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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Gul'dan-US Boss Kills
1Envvy ContemptGul'dan-US46237945417Not updated
2Deadblue Phat Lootz n EpixGul'dan-US358510584643Not updated
3Savannah Phat Lootz n EpixGul'dan-US317813184496Not updated
4Ripple Phat Lootz n EpixGul'dan-US277210203792Not updated
5Red Phat Lootz n EpixGul'dan-US30604953555Not updated
6Anatinus Phat Lootz n EpixGul'dan-US24299943423Not updated
7Dizko Damage NetworksGul'dan-US23749443318Not updated
8Smashlampjaw Phat Lootz n EpixGul'dan-US210811603268Not updated
9Viceros ContemptGul'dan-US27803303110Not updated
10Roüge ContemptGul'dan-US26014703071Not updated
11Katalya Phat Lootz n EpixGul'dan-US181211562968Not updated
12Riddeck Damage NetworksGul'dan-US173212312963Not updated
13Terrific Phat Lootz n EpixGul'dan-US19939502943Not updated
14Pyr Phat Lootz n EpixGul'dan-US164212012843Not updated
15Eshen Damage NetworksGul'dan-US21946382832Not updated
16Lexamus Damage NetworksGul'dan-US18928632755Not updated
17Leomaris ContemptGul'dan-US23643772741Not updated
18Aranuat ContemptGul'dan-US23093412650Not updated
19Vegi Damage NetworksGul'dan-US19306652595Not updated
20Svtigii Damage NetworksGul'dan-US18117612572Not updated
21Merkev  Gul'dan-US19295882517Not updated
22Einzer ContemptGul'dan-US21483282476Not updated
23Wisers Risen From AshesGul'dan-US21572882445Not updated
24Lerre  Gul'dan-US18735492422Not updated
24Altuur Risen From AshesGul'dan-US20663562422Not updated
26Stratt Damage NetworksGul'dan-US17336812414Not updated
27Flaambookey Damage NetworksGul'dan-US17256532378Not updated
28Spewizm Damage NetworksGul'dan-US17985422340Not updated
29Phen Phat Lootz n EpixGul'dan-US17465872333Not updated
30Hemo  Gul'dan-US20153152330Not updated
31Hectar Damage NetworksGul'dan-US17355722307Not updated
32Vindictive Phat Lootz n EpixGul'dan-US18454462291Not updated
33Windaria RezurrectedGul'dan-US21081792287Not updated
34Purex Epic PhailGul'dan-US17964832279Not updated
35Hectard  Gul'dan-US17155442259Not updated
36Öka Phat Lootz n EpixGul'dan-US15966612257Not updated
37Jaedyn Damage NetworksGul'dan-US14617892250Not updated
38Spewchi Damage NetworksGul'dan-US14148322246Not updated
39Noto Damage NetworksGul'dan-US15376792216Not updated
40Foam ContemptGul'dan-US17764202196Not updated
41Velmarn Workin As IntendedGul'dan-US17813922173Not updated
42Scyleryne ContemptGul'dan-US18622952157Not updated
43Sissyjol InvalidGul'dan-US19092072116Not updated
44Bragennix Damage NetworksGul'dan-US14796362115Not updated
45Maxxron Damage NetworksGul'dan-US14896212110Not updated
46Arkylon Phat Lootz n EpixGul'dan-US15365682104Not updated
47Centrion ContemptGul'dan-US18542022056Not updated
48Xalaeac  Gul'dan-US19141182032Not updated
49Hammerhorn I L L U M I N A T IGul'dan-US18721332005Not updated
50Asmödeus ContemptGul'dan-US17492552004Not updated
51Seething Phat Lootz n EpixGul'dan-US11918122003Not updated
52Ziee Damage NetworksGul'dan-US13486091957Not updated
53Eirenaioss Scurvy DogsGul'dan-US16792741953Not updated
54Hornrim JealousyGul'dan-US16472211868Not updated
55Tyraes I L L U M I N A T IGul'dan-US17351311866Not updated
56Trollsausage Phat Lootz n EpixGul'dan-US13315311862Not updated
57Åæçu Phat Lootz n EpixGul'dan-US14993531852Not updated
58Rhii Lobster BisqueGul'dan-US16821621844Not updated
59Bigcaulk Workin As IntendedGul'dan-US16561771833Not updated
60Angelofhell IniquityGul'dan-US14623691831Not updated
61Lapriestess Cloudy DayGul'dan-US16841461830Not updated
62Vomitas Phat Lootz n EpixGul'dan-US15792311810Not updated
62Psych  Gul'dan-US15152951810Not updated
64Warwickri RezurrectedGul'dan-US15842181802Not updated
65Daeran Damage NetworksGul'dan-US15372621799Not updated
66Azoth ContemptGul'dan-US15862101796Not updated
67Eillie Workin As IntendedGul'dan-US12984681766Not updated
68Bumike Damage NetworksGul'dan-US13713841755Not updated
69Ilithdra  Gul'dan-US16211321753Not updated
70Bonedry Damage NetworksGul'dan-US15112311742Not updated
71Cptshizá  Gul'dan-US14202761696Not updated
72Furprise Legendary MercenaryGul'dan-US1613591672Not updated
73Rubberducky  Gul'dan-US11664911657Not updated
74Sectioneight EverLongGul'dan-US14551941649Not updated
75Mandawania  Gul'dan-US12723311603Not updated
76Hendrl ContemptGul'dan-US14721261598Not updated
77Sanguiniüs ContemptGul'dan-US13921701562Not updated
77Synnthesis Phat Lootz n EpixGul'dan-US11733891562Not updated
79Swirlz  Gul'dan-US11224321554Not updated
80Osirinae Phat Lootz n EpixGul'dan-US11104411551Not updated
81Pytt XemplarsGul'dan-US13272161543Not updated
82Lockandloadd  Gul'dan-US12792541533Not updated
83Vineel Phat Lootz n EpixGul'dan-US10494831532Not updated
84Hvacbank ReviviscenceGul'dan-US13501741524Not updated
85Taigus ContemptGul'dan-US13681531521Not updated
86Taurzilla RezurrectedGul'dan-US12712461517Not updated
87Arrowsmith XemplarsGul'dan-US13091911500Not updated
88Kythrine  Gul'dan-US1433651498Not updated
89Fonjin  Gul'dan-US12442531497Not updated
90Grelsch  Gul'dan-US12512371488Not updated
91Asil Damage NetworksGul'dan-US12152711486Not updated
92Quilava  Gul'dan-US12042791483Not updated
93Myrayn IniquityGul'dan-US11553121467Not updated
94Tovisar ContemptGul'dan-US13561091465Not updated
95Wickedbear  Gul'dan-US13041521456Not updated
96Cyrne WarbornGul'dan-US1410311441Not updated
97Wai Casus BelliGul'dan-US12152161431Not updated
98Trendkiller  Gul'dan-US1369601429Not updated
99Kvlt Phat Lootz n EpixGul'dan-US10473751422Not updated
100Empanada  Gul'dan-US12062111417Not updated

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