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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Light's Hope-TW Boss Kills
1冰塵之心 同班同學Light's Hope-TW587413857259Not updated
2Amina 同班同學Light's Hope-TW545816737131Not updated
3Stlee  Light's Hope-TW423510345269Not updated
4Liudavid 熱血Light's Hope-TW389413525246Not updated
5雪冰心 同班同學Light's Hope-TW393010204950Not updated
6滷豬腳啦 不悔Light's Hope-TW346013724832Not updated
7巧月玲瓏 喵魂Light's Hope-TW355712724829Not updated
8羅賴把 蒼穹之冠臺北突擊小分隊Light's Hope-TW39218404761Not updated
9尼士 少時最高Light's Hope-TW364510014646Not updated
10粘大師 NirvanaLight's Hope-TW293316574590Not updated
11武藝超群 喵魂Light's Hope-TW311414664580Not updated
12布里獅吼  Light's Hope-TW38267434569Not updated
13巴納小薩 夢想雲端Light's Hope-TW37328234555Not updated
14Pamelaredpaz 喵魂Light's Hope-TW294815694517Not updated
15暗夜獵神皇 尋心羽Light's Hope-TW37207954515Not updated
16Paulblue 夢想起飛Light's Hope-TW341610574473Not updated
17Imbav  Light's Hope-TW292714704397Not updated
18Cateyes 微笑橘子Light's Hope-TW33179764293Not updated
19Vanesaa 極速巔峰Light's Hope-TW275315094262Not updated
20妮亞絲 天空殿Light's Hope-TW305911854244Not updated
21呥兒 喵魂Light's Hope-TW241017974207Not updated
22薩多歐姆 小芳家族Light's Hope-TW32829014183Not updated
23月影飛雪 USTLight's Hope-TW232618464172Not updated
24歎息之牆 夢想之旅Light's Hope-TW258315264109Not updated
25雪影冰痕 極速巔峰Light's Hope-TW288211784060Not updated
26Aminamagic 喵魂Light's Hope-TW268613634049Not updated
27Hanplus 熱血Light's Hope-TW32107944004Not updated
28Ajani The WandererLight's Hope-TW245915283987Not updated
29說太歲 夢想雲端Light's Hope-TW30679183985Not updated
30藍色飛翔 夢想銀河Light's Hope-TW30219553976Not updated
31古列絲 微笑橘子Light's Hope-TW31028593961Not updated
32流淚的彗星 翡翠幻鏡Light's Hope-TW236015953955Not updated
33小小凌月靈 ICBCLight's Hope-TW216417873951Not updated
34玄狼 翡翠幻鏡Light's Hope-TW267412713945Not updated
35Lostmemories 喵魂Light's Hope-TW222917063935Not updated
36九地 但丁神曲Light's Hope-TW32526673919Not updated
37Yokamozs ICBCLight's Hope-TW283210863918Not updated
38Nashi The WandererLight's Hope-TW248214313913Not updated
39帝爺 喵魂Light's Hope-TW261012623872Not updated
40Darkhallow 極速巔峰Light's Hope-TW31167443860Not updated
41阿爾卡德 The WandererLight's Hope-TW241713963813Not updated
42凡賽絲 BalnazzarLight's Hope-TW29568463802Not updated
43台灣啤酒 世界政府Light's Hope-TW30837043787Not updated
44兇鳥 喵魂Light's Hope-TW212316343757Not updated
45水舞嵐 夢想銀河Light's Hope-TW30237133736Not updated
46巫地 Time Goes ByLight's Hope-TW29887413729Not updated
47飛天小女警 永恆Light's Hope-TW31046223726Not updated
48墮天使 永恆Light's Hope-TW30476703717Not updated
49艾玥 夢想起飛Light's Hope-TW27699423711Not updated
50Yale SparkleLight's Hope-TW241912863705Not updated
51雪影祈願 極速巔峰Light's Hope-TW261610693685Not updated
52拉萊耶 NirvanaLight's Hope-TW216515183683Not updated
53春曉狠 USTLight's Hope-TW267010053675Not updated
54依然寧靜 抬狼棒會Light's Hope-TW26779953672Not updated
55老火魚 NirvanaLight's Hope-TW212415463670Not updated
56左手揮刀 夢想之旅Light's Hope-TW256310903653Not updated
57黑色蕾絲 世界啤酒聯盟Light's Hope-TW31065323638Not updated
58Capricorns BalnazzarLight's Hope-TW27279073634Not updated
59奪命貔貅小優  Light's Hope-TW29626693631Not updated
60口魔菲斯特口 夢想起飛Light's Hope-TW26539713624Not updated
61Syahu MYTH from BalnazzarLight's Hope-TW214414423586Not updated
62無關風與月 NirvanaLight's Hope-TW225313123565Not updated
63焚術 ICBCLight's Hope-TW227912753554Not updated
64暗影之風 ReBornLight's Hope-TW29475913538Not updated
65貝魯澤巴布  Light's Hope-TW244210773519Not updated
66Blackmars ICBCLight's Hope-TW229612143510Not updated
67狂怒渦流水晶 Time Goes ByLight's Hope-TW26358683503Not updated
68屏東七號 狩神Light's Hope-TW28766203496Not updated
69Deathadvent 夢想起飛Light's Hope-TW28206723492Not updated
70蜀道浚 熾魂Light's Hope-TW26468333479Not updated
71夜月血 GeminiLight's Hope-TW25978803477Not updated
72精靈晏 GeminiLight's Hope-TW27507133463Not updated
73夢卡卡  Light's Hope-TW26328143446Not updated
74Palaba The WandererLight's Hope-TW217612683444Not updated
75Dirk  Light's Hope-TW25818623443Not updated
76Modena 不悔Light's Hope-TW241310233436Not updated
77咬妳哦 拓荒者Light's Hope-TW29924313423Not updated
78虛空雷神獸 The WandererLight's Hope-TW211613053421Not updated
79直死之魔眼 Time Goes ByLight's Hope-TW24779363413Not updated
80Xcalibur 讓世界更美好的涼宮春日團Light's Hope-TW26707403410Not updated
81懲風騎浪 NirvanaLight's Hope-TW239210123404Not updated
82一無念一 翡翠幻鏡Light's Hope-TW24409633403Not updated
83Saphirro NirvanaLight's Hope-TW176616283394Not updated
84王爺公有保佑 OGOrzLight's Hope-TW30063813387Not updated
85愛瑞斯 黑心不良企業Light's Hope-TW25308493379Not updated
86冰焚 碧落之歌Light's Hope-TW26617103371Not updated
87必死劍 巴納琉璃仙境Light's Hope-TW31602093369Not updated
88萌萌的露露炭 夢想之旅Light's Hope-TW192914283357Not updated
89巫妖王殺手 火之戀Light's Hope-TW27885663354Not updated
90洛曦  Light's Hope-TW23859453330Not updated
91傑克里姆林 碧落之歌Light's Hope-TW24178983315Not updated
92女間 喵魂Light's Hope-TW23279753302Not updated
93零式之火 喵魂Light's Hope-TW193513643299Not updated
94普霍斯 熾魂Light's Hope-TW26306523282Not updated
95乂發哥乂  Light's Hope-TW24518133264Not updated
96悶不到  Light's Hope-TW24538053258Not updated
97月傷淚 NirvanaLight's Hope-TW173715103247Not updated
98思慕冉星 NirvanaLight's Hope-TW202712103237Not updated
99Xelle ICBCLight's Hope-TW193312543187Not updated
100恩歐 Eternal DarknessLight's Hope-TW27054683173Not updated

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