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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Eonar-EU Boss Kills
1Alexlhp ALIVEEonar-EU465620126668Not updated
2Celticmight The Logical CubeEonar-EU372111894910Not updated
3Kamala BiSEonar-EU327015584828Not updated
4Athenamyst The DMZEonar-EU367210054677Not updated
5Windearth BiSEonar-EU302113944415Not updated
6Fokuhila The Logical CubeEonar-EU32889264214Not updated
7Stinkfist The DMZEonar-EU306411214185Not updated
8Hestia BiSEonar-EU277513664141Not updated
9Zouza Murder Death KillEonar-EU31599284087Not updated
10Lai After HoursEonar-EU33586333991Not updated
11Flushy BiSEonar-EU31707863956Not updated
12Goonerboy The DMZEonar-EU30518253876Not updated
13Mior KarmakillersEonar-EU246813563824Not updated
14Jedima The DMZEonar-EU258911143703Not updated
15Mukauukameya Murder Death KillEonar-EU31715063677Not updated
16Brunnhild The Logical CubeEonar-EU262310253648Not updated
17Rapidfire The DMZEonar-EU31374403577Not updated
18Holyflame The DMZEonar-EU241611153531Not updated
19Ismästaren BiSEonar-EU224312573500Not updated
20Okerhs The DMZEonar-EU24479943441Not updated
21Alwayz The Logical CubeEonar-EU25648163380Not updated
22Zubacz The Logical CubeEonar-EU25697513320Not updated
23Sellony BardsEonar-EU26596503309Not updated
24Sharalim BiSEonar-EU27006013301Not updated
25Kyriana The DMZEonar-EU26106333243Not updated
26Hammerfal FellowshipEonar-EU29053253230Not updated
27Adelphon PersistenceEonar-EU25117123223Not updated
28Fencer Legend of the AllianceEonar-EU27594233182Not updated
29Reviler AliasEonar-EU23598003159Not updated
30Ardente  Eonar-EU22069473153Not updated
31Eriya ConciliumEonar-EU25455853130Not updated
32Tríbute FellowshipEonar-EU27433103053Not updated
33Twai BiSEonar-EU21648723036Not updated
34Mikurú The DMZEonar-EU21988213019Not updated
35Lucu  Eonar-EU25774333010Not updated
36Valithor BiSEonar-EU24076023009Not updated
37Elsweyr After HoursEonar-EU25484312979Not updated
38Joorel The Logical CubeEonar-EU20788942972Not updated
39Whiss BardsEonar-EU24335272960Not updated
39Legit Philosophers StoneEonar-EU21518092960Not updated
41Errantes PersistenceEonar-EU20238942917Not updated
42Ammane BiSEonar-EU20987322830Not updated
43Corruptrix QualityEonar-EU20028062808Not updated
44Crisstina  Eonar-EU21556432798Not updated
45Grzegorz Jezdzcy SmokowEonar-EU24783172795Not updated
46Lighterski Murder Death KillEonar-EU20447152759Not updated
47Saintlilith AliasEonar-EU24632912754Not updated
48Kranax The Logical CubeEonar-EU21575862743Not updated
49Edmondo After HoursEonar-EU22324282660Not updated
50Pendor The Logical CubeEonar-EU18827612643Not updated
51Angharad The Logical CubeEonar-EU20356072642Not updated
52Liquidbow The DMZEonar-EU21804582638Not updated
53Stepal AliasEonar-EU22783572635Not updated
54Crispyf Phoenix RebornEonar-EU23122542566Not updated
55Lastpak AliasEonar-EU22372972534Not updated
56Faiyle Legend of the AllianceEonar-EU21853252510Not updated
57Yarmen After HoursEonar-EU21853152500Not updated
58Oberlix PersistenceEonar-EU17067792485Not updated
59Ashelia Legend of the AllianceEonar-EU23321512483Not updated
60Lenne Legend of the AllianceEonar-EU21293452474Not updated
61Bulva  Eonar-EU23301422472Not updated
62Fjomp After HoursEonar-EU21423172459Not updated
63Orgoth Knights of the Dark SunEonar-EU21672772444Not updated
64Nechili The Logical CubeEonar-EU17996182417Not updated
65Ironkhan The Logical CubeEonar-EU18345722406Not updated
66Angara The NightshiftEonar-EU22171792396Not updated
66Voytulec Moherowe BeretyEonar-EU20573392396Not updated
68Butlor  Eonar-EU17916002391Not updated
69Ðíana BiSEonar-EU15648212385Not updated
70Catatua After HoursEonar-EU20952872382Not updated
71Amalteia Philosophers StoneEonar-EU18754892364Not updated
72Jélina The Logical CubeEonar-EU17635952358Not updated
73Chazar UnionEonar-EU19783702348Not updated
74Peiyra The Logical CubeEonar-EU17855612346Not updated
75Darca PersistenceEonar-EU16187252343Not updated
76Rabby  Eonar-EU20892492338Not updated
77Tequima The DMZEonar-EU20502702320Not updated
78Derzelas BiSEonar-EU19283772305Not updated
79Backpass AliasEonar-EU20662352301Not updated
80Sohailk  Eonar-EU19783032281Not updated
81Wolarsen After HoursEonar-EU19922862278Not updated
82Grzegtek Moherowe BeretyEonar-EU18014722273Not updated
82Amuril RelapseEonar-EU19183552273Not updated
84Deathchamp The Logical CubeEonar-EU15856742259Not updated
85Jonyblak The DMZEonar-EU18464102256Not updated
86Elouise The DMZEonar-EU17005322232Not updated
86Execty BiSEonar-EU16495832232Not updated
88Lonelycrazy BiSEonar-EU20112162227Not updated
89Goldmane  Eonar-EU19292922221Not updated
90Zbroju Murder Death KillEonar-EU19152932208Not updated
91Merianne ConciliumEonar-EU19072932200Not updated
92Ameryis The Logical CubeEonar-EU15816162197Not updated
93Latigressa After HoursEonar-EU19232642187Not updated
94Takjakby After HoursEonar-EU18643132177Not updated
95Myshkka BiSEonar-EU11929812173Not updated
96Eroh After HoursEonar-EU16874802167Not updated
97Snorb FellowshipEonar-EU20201462166Not updated
98Caspl Cirque du FreakEonar-EU19422182160Not updated
99Lpm  Eonar-EU18892692158Not updated
100Shribejbe Murder Death KillEonar-EU12468882134Not updated

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