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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Hellscream-KR Boss Kills
1아가톤 TyphoonHellscream-KR512730108137Not updated
2레인작은형님이셔 아지트Hellscream-KR555918697428Not updated
3Keristrasza C R I M I N A LHellscream-KR496222717233Not updated
4활쓩  Hellscream-KR479119526743Not updated
5떡방앗간떡춘배 긁적긁적Hellscream-KR415125326683Not updated
6대장꾼쓰랄 레퀴엠Hellscream-KR473117716502Not updated
7정스그 하지원Hellscream-KR55309336463Not updated
8큰어머님 참외를 먹으니 참외롭군Hellscream-KR483215336365Not updated
9냥이의추억 New OrderHellscream-KR410020526152Not updated
10붉은엘크 The ResistanceHellscream-KR414219526094Not updated
11돈먹는자판기  Hellscream-KR370220705772Not updated
12호오해줄께요 D dayHellscream-KR382916935522Not updated
13킁킁붕붕 침 묵Hellscream-KR368617255411Not updated
14빽형 MomentumHellscream-KR374516315376Not updated
14Stefann Brave VesperiaHellscream-KR319721795376Not updated
16미나리아제비 천국Hellscream-KR374616095355Not updated
17행운 난 솔직히 블엘여케 벗겨본적 있다Hellscream-KR413112085339Not updated
18강해지는검 TyphoonHellscream-KR356517065271Not updated
19그해겨울과 Warum so ernstHellscream-KR352016405160Not updated
20천만대 F U R YHellscream-KR335017785128Not updated
21꽃피는이로하  Hellscream-KR360614225028Not updated
22루카스페리 D dayHellscream-KR41887534941Not updated
23포닥 The ResistanceHellscream-KR349814314929Not updated
24Badung 좋은친구Hellscream-KR329416214915Not updated
25Eunyaa Pornsta iz DeadHellscream-KR39129874899Not updated
26김구름 DBMHellscream-KR342814474875Not updated
27두부김치동동주 Warum so ernstHellscream-KR299918644863Not updated
28레이레너드 Brave VesperiaHellscream-KR330615494855Not updated
29김비거 MomentumHellscream-KR244323894832Not updated
30천희령 Bizantino TemplarsHellscream-KR252322974820Not updated
31프린질시스킨 Life Goes OnHellscream-KR341213694781Not updated
32할부사랑 MomentumHellscream-KR312116264747Not updated
33Girl Brave VesperiaHellscream-KR280019454745Not updated
34알브레인  Hellscream-KR275819864744Not updated
35카시야누스 Brave VesperiaHellscream-KR307416564730Not updated
36믿는건소생뿐 천상수호기사단Hellscream-KR352411984722Not updated
37Einheri 부릉 부릉Hellscream-KR344012784718Not updated
38Magsy MomentumHellscream-KR295417374691Not updated
38란스형 MomentumHellscream-KR297017214691Not updated
40울룰루 R e n d e z v o u sHellscream-KR298516954680Not updated
41겨자잎  Hellscream-KR364410154659Not updated
42Galaxus  Hellscream-KR318714564643Not updated
43Boyka 킁킁 뒷마당 시궁창 쓰레기냄새Hellscream-KR37009194619Not updated
44란데위스터윈드 MomentumHellscream-KR227623424618Not updated
45은뎅쓰 MG EntertainmentHellscream-KR339112204611Not updated
46Demacia DBMHellscream-KR295116154566Not updated
47Palla Team ACPHellscream-KR351510414556Not updated
48연지랍니다  Hellscream-KR36049474551Not updated
49캐모마일 The ResistanceHellscream-KR311914094528Not updated
50크롬용사 와이번 조련사Hellscream-KR310714004507Not updated
51이샤라즈 MomentumHellscream-KR246820194487Not updated
52성현빠 Night of El LuneHellscream-KR35139514464Not updated
53존망함 Brave VesperiaHellscream-KR274017214461Not updated
54짱혀엉 주사위는 내 운명Hellscream-KR328211734455Not updated
55Fuss 피아노와 숲을 거닐다Hellscream-KR304714064453Not updated
56티탄을파괴한자 Warum so ernstHellscream-KR301814284446Not updated
57백발의대마왕 JAGUARSHellscream-KR298614384424Not updated
58Clowz 좋은친구Hellscream-KR273016934423Not updated
59송오브소울 AbyssHellscream-KR271817044422Not updated
60Rsie J O N N A G EHellscream-KR287515044379Not updated
61유하님 W I T H U SHellscream-KR299113844375Not updated
62슈니츠 Smooth OperatorHellscream-KR301813434361Not updated
63Fitful  Hellscream-KR258617734359Not updated
64블러드앨빈 좋은친구Hellscream-KR328310724355Not updated
65Tobit 난 솔직히 블엘여케 벗겨본적 있다Hellscream-KR296013914351Not updated
66크라스누이베첼 감자 캐러 간다더니 등에 흙은 왜 묻니Hellscream-KR35667784344Not updated
67레오나르도디 MG EntertainmentHellscream-KR36077294336Not updated
68적당히누워라 C R I M I N A LHellscream-KR290914224331Not updated
69쥬필러 피아노와 숲을 거닐다Hellscream-KR306512654330Not updated
70아이위시다 Art Of DarknessHellscream-KR312211984320Not updated
71베스킨빈스 Warum so ernstHellscream-KR296913464315Not updated
72내안에술통 음 매Hellscream-KR277815134291Not updated
73기사는닥힐 TyphoonHellscream-KR283114524283Not updated
74Sinann leave me aloneHellscream-KR33699054274Not updated
75종이조각배 For GeneSisHellscream-KR33509204270Not updated
76블랙서큐버스 마 격Hellscream-KR289313534246Not updated
77죽기싫어산다 러브홀릭Hellscream-KR290913324241Not updated
78전사에서 Warum so ernstHellscream-KR298312384221Not updated
79하강풍 MomentumHellscream-KR266415544218Not updated
80앙그라타르 TyphoonHellscream-KR285513564211Not updated
80방밀네오  Hellscream-KR319310184211Not updated
82챈트마스터 Foot ControlHellscream-KR284013554195Not updated
83로미사랑 어둠의자식들Hellscream-KR32419534194Not updated
84짱깨의말살 I GranG El BeR IHellscream-KR33138654178Not updated
85젠틀한참새 Elune of ResistanceHellscream-KR297511994174Not updated
86킬링킹 마 격Hellscream-KR31819884169Not updated
87닛닛 MomentumHellscream-KR285913044163Not updated
88와우앙탈이야 노란잠수함Hellscream-KR32728824154Not updated
89반클러치 F U R YHellscream-KR301911284147Not updated
90앨룬소후 와우읍 스톰면 엘룬리Hellscream-KR34267174143Not updated
91하니흑마법사 불멸의 영웅Hellscream-KR31739664139Not updated
92역병충 주사위는 내 운명Hellscream-KR285012784128Not updated
93Crazydruid JAGUARSHellscream-KR271714094126Not updated
94아티스타 The Lucid StageHellscream-KR272114044125Not updated
95검은콩깨우유  Hellscream-KR287512434118Not updated
96핑크나라백곰 MomentumHellscream-KR216819474115Not updated
97교육대학 Art Of DarknessHellscream-KR287912284107Not updated
98초록에그린 소 수 정 예Hellscream-KR286212364098Not updated
99깜마랑 침 묵Hellscream-KR32008934093Not updated
100집행의의지 천국Hellscream-KR32108814091Not updated

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