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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Illidan-US Boss Kills
1Nizzo Strange BrewIllidan-US19217312652Not updated
2Imodïum Strange BrewIllidan-US1028221050Not updated
3Aefor Strange BrewIllidan-US94015955Not updated
4Hexpucmb Strange BrewIllidan-US81138849Not updated
5Packtastic Strange BrewIllidan-US77257829Not updated
6Bajeerã Strange BrewIllidan-US78526811Not updated
7Glitz Strange BrewIllidan-US75638794Not updated
8Mordrîth Strange BrewIllidan-US64929678Not updated
9Olegirl Strange BrewIllidan-US65026676Not updated
10Drdirty Strange BrewIllidan-US549125674Not updated
11Gravewörm Strange BrewIllidan-US56743610Not updated
12Dóç Strange BrewIllidan-US56122583Not updated
13Tylénol Strange BrewIllidan-US54137578Not updated
14Beschutzer Strange BrewIllidan-US47946525Not updated
15Robotîc Strange BrewIllidan-US49328521Not updated
16Vezupria Strange BrewIllidan-US47442516Not updated
17Discochicken Strange BrewIllidan-US46134495Not updated
18Bacön Strange BrewIllidan-US4800480Not updated
19Imonsomthing Strange BrewIllidan-US31720337Not updated
19Stuffydoll Strange BrewIllidan-US30532337Not updated
21Higuma Strange BrewIllidan-US2934297Not updated
22Erosy Strange BrewIllidan-US2808288Not updated
23Druknark Strange BrewIllidan-US24146287Not updated
24Koresho Strange BrewIllidan-US25819277Not updated
25Stärships Strange BrewIllidan-US22937266Not updated
26Askalxandria Strange BrewIllidan-US25311264Not updated
27Matobomb Strange BrewIllidan-US2574261Not updated
28Syto Strange BrewIllidan-US2534257Not updated
29Westoak Strange BrewIllidan-US2550255Not updated
30Winterschill Strange BrewIllidan-US23910249Not updated
31Slickshunter Strange BrewIllidan-US21232244Not updated
32Faeulnis Strange BrewIllidan-US21218230Not updated
33Fatherhealz Strange BrewIllidan-US2100210Not updated
34Eraibugeisha Strange BrewIllidan-US19016206Not updated
35ßuddychrist Strange BrewIllidan-US16143204Not updated
36Soloki Strange BrewIllidan-US1946200Not updated
37Austopig Strange BrewIllidan-US17013183Not updated
38Térazol Strange BrewIllidan-US16714181Not updated
39Thromka Strange BrewIllidan-US1744178Not updated
40Konen Strange BrewIllidan-US1670167Not updated
41Dredlok Strange BrewIllidan-US1621163Not updated
42Samiàll Strange BrewIllidan-US1484152Not updated
43Twixxler Strange BrewIllidan-US13810148Not updated
44Kajila Strange BrewIllidan-US1414145Not updated
45Shíver Strange BrewIllidan-US1395144Not updated
45Chandrasedai Strange BrewIllidan-US1431144Not updated
47Profic Strange BrewIllidan-US1402142Not updated
48Szaron Strange BrewIllidan-US1390139Not updated
49Lectricheals Strange BrewIllidan-US12110131Not updated
50Pinanio Strange BrewIllidan-US9925124Not updated
51Athrick Strange BrewIllidan-US7246118Not updated
52Justjade Strange BrewIllidan-US1074111Not updated
53Arunox Strange BrewIllidan-US964100Not updated
54Tankndirty Strange BrewIllidan-US84892Not updated
55Locknchain Strange BrewIllidan-US90191Not updated
56Outflow Strange BrewIllidan-US721688Not updated
57Msßlack Strange BrewIllidan-US80787Not updated
58Hopesend Strange BrewIllidan-US85085Not updated
59Myrrddin Strange BrewIllidan-US641882Not updated
60Kopfbrecher Strange BrewIllidan-US75176Not updated
60Totemakii Strange BrewIllidan-US69776Not updated
62Drdirtyy Strange BrewIllidan-US70575Not updated
63Lozer Strange BrewIllidan-US571168Not updated
64Sarcophie Strange BrewIllidan-US67067Not updated
65Darthsamiall Strange BrewIllidan-US65166Not updated
66Quartuseques Strange BrewIllidan-US501060Not updated
67Klarian Strange BrewIllidan-US54155Not updated
68Whitestàr Strange BrewIllidan-US50151Not updated
69Helldoy Strange BrewIllidan-US48048Not updated
69Kèrberos Strange BrewIllidan-US48048Not updated
71Haereticus Strange BrewIllidan-US232447Not updated
71Methös Strange BrewIllidan-US47047Not updated
73Chucknóurish Strange BrewIllidan-US42042Not updated
74Peregrine Strange BrewIllidan-US39140Not updated
75Elge Strange BrewIllidan-US36339Not updated
76Bøss Strange BrewIllidan-US33538Not updated
76Moondrana Strange BrewIllidan-US36238Not updated
78Padmeh Strange BrewIllidan-US37037Not updated
79Lectricfury Strange BrewIllidan-US33033Not updated
79Cinndar Strange BrewIllidan-US33033Not updated
81Neziah Strange BrewIllidan-US24630Not updated
81Zanjii Strange BrewIllidan-US30030Not updated
83Rïtalin Strange BrewIllidan-US29029Not updated
84Kräftig Strange BrewIllidan-US26127Not updated
85Kintarri Strange BrewIllidan-US23023Not updated
86Fléaupope Strange BrewIllidan-US91221Not updated
86Millstookill Strange BrewIllidan-US21021Not updated
88Skélètor Strange BrewIllidan-US20020Not updated
89Deathandecay Strange BrewIllidan-US16319Not updated
89Surfang Strange BrewIllidan-US19019Not updated
91Serinity Strange BrewIllidan-US17017Not updated
92Stokage Strange BrewIllidan-US15015Not updated
92Korreg Strange BrewIllidan-US8715Not updated
94Toetagz Strange BrewIllidan-US12012Not updated
94Jfsecretalt Strange BrewIllidan-US12012Not updated
96Pullmyfînger Strange BrewIllidan-US11011Not updated
97Shiftÿcent Strange BrewIllidan-US10010Not updated
97Heallix Strange BrewIllidan-US10010Not updated
99Valkahn Strange BrewIllidan-US909Not updated
99Säzabi Strange BrewIllidan-US909Not updated

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