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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Hyjal-KR Boss Kills
1리타치 New HeartHyjal-KR567415657239Not updated
2Thewish Clan WantedHyjal-KR420425146718Not updated
3화려함의극치 SinAGeHyjal-KR478516696454Not updated
4Gubonki  Hyjal-KR385525456400Not updated
5앗앗 Game Of ThronesHyjal-KR353027816311Not updated
6밤별사제 The ZeNeSisHyjal-KR414920896238Not updated
7말업는나그네 SinAGeHyjal-KR462412965920Not updated
8갈서 함께하는 곳Hyjal-KR412116795800Not updated
9탱킹왕김삼돌 SinAGeHyjal-KR414915315680Not updated
10불멸의썅박휘 Club NnmMHyjal-KR413615215657Not updated
11민이 에혀 겜충덜Hyjal-KR328323295612Not updated
12고림피렌체 레이드Hyjal-KR423313765609Not updated
13린밍 REALHyjal-KR295226515603Not updated
14개도르 부엉이Hyjal-KR368418675551Not updated
15천사영 A s h e rHyjal-KR353619085444Not updated
16Rollin 뭐하시지진짜Hyjal-KR321021915401Not updated
17이소멸님 DalaranStarHyjal-KR390714835390Not updated
17섬망 A s h e rHyjal-KR363817525390Not updated
19로그니스  Hyjal-KR372216425364Not updated
20삼별이 차가운 도시 남자Hyjal-KR338919405329Not updated
21헌터안똘 Team XHyjal-KR310221775279Not updated
22리얼짜루방 힘세고 강한 아침Hyjal-KR291323075220Not updated
23드로니아 Infinite ChallengeHyjal-KR328019185198Not updated
24어린이의친구 생활속의애드 함께하는전멸 번개같은닌자Hyjal-KR352916525181Not updated
25돼랑뚱기 방랑자Hyjal-KR357416025176Not updated
26살육자 호 랑 이Hyjal-KR310320125115Not updated
27자동돌진  Hyjal-KR393111715102Not updated
27Jeeyong MiracleHyjal-KR399811045102Not updated
29보기 영구와 땡취리Hyjal-KR300320815084Not updated
30벨벳소로우 GUARDIANSHyjal-KR318218855067Not updated
31휘익 Red Blood AshHyjal-KR253725285065Not updated
32섹쉬썬 브라더후드Hyjal-KR352215155037Not updated
33두부의저주 함께하는 곳Hyjal-KR378112515032Not updated
34풀소리 Club NnmMHyjal-KR365113645015Not updated
35안녕코비 Polaris RhapsodyHyjal-KR283521384973Not updated
36법사한별 EternalHyjal-KR382411484972Not updated
37크라이엔젤 그린나래Hyjal-KR381011604970Not updated
38Zzall 생활속의애드 함께하는전멸 번개같은닌자Hyjal-KR327816714949Not updated
39금값 스파르타쿠스Hyjal-KR329916234922Not updated
40Perfume Evil kittensHyjal-KR359013294919Not updated
41특수전여단 DropletHyjal-KR360313144917Not updated
42매향 판다리아는 안한다더니Hyjal-KR352313914914Not updated
43칠색마녀 A s h e rHyjal-KR353413744908Not updated
44완전비탄성충돌 망함Hyjal-KR255823384896Not updated
45Venia EternalHyjal-KR334515484893Not updated
46써니천사 Passion of EliteHyjal-KR368611964882Not updated
47언더고 직딩Hyjal-KR332215294851Not updated
48경준 Clan WantedHyjal-KR269721344831Not updated
49나선의풍금 Memory Of SecretHyjal-KR290019224822Not updated
50무적힐신공  Hyjal-KR323615844820Not updated
51쥐매트골드 Polaris RhapsodyHyjal-KR305617624818Not updated
52제디마스터 아더의후예Hyjal-KR41516514802Not updated
53Kimuratakuya The AsylumHyjal-KR320315764779Not updated
54사신오드아이 Clan WantedHyjal-KR298617784764Not updated
55나이트위스퍼 천군의태양Hyjal-KR302117284749Not updated
56Pcatsby 차가운 도시 남자Hyjal-KR296917644733Not updated
57아담형 New BraveHyjal-KR349312374730Not updated
58율전동이선생 리더Hyjal-KR38508624712Not updated
59소공자  Hyjal-KR309616124708Not updated
60은다아 A s h e rHyjal-KR318715174704Not updated
61자므카 A s h e rHyjal-KR281718744691Not updated
62날수없는새 청 월Hyjal-KR299016974687Not updated
63이루기 쩌는Hyjal-KR293717464683Not updated
64이암사 DisneyHyjal-KR318914854674Not updated
65와니걸 생활속의애드 함께하는전멸 번개같은닌자Hyjal-KR341212394651Not updated
66Raizel R a p i d StarHyjal-KR267119664637Not updated
67Chromatik No NameHyjal-KR279218304622Not updated
68시로괭이 Clan WantedHyjal-KR263619704606Not updated
69그리움의풍류 블랙홀Hyjal-KR358610014587Not updated
70Sephiroze Clan WantedHyjal-KR192526614586Not updated
71루주라 REALHyjal-KR284517384583Not updated
72Hercules  Hyjal-KR288916734562Not updated
73빛의여식  Hyjal-KR320413314535Not updated
74슈퍼대몬헌터  Hyjal-KR343610874523Not updated
75Theneo INCEPTIONHyjal-KR295715604517Not updated
76Icluel 혼신Hyjal-KR295314964449Not updated
77털술사 판다리아는 안한다더니Hyjal-KR247919634442Not updated
78이롤린 REALHyjal-KR277016634433Not updated
79라군님 New BraveHyjal-KR287215324404Not updated
80Vaguenoir  Hyjal-KR35938024395Not updated
81도깨비나무 추천섭이라 왔더니 촌섭Hyjal-KR263617334369Not updated
82불같은성격 ABRAXASHyjal-KR266017074367Not updated
83날아라열외 얼라보면 은신하고 다가가는 사람들Hyjal-KR316012004360Not updated
84아케쿤 THE GRACEHyjal-KR294913764325Not updated
84방가후옥상 불멸호드Hyjal-KR299513304325Not updated
86반향 Clan WantedHyjal-KR217321414314Not updated
87여의장로 오케스트라관련악단Hyjal-KR318611254311Not updated
88낡은환상 깃 클 러Hyjal-KR264116594300Not updated
89Despotic 패기Hyjal-KR34318484279Not updated
90김치탕수육 왕따길드Hyjal-KR236519014266Not updated
91Pianist DisneyHyjal-KR316111044265Not updated
92염매 레이드Hyjal-KR35267344260Not updated
93부패의스마일 고양이 마을Hyjal-KR265716024259Not updated
94샤티나르 K i s sHyjal-KR295312784231Not updated
95원펀치투타 얼라보면 은신하고 다가가는 사람들Hyjal-KR279114284219Not updated
96Anyah BlossomHyjal-KR245217534205Not updated
97Lenzy ActionHyjal-KR308211164198Not updated
98콩느 To HeartHyjal-KR286713104177Not updated
99쟈스민오로라 The ZeNeSisHyjal-KR284513234168Not updated
100고래미안 짝 꿍Hyjal-KR32589094167Not updated

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