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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Khaz Modan-EU Boss Kills
1Marlyk NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU310426635767Not updated
2Sixfeetunder PeaNutsKhaz Modan-EU47299065635
3Kaïlas NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU325419135167Not updated
4Ìzy NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU286019114771
5Kaspa NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU287918594738
6Vcrina  Khaz Modan-EU341511264541Not updated
7Marolas NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU266316774340Not updated
8Ãch NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU313110144145
9Ieta GenesisKhaz Modan-EU32119244135
10Rahotep NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU244614453891Not updated
10Squibb AddïctKhaz Modan-EU32576343891
12Rainbowsz  Khaz Modan-EU239014973887Not updated
13Kabutteur NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU248813933881
14Oruko GamushuKhaz Modan-EU32036273830
15Littlebigzïb ØdysséeKhaz Modan-EU271010813791Not updated
16Illarien ExilKhaz Modan-EU31025903692Not updated
17Kashel  Khaz Modan-EU30875443631Not updated
18Liognion Twenty Percent CoolerKhaz Modan-EU30205683588Not updated
19Arakhal NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU25739903563
20Spanja NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU241710813498
21Bumblebi NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU226412183482Not updated
22Avelin NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU232111513472Not updated
23Houdinoux  Khaz Modan-EU215712443401Not updated
24Zaylena GenesisKhaz Modan-EU25907953385
25Valkyhrist GenesisKhaz Modan-EU24339373370Not updated
26Narkrai AstralsKhaz Modan-EU24369283364
27Kamuy GenesisKhaz Modan-EU24419093350Not updated
28Dryzzt  Khaz Modan-EU26616643325Not updated
29Smeh NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU23259833308
30Elfefilth AlicornisKhaz Modan-EU30392533292
31Altheos La Flamme d AnorKhaz Modan-EU25377363273Not updated
32Lïnøa Lok naradKhaz Modan-EU27664893255
33Davidoviche Wind of DarknessKhaz Modan-EU28014533254Not updated
33Crosspwnder AddïctKhaz Modan-EU24687863254
35Posthit AddïctKhaz Modan-EU27324913223
36Eloa GenesisKhaz Modan-EU26105873197
37Vërminaar  Khaz Modan-EU22918993190Not updated
38Carinae PeaNutsKhaz Modan-EU24117313142
39Acyyd GenesisKhaz Modan-EU25485483096
40Dybélykantha Wind of DarknessKhaz Modan-EU26453803025Not updated
41Qøwette  Khaz Modan-EU23995792978Not updated
42Elfepalouf AstralsKhaz Modan-EU23006712971Not updated
43Novel NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU172012412961
44Picekopat MythologieKhaz Modan-EU24604682928Not updated
45Søulcry NémesisKhaz Modan-EU20159042919Not updated
46Gaïanyx  Khaz Modan-EU22137052918Not updated
47Dekà NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU20648522916Not updated
48Mightyaxe Children of jenovaKhaz Modan-EU21616912852Not updated
49Polouest Twenty Percent CoolerKhaz Modan-EU24264192845Not updated
50Drakkul  Khaz Modan-EU25472692816Not updated
51Baghourak Sixième SensKhaz Modan-EU24393752814
52Galadriène Twenty Percent CoolerKhaz Modan-EU22495622811Not updated
53Hyo La Fraternité VerbenaKhaz Modan-EU24253802805Not updated
54Sarfang Lok naradKhaz Modan-EU22305672797
55Plmm AstralsKhaz Modan-EU17999922791
56Mädjin NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU21016782779Not updated
57Musashimara AddïctKhaz Modan-EU23664042770
58Nothox Children of jenovaKhaz Modan-EU20467222768Not updated
59Zipaknar Alter EgoKhaz Modan-EU24373182755Not updated
60Sänn PeaNutsKhaz Modan-EU20317222753Not updated
61Shaade  Khaz Modan-EU19957562751Not updated
62Nainpie GamushuKhaz Modan-EU25032362739
63Lyxïa NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU17599402699
64Adamz AddïctKhaz Modan-EU20536452698
64Hyrion ØdysséeKhaz Modan-EU20156832698Not updated
66Cõopiñ NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU21325492681Not updated
67Tocrana Lok naradKhaz Modan-EU22564142670
68Pantheramix AlicornisKhaz Modan-EU23243452669Not updated
69Kamïna NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU18168512667
70Vicenters ExilKhaz Modan-EU21435202663Not updated
71Kiwis Children of jenovaKhaz Modan-EU20056492654Not updated
72Féelhia  Khaz Modan-EU21784742652Not updated
73Soffia Shin SekaiKhaz Modan-EU22983342632
74Øuanë NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU20695512620
75Anavelle GenesisKhaz Modan-EU18797342613
76Django GenesisKhaz Modan-EU19146902604
77Saïa NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU17728272599
78Twitwi  Khaz Modan-EU19196722591Not updated
79Irumi  Khaz Modan-EU21724032575Not updated
80Ellu NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU19376352572Not updated
81Immemor Saturday Wipe FeverKhaz Modan-EU20894662555Not updated
82Bernaadar AuthentiqueKhaz Modan-EU22812702551Not updated
83Thorgalias AddïctKhaz Modan-EU22892562545
84Ðaranna  Khaz Modan-EU19346042538Not updated
85Silhanna AstralsKhaz Modan-EU19845422526Not updated
85Koroc OverKhaz Modan-EU20085182526Not updated
87Chrysalide GenesisKhaz Modan-EU21703492519
88Mavou GenesisKhaz Modan-EU20244812505Not updated
89Linked GenesisKhaz Modan-EU18836092492
89Pierell Twenty Percent CoolerKhaz Modan-EU20634292492Not updated
89Alundrahal  Khaz Modan-EU22802122492Not updated
92Tautauramix  Khaz Modan-EU20414492490Not updated
93Idylliisz illusiOn Of tiMeKhaz Modan-EU21703142484Not updated
94Ånko Children of jenovaKhaz Modan-EU20334442477
95Globinoux Wind of DarknessKhaz Modan-EU20284402468Not updated
96Infynity  Khaz Modan-EU18206462466Not updated
97Elhalyne PeaNutsKhaz Modan-EU19834772460
98Bedire InsanesKhaz Modan-EU22052462451Not updated
99Delajungle NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU142710222449Not updated
100Sephinou AlagësiaKhaz Modan-EU19425022444

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