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Gilneas-US Boss Kills
1Lax The Evil OneGilneas-US1175211196Not updated
2Fatzisback The Evil OneGilneas-US77848826Not updated
3Nêrd The Evil OneGilneas-US72781808Not updated
4Envime The Evil OneGilneas-US69821719Not updated
5Mofioso The Evil OneGilneas-US31939358Not updated
6Protpauladin The Evil OneGilneas-US33423357Not updated
7Dionisus The Evil OneGilneas-US3143317Not updated
8Veleno The Evil OneGilneas-US2771278Not updated
9Doomssday The Evil OneGilneas-US23826264Not updated
10Mashou The Evil OneGilneas-US2468254Not updated
11Vallex The Evil OneGilneas-US18862250Not updated
12Khåron The Evil OneGilneas-US22712239Not updated
13Bloodyace The Evil OneGilneas-US19225217Not updated
14Holeeshat The Evil OneGilneas-US2030203Not updated
15Roxability The Evil OneGilneas-US1820182Not updated
16Hainus The Evil OneGilneas-US15718175Not updated
17Masyir The Evil OneGilneas-US1675172Not updated
18Jarhulk The Evil OneGilneas-US1478155Not updated
19Reelax The Evil OneGilneas-US1293132Not updated
20Haney The Evil OneGilneas-US1242126
21Immortallty The Evil OneGilneas-US1230123Not updated
22Karmun The Evil OneGilneas-US1220122Not updated
23Mõrk The Evil OneGilneas-US9325118Not updated
24Darksolace The Evil OneGilneas-US1073110Not updated
25Sheercold The Evil OneGilneas-US1070107Not updated
26Odius The Evil OneGilneas-US983101Not updated
27Syekoe The Evil OneGilneas-US91697Not updated
28Fuhzion The Evil OneGilneas-US84589Not updated
29Mentaris The Evil OneGilneas-US741286Not updated
30Marfin The Evil OneGilneas-US84185Not updated
31Mythsar The Evil OneGilneas-US642084Not updated
32Constitution The Evil OneGilneas-US83083Not updated
33Kommbat The Evil OneGilneas-US73073Not updated
34Drees The Evil OneGilneas-US72072Not updated
34Whitesilver The Evil OneGilneas-US71172Not updated
34Koochkilla The Evil OneGilneas-US72072Not updated
37Backstabber The Evil OneGilneas-US63770Not updated
38Retah The Evil OneGilneas-US561167Not updated
39Charmkiller The Evil OneGilneas-US59665Not updated
40Evilcasbus The Evil OneGilneas-US64064Not updated
41Nicecrits The Evil OneGilneas-US431659Not updated
42Lawfey The Evil OneGilneas-US58058Not updated
43Extasea The Evil OneGilneas-US411354Not updated
43Hawkk The Evil OneGilneas-US421254Not updated
45Cricktcrickt The Evil OneGilneas-US51253Not updated
46Hammersmack The Evil OneGilneas-US44751Not updated
47Xxzerogpally The Evil OneGilneas-US49150Not updated
47Shangsung The Evil OneGilneas-US50050Not updated
49Netherfrost The Evil OneGilneas-US43649Not updated
50Prophylactic The Evil OneGilneas-US45045Not updated
50Kokblocker The Evil OneGilneas-US45045Not updated
52Bloodmoone The Evil OneGilneas-US36844Not updated
53Gurgul The Evil OneGilneas-US36541Not updated
53Guizmo The Evil OneGilneas-US291241Not updated
55Ultasora The Evil OneGilneas-US32840Not updated
55Requiest The Evil OneGilneas-US38240Not updated
55Sagerayne The Evil OneGilneas-US40040Not updated
58Zroya The Evil OneGilneas-US201939Not updated
58Package The Evil OneGilneas-US39039Not updated
60Isistella The Evil OneGilneas-US38038Not updated
61Enviboss The Evil OneGilneas-US33336Not updated
62Xxzerøghuntr The Evil OneGilneas-US32032Not updated
63Rillim The Evil OneGilneas-US31031Not updated
63Thurum The Evil OneGilneas-US30131Not updated
65Dhormammu The Evil OneGilneas-US30030Not updated
66Fourtwnty The Evil OneGilneas-US26329Not updated
67Padaling The Evil OneGilneas-US27027Not updated
68Udf The Evil OneGilneas-US25025Not updated
68Hobini The Evil OneGilneas-US25025Not updated
70Sttabberr The Evil OneGilneas-US24024Not updated
70Falconious The Evil OneGilneas-US18624Not updated
72Aurich The Evil OneGilneas-US23023Not updated
72Greensilver The Evil OneGilneas-US61723Not updated
74Dezard The Evil OneGilneas-US21921Not updated
75Worvald The Evil OneGilneas-US20020Not updated
76Toby The Evil OneGilneas-US17017Not updated
76Esteria The Evil OneGilneas-US16117Not updated
78Alisinn The Evil OneGilneas-US16016Not updated
79Thrombin The Evil OneGilneas-US13114Not updated
80Guidefury The Evil OneGilneas-US13013Not updated
80Candeelamb The Evil OneGilneas-US13013Not updated
80Dookysmear The Evil OneGilneas-US7613Not updated
80Austintyler The Evil OneGilneas-US13013Not updated
84Derexion The Evil OneGilneas-US12012Not updated
84Budzo The Evil OneGilneas-US12012Not updated
86Dathal The Evil OneGilneas-US11011Not updated
87Lilbutcher The Evil OneGilneas-US819Not updated
88Merrc The Evil OneGilneas-US808Not updated
89Girlpowerr The Evil OneGilneas-US707Not updated
90Pseudopsycho The Evil OneGilneas-US606Not updated
90Littleblock The Evil OneGilneas-US606Not updated
90Mesohorne The Evil OneGilneas-US606Not updated
93Kellannie The Evil OneGilneas-US505Not updated
94Corsiar The Evil OneGilneas-US404Not updated
95Powlk The Evil OneGilneas-US303Not updated
95Bxrlarious The Evil OneGilneas-US303Not updated
95Axeldyne The Evil OneGilneas-US303Not updated
95Embraice The Evil OneGilneas-US303Not updated
95Sprung The Evil OneGilneas-US303Not updated
95Johnsmyth The Evil OneGilneas-US303Not updated

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