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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Howling Fjord-TW Boss Kills
1暖暖的咖啡  Howling Fjord-TW254811583706Not updated
2嵐谷暖風  Howling Fjord-TW243311203553Not updated
3Aang  Howling Fjord-TW218710953282Not updated
4嵐古利薩  Howling Fjord-TW21579203077Not updated
5Rive  Howling Fjord-TW22727122984Not updated
6站不穩  Howling Fjord-TW22717062977Not updated
7暗影神尊  Howling Fjord-TW26263232949Not updated
8Katherinera  Howling Fjord-TW177010562826Not updated
9米小墨 SoulMateHowling Fjord-TW21027062808Not updated
10納蘭明珠  Howling Fjord-TW19727832755Not updated
11摩羅 Teenage DreamHowling Fjord-TW18318302661Not updated
12科洛斯 戰慄深淵Howling Fjord-TW20585842642Not updated
13謎蝶  Howling Fjord-TW19826472629Not updated
14憶無塵雙  Howling Fjord-TW16509762626Not updated
15布拉瑟斯  Howling Fjord-TW22413602601Not updated
16Calvinkleins  Howling Fjord-TW19126662578Not updated
17糾結的七七  Howling Fjord-TW153510192554Not updated
18隆聖  Howling Fjord-TW19206282548Not updated
19大春  Howling Fjord-TW15919342525Not updated
20Armait  Howling Fjord-TW18396762515Not updated
21副手拿二點六 裂顱者Howling Fjord-TW20614492510Not updated
22神秘玩家  Howling Fjord-TW19855202505Not updated
23薩斯旋律 征討巔峰Howling Fjord-TW21463562502Not updated
24Iirixz  Howling Fjord-TW137811212499Not updated
25宿夜  Howling Fjord-TW17727152487Not updated
26Idol  Howling Fjord-TW19685182486Not updated
27邪鋒  Howling Fjord-TW18476252472Not updated
28憂鬱的百合  Howling Fjord-TW137210872459Not updated
29請不要愛我 心情小築Howling Fjord-TW19584802438Not updated
30Alone  Howling Fjord-TW134710842431Not updated
31魔小卒 心情小築Howling Fjord-TW19484742422Not updated
32古利迪斯  Howling Fjord-TW18275762403Not updated
33昶昶  Howling Fjord-TW19654182383Not updated
34Sariel  Howling Fjord-TW18075482355Not updated
35我很缺德  Howling Fjord-TW13909582348Not updated
36最愛貓貓  Howling Fjord-TW15477972344Not updated
37黃泉御前 爆走陸戰隊Howling Fjord-TW18504862336Not updated
38沙一  Howling Fjord-TW15158152330Not updated
39歐格林末日錘  Howling Fjord-TW17605672327Not updated
40Dryad 心情小築Howling Fjord-TW17885352323Not updated
41乂源武藏乂  Howling Fjord-TW19103792289Not updated
42克莉奧  Howling Fjord-TW17485372285Not updated
43佳菲貓  Howling Fjord-TW19932852278Not updated
44紫冰炎  Howling Fjord-TW17734982271Not updated
45墮落阿爾塞斯 春天花花同學會Howling Fjord-TW19253272252Not updated
46Rhathymia  Howling Fjord-TW120610442250Not updated
47旋櫻凝月  Howling Fjord-TW18224272249Not updated
48Karanos 裂顱者Howling Fjord-TW16655832248Not updated
49鳳凰仙女  Howling Fjord-TW17934212214Not updated
50九月抓娃娃  Howling Fjord-TW17294812210Not updated
51瀟湘寒月  Howling Fjord-TW13268772203Not updated
52卡布奇諾 心情小築Howling Fjord-TW16595322191Not updated
53指間飛舞  Howling Fjord-TW15266442170Not updated
54Hsupin  Howling Fjord-TW17304322162Not updated
55Angilcus  Howling Fjord-TW16295262155Not updated
56Igg  Howling Fjord-TW14537002153Not updated
57惹塵  Howling Fjord-TW16864662152Not updated
58Moonboat 裂顱者Howling Fjord-TW16954532148Not updated
59疲勞 戰慄深淵Howling Fjord-TW15405992139Not updated
60Herine 春天花花同學會Howling Fjord-TW17783602138Not updated
61弒魂之獄 Finding NeverlandHowling Fjord-TW17533832136Not updated
62深海颶風  Howling Fjord-TW18992362135Not updated
63豬肉卷兒  Howling Fjord-TW15725602132Not updated
64風姿花傳  Howling Fjord-TW17303902120Not updated
64我是小術士  Howling Fjord-TW16624582120Not updated
66風中沙  Howling Fjord-TW13267912117Not updated
67霧繞舞幽明 我們是傳奇Howling Fjord-TW15495632112Not updated
68Northwood 征討巔峰Howling Fjord-TW18152942109Not updated
69Troller  Howling Fjord-TW15056002105Not updated
70瘋之子 索蘭尼亞騎士團Howling Fjord-TW18692312100Not updated
71帝奇米克  Howling Fjord-TW15905072097Not updated
72西行寺幽子  Howling Fjord-TW17103862096Not updated
73難看的亡騎  Howling Fjord-TW15845072091Not updated
74Cocacola  Howling Fjord-TW16314522083Not updated
75Aureole  Howling Fjord-TW15175582075Not updated
76弓雖人  Howling Fjord-TW18601992059Not updated
77Cornpoppy 征討巔峰Howling Fjord-TW14605722032Not updated
78迷糊羊肉  Howling Fjord-TW15874442031Not updated
79死人骨頭改  Howling Fjord-TW15324972029Not updated
80恆遠  Howling Fjord-TW16034252028Not updated
81淺海裹的魚  Howling Fjord-TW17682582026Not updated
82星之憤怒  Howling Fjord-TW11228992021Not updated
83墨提斯的眼淚  Howling Fjord-TW13067142020Not updated
84一度傷心  Howling Fjord-TW11938232016Not updated
85炎神卡澤里歐  Howling Fjord-TW13406752015Not updated
85一場遊戲  Howling Fjord-TW18761392015Not updated
85費爾特洛卡  Howling Fjord-TW12907252015Not updated
88慢騰騰  Howling Fjord-TW13486642012Not updated
89惡魔爪爪  Howling Fjord-TW15234882011Not updated
90悲愴之淚 索蘭尼亞騎士團Howling Fjord-TW16403622002Not updated
91靜夜星空 SoulMateHowling Fjord-TW13146851999Not updated
92酋長他爸  Howling Fjord-TW15054931998Not updated
93寒夜星空  Howling Fjord-TW14525321984Not updated
94貓貓的壞壞  Howling Fjord-TW14615221983Not updated
95風神騎兵  Howling Fjord-TW12187631981Not updated
96酥烤紐約克 戰慄深淵Howling Fjord-TW16283501978Not updated
97黑小米 裂顱者Howling Fjord-TW14485281976Not updated
98浮雲縹緲  Howling Fjord-TW13506171967Not updated
99Vvia  Howling Fjord-TW14484971945Not updated
100丹叮美  Howling Fjord-TW13395941933Not updated

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