updated
47Alole Eleven DegreesLothar-EU64580644Not updated
48Henora Eleven DegreesLothar-EU286253539Not updated
49Verdicted Eleven DegreesLothar-EU384121505Not updated
50Leandra Eleven DegreesLothar-EU298150448Not updated
51Mégo Eleven DegreesLothar-EU101343444Not updated
51Gagging Eleven DegreesLothar-EU294150444Not updated
53Skruffi Eleven DegreesLothar-EU188254442Not updated
54Woktall Eleven DegreesLothar-EU33498432Not updated
55Atombbq Eleven DegreesLothar-EU301124425Not updated
56Esiana Eleven DegreesLothar-EU30570375Not updated
57Dôge Eleven DegreesLothar-EU78276354Not updated
58Raikko Eleven DegreesLothar-EU27465339Not updated
58Ariani Eleven DegreesLothar-EU192147339Not updated
60Tiêêra Eleven DegreesLothar-EU80255335Not updated
61Noxes Eleven DegreesLothar-EU138162300Not updated
62Carnizora Eleven DegreesLothar-EU162126288Not updated
63Pustemal Eleven DegreesLothar-EU16890258Not updated
64Aràm Eleven DegreesLothar-EU23414248Not updated
65Tieero Eleven DegreesLothar-EU53174227Not updated
66Layren Eleven DegreesLothar-EU55149204Not updated
67Lumia Eleven DegreesLothar-EU9693189Not updated
68Lukin Eleven DegreesLothar-EU59105164Not updated
68Díla Eleven DegreesLothar-EU13628164Not updated
70Pustelock Eleven DegreesLothar-EU9956155Not updated
71Nyeo Eleven DegreesLothar-EU9827125Not updated
72Aenyu Eleven DegreesLothar-EU7728105Not updated
73Lary Eleven DegreesLothar-EU73679Not updated
74Kimyo Eleven DegreesLothar-EU512071Not updated
75Arcanicera Eleven DegreesLothar-EU32032Not updated
76Wokstable Eleven DegreesLothar-EU26329Not updated
77Melyen Eleven DegreesLothar-EU23528Not updated
78Sumy Eleven DegreesLothar-EU151227Not updated
79Lâverdâqt Eleven DegreesLothar-EU20222Not updated
80Màly Eleven DegreesLothar-EU18018Not updated
81Rubley Eleven DegreesLothar-EU16016Not updated
82Acetyl Eleven DegreesLothar-EU15015Not updated
82Selra Eleven DegreesLothar-EU15015Not updated
84Neíth Eleven DegreesLothar-EU01313Not updated
84Woklee Eleven DegreesLothar-EU13013Not updated
86Veliya Eleven DegreesLothar-EU5712Not updated
87Naniwa Eleven DegreesLothar-EU819Not updated
88Poitreene Eleven DegreesLothar-EU088Not updated
89Obiie Eleven DegreesLothar-EU077Not updated
90Anatoxina Eleven DegreesLothar-EU303Not updated
90Ceraya Eleven DegreesLothar-EU213Not updated
90Monkicera Eleven DegreesLothar-EU303Not updated
93Stymo Eleven DegreesLothar-EU101Not updated
93Orangenblüte Eleven DegreesLothar-EU101Not updated
93Zyanit Eleven DegreesLothar-EU101Not updated
93Monkykong Eleven DegreesLothar-EU101Not updated
93Treesome Eleven DegreesLothar-EU011Not updated
93Nessala Eleven DegreesLothar-EU101Not updated
99Furycera Eleven DegreesLothar-EU000Not updated
99Moredin Eleven DegreesLothar-EU000Not updated

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