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Kil'jaeden-EU Boss Kills
1Gildor W H FKil'jaeden-EU22787933071Not updated
2Northi W H FKil'jaeden-EU19478682815Not updated
3Sherizeth W H FKil'jaeden-EU15248542378Not updated
4Soulwaxx W H FKil'jaeden-EU13368042140Not updated
5Jamii W H FKil'jaeden-EU14666642130Not updated
6Thäpixx W H FKil'jaeden-EU14935722065Not updated
7Innes W H FKil'jaeden-EU13254021727Not updated
8Smayss W H FKil'jaeden-EU11814441625Not updated
9Thunderstorm W H FKil'jaeden-EU12831741457Not updated
10Brà W H FKil'jaeden-EU10793741453Not updated
11Seggl W H FKil'jaeden-EU8684101278Not updated
12Raser W H FKil'jaeden-EU7475051252Not updated
13Bärkatze W H FKil'jaeden-EU551340891Not updated
14Felane W H FKil'jaeden-EU8422844Not updated
15Ragamoph W H FKil'jaeden-EU77557832Not updated
16Arrisor W H FKil'jaeden-EU412355767
17Ulyaoth W H FKil'jaeden-EU537151688Not updated
18Shyâlâ W H FKil'jaeden-EU468210678Not updated
19Docmartens W H FKil'jaeden-EU60656662Not updated
20Milkyfaîl W H FKil'jaeden-EU280366646Not updated
21Eni W H FKil'jaeden-EU61324637Not updated
21Milkyfail W H FKil'jaeden-EU273364637Not updated
23Kajil W H FKil'jaeden-EU6240624Not updated
24Kelrokh W H FKil'jaeden-EU487105592Not updated
25Artarías W H FKil'jaeden-EU5064510Not updated
26Immadin W H FKil'jaeden-EU47916495Not updated
27Äesel W H FKil'jaeden-EU38161442
28Levista W H FKil'jaeden-EU38318401Not updated
29Johnvai W H FKil'jaeden-EU3950395Not updated
30Immakin W H FKil'jaeden-EU35322375Not updated
31Pael W H FKil'jaeden-EU193147340Not updated
32Raiyo W H FKil'jaeden-EU21765282Not updated
33Legerés W H FKil'jaeden-EU105141246
34Minkah W H FKil'jaeden-EU13433167Not updated
35Volmor W H FKil'jaeden-EU1650165Not updated
36Myasha W H FKil'jaeden-EU11412126Not updated
37Natara W H FKil'jaeden-EU1160116Not updated
38Naire W H FKil'jaeden-EU1111112Not updated
39Lega W H FKil'jaeden-EU8620106Not updated
40Yune W H FKil'jaeden-EU1040104Not updated
41Aymn W H FKil'jaeden-EU761389Not updated
42Rocksas W H FKil'jaeden-EU87087Not updated
43Immarrior W H FKil'jaeden-EU601878Not updated
44Kodoku W H FKil'jaeden-EU69574Not updated
45Gobmage W H FKil'jaeden-EU393170Not updated
46Tangel W H FKil'jaeden-EU66066Not updated
47Yersínia W H FKil'jaeden-EU57158Not updated
48Killya W H FKil'jaeden-EU342155Not updated
49Kettenkurt W H FKil'jaeden-EU391453Not updated
50Lidja W H FKil'jaeden-EU203151Not updated
51Jannice W H FKil'jaeden-EU46046Not updated
51Rayenne W H FKil'jaeden-EU46046Not updated
53 W H FKil'jaeden-EU42345Not updated
54Liniya W H FKil'jaeden-EU34640Not updated
55Gildorlin W H FKil'jaeden-EU201838Not updated
56Umpuster W H FKil'jaeden-EU31334Not updated
57Gildorixe W H FKil'jaeden-EU28028Not updated
58Kesai W H FKil'jaeden-EU8816Not updated
59Zoîl W H FKil'jaeden-EU13114Not updated
60Gildorina W H FKil'jaeden-EU13013Not updated
61Ohhah W H FKil'jaeden-EU01212Not updated
62Elsensor W H FKil'jaeden-EU2810Not updated
63Ysi W H FKil'jaeden-EU404Not updated
63Lubelly W H FKil'jaeden-EU404Not updated
63Alpenbauer W H FKil'jaeden-EU404Not updated
66Meldiwara W H FKil'jaeden-EU303Not updated
67Yiram W H FKil'jaeden-EU101Not updated
68Yjm W H FKil'jaeden-EU000Not updated
68Alors W H FKil'jaeden-EU000Not updated
68Crovax W H FKil'jaeden-EU000Not updated
68Mull W H FKil'jaeden-EU000Not updated
68Lyarra W H FKil'jaeden-EU000Not updated
68Vyruu W H FKil'jaeden-EU000Not updated
68Taure W H FKil'jaeden-EU000Not updated

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